Off-Campus Storage Options

Are you looking for off-campus storage during break periods? 

Storage is not available on campus during the summer, however, there are local storage facilities in the area!

Campus Storage LLC

Campus Storage provides students with options to move and store their belonging over summer break. 

1.    Sign up online at using code PITZER30 for 30% off the first month of storage.

2.    They will ship packing kits straight to the mailroom if you need them.

3.    The Campus Storage moving team will pick up your items directly from your room during your selected date and time within a 1–2-hour time window that you choose.

4.    Campus Storage stores your items locally in a secure and climate-controlled warehouse near campus. 

5.    When you return to school, Campus Storage will deliver your items directly to your residence hall or off-campus apartment.

Learn more at

The Claremont Colleges Consortium Real Estate & Housing Services and Pitzer College maintains a list for your convenience.

**We cannot endorse the quality of level of security at each facility**

Delivered Storage Containers

  • All storage containers must be registered. Specific drop off and pick up dates for each semester is available on the online registration form. Please submit your online registration.
    • You will receive a confirmation email once your storage container is registered.
    • Any unregistered storage containers found on campus will be removed from campus by Facilities.
    • The designated storage container drop off/pick-up area is in the East Mesa parking lot in the row closest to Claremont Boulevard. Please see the map below: