Supporting Student Advocacy and Activists

Pitzer College is founded on core and community values that encourage student advocacy and activism. To that end, we provide this resource as a guide to student activists so they may better understand the protections in place through our Student Code of Conduct for their efforts and the support resources available to them as they engage in this work. 

Please be aware, that just because the expression of an idea or point of view may be offensive or inflammatory to some, it is not necessarily a bias related incident. The college values freedom of expression and dialogue. The expression of controversial ideas and differing views is a vital aspect of our rigorous liberal arts education. While this value of openness protects controversial ideas, it does not protect harassment or expressions of bias or hate aimed at individuals. 

The college does not monitor students’ social media accounts, however, when issues are brought to our attention, the College will respond using the Student Code of Conduct, Discrimination and Harassment policies, and other safety measures. 

We condemn all acts of doxing (i.e. releasing the personal information of someone in our community) and will act swiftly to respond to these incidents and provide support and resources.

Pitzer’s community values ask that community members engage in Dialogue – We support the thoughtful exchange of ideas to increase understanding and awareness, and to work across difference without intimidation. We have the right to be heard and the responsibility to listen. Communication, even at its most vigorous, should be respectful and without the intent to harm.

If you would like to report an issue of concern, or would like support or resources, you can do any of the following:


Born in 1963 of idealism and pragmatic activism, Pitzer College believes every student has a right and responsibility to speak, be heard, and engage in active citizenship, including peaceful protest. To all applicants and admitted students: we assure you that Pitzer will not penalize you for such activities and they will not affect your admission

The following policies can be found in the Student Code of Conduct, found in the Student Handbook.

Discrimination Policy

Harassment Policy
(Including Bullying and Intimidation Retaliation Policy)

Threating or Endangering Conduct
No Pitzer student shall threaten or endanger the safety and/or well-being of any person.

Demonstrations Policy

The Claremont Colleges Banning Policy

Protesting & Organizing Support
Know your rights, how to become a legal observer, legal resources, protest safety, etc.

Mental Health & Well-Being for Activists

Doxing & Online Harassment