Orientation Adventure

Orientation Adventure (OA) is the off-campus component of Pitzer’s Fall New Student Orientation program. These trips are meant to foster the development of meaningful relationships between new students as they explore Los Angeles and the greater Southern California area.

Note: All incoming students who are not New Resource Students or exchange students are required to go on an OA trip as part of their orientation to Pitzer College. NRS are highly encouraged to register to participate in the OA program. Transfer students who start at Pitzer in the Spring will be part of a condensed OA trip experience.

OA trips are typically 2½ days and 2 nights. Trip options and the general descriptions below are updated each summer to reflect our fall trips. Feel free to browse some of the options you can look forward to as a new Pitzer student!

Backcountry Trips (backpack camping in remote location)
  • Backpacking – Backpacking trips explore Southern California’s gorgeous wilderness. We will provide novice backpacking trips for those who want to try it out for the first time, and a more moderate trip for those who have been backpacking before. We take our time enjoying the beauty of the local mountains while also getting to know each other.
Front Country Trips (sleeps at campground each night)
  • Beach Camping – If you like long walks on the beach and are an avid shell collector, then you are going to love these trips. Beach Camping is for anyone who wants to spend time in the warm California sun, explore the local area, play in the tide pools, and hike the California landscape. Get ready to meet new people, prepare meals together, enjoy music around the campfire, star gaze, and so much more.
  • Beach Camping with Kayaking – If you’re looking for something a little more active, but still want to enjoy lounging at the beach, this trip is for you! Participants will be spending time camping under the stars and kayaking around the Southern California coast. After paddling and swimming along some of the most beautiful beaches and oceans of California, participants will gather around the campfire to share stories and build community.
  • Beach Camping with Surfing – If kayaking isn’t your thing but you’d like to be active, check out this trip! Whether you have surf experience or this is your first time at the ocean, you’ll have the opportunity to learn to surf from professional instructors on some of the best waves in Southern California. In addition to surfing there will beach side sports, crafts, and lounging in the summer sun. At night you’ll make s’mores, get to know each other around a campfire, and sleep under the stars.
  • Mountain Camping – Want to spend some time in the beautiful California mountains? Enjoy Big Bear Lake with your group as you hike the amazing local trails, enjoy lake activities, and camp under the stars. This trip is brand new so you’ll be a part of establishing a Pitzer tradition!
Local Trips (sleeps on-campus each night)
  • LA Local City – These trips venture through the neighborhoods, cultures, and sights of the greater Los Angeles area. Explore museums, eat delicious food from various restaurants, and take the Metro into the heart of the city. Some activities might include: spending time at the famous Santa Monica boardwalk, ambling through the vast Getty museum, taking in the breathtaking view at the top of Griffith Observatory, exploring historical architecture, learning the history of cinema, and so much more!
  • LA Local Outdoors – These trips will take participants to some of the outdoor hot spots of Southern California. Traverse local trails, enjoy beach and water activities, and wander across scenic vistas from mountaintops. You will have the experience of other outdoor trips without having to camp for the night. Lace up your sneakers and strap on a backpack as you get to know the Pitzer way of navigating sunny Southern California.
  • LA Combo – A little city, a little outdoors! These new trips will combine some light outdoor adventure with some of the fabulous art and culture LA has to offer. Spend one day in the California sunshine on a light hike or at the beach and the next day at a museum, at the local farmers market, or another similar LA hotspot.