Spring Closing of the Residence Halls

Spring 2024 – The Residence Halls will close at noon on Saturday May 12th, 2024 at Noon.

*Future dates can be seen on the Four Year Planning Calendar.


  • PARTIAL QUIET HOURS, Week before Finals: 7pm-9am
  • 24-hour quiet hours for Finals Week

Checkout Procedures

In order to checkout of the residence halls properly, each student should:


  • Your RA and Residence Life will provide community emails with closing information.
  • Each suite door will be provided with a closing checklist/to-do list.
  • Talk to your suitemates and split up to-do items. Know when each person is leaving campus and their responsibilities.
  • Mead and CCA residents will be provided key envelopes to deliver back to their respective offices. Students do not need to return ID cards.


  • Dispose all of your trash in the dumpsters. Do not dispose of trash in the residence hall public areas.  Fines will be assessed for trash not removed from your room and/or trash found in areas other than the dumpster.
  • Return your (clean or dirty) green to-go containers and re-usable cups to McConnell Dining Hall. The cashier will deposit the item back to your student ID card, and you may check out a clean one upon your return in the fall.  Please also return any McConnell Dining Hall dishware and utensils you may have taken.
  • Donate to ReRoom: Please utilize the ReRoom drop off site if you have items to donate. Review donation hours and what they do and do not accept on their website.
    • PAS/WES Benches: If you leave things on the bench outside your suite after closing the rooms/suite nearest to the bench, the closest suite will be charged a trash fee.


  • Please consider our facilities department and clean your space for easy refresh and to avoid financial charges. Remove your belongings and clean your room prior to leaving.
  • Cleaning supplies, vacuums and moving carts will be available for check out at the Residence Life office.
  • Personal furniture or belongings left behind will result furniture removal or trash fines.
  • Please ensure that the area around your suite (PAS/WES bench, hallway around suite door) is completely clear before you leave.

Leave Campus

  • Lock your windows, close your blinds, and lock your hatch (if you live in PAS or WES halls). Turn off all lights in your room and bathroom.
  • Mead and CCA Only: Return your keys to the office using the provided key return envelope. Failure to return keys will result in a re-key charge of up to $300.00.
    • MEAD RESIDENTS: , return your room/suite keys to the Residence Life Office, East Sanborn C300. There is a key drop-off box by the office door.
    • CCA RESIDENTS: Return your room/suite/mail keys to the CCA Office, building B. There is a key drop-off box by the office door.

Any questions or issues? Please email [email protected].

  • Late Stay approved Summer@CCA information

    Late Stay Applications

    Bikes and Green Bike Program

    • Please store your bike in your room (late stay approved residents), office (staff/faculty).
    • All bikes on racks will be cut and impounded if not removed. Bikes that are cut will be donated to the Green Bike Program. Facilities will not be responsible for releasing bikes back to owners. You must contact the Green Bike Program when the fall semester begins.

    Community Kitchens and Fridges

    • All residence hall kitchens and refrigerators will be emptied by Facilities staff starting at noon on closing day.
    • Please remove all your food from the kitchens before closing.
    • If you are a late stay approved resident, please clearly label your food with your name, date, and that you are late-stay approved resident.
  • Pitzer Service Road Access

    Pitzer Service Road bollards (the poles that block the road) will be opened/closed at the following times during move out:

    • Bollards will be unlocked for longer during finals week and closing. Check back soon for exact times.

  • Financial Charges

    Financial Charges, Responsibility, and Appeals

    • Damages will be assessed in coordination with Facilities, provided to Student Accounts and communicated to the affected students by Residence Life.
    • Financial Charges will be communicated to those impacted via email from Residence Life. Financial Charges will be assigned to the smallest identifiable population.
      • For example, trash items left in a double room may be initially split amongst the two roommates.
      • Students may then choose to claim responsibility for the full charge.
    • If you feel you have been charged for damages that you would like to appeal, you may do so online HERE.
    • Any appeal received AFTER the communicated deadline will not be considered.

    Top 5 Common Charges

    • Cleaning/Trash
      • $15 per small bag of trash
      • $50 per large bag of trash
    • Disassembled Bed frame – $40
    • Late/Improper Check out – $30 per additional half hour past noon.
    • Non-returned Green box dining containers – $10 each
    • Wall damage – Dents and Chips $30+, further damage costs assessed by facilities.