Pitzer @ Claremont Collegiate Apartments (CCA)

Claremont Collegiate Apartments, Outdoor Community Patio Area and Fire Pit

NOTE: The information on this site is for the 2021-2022 academic year.


Pitzer debuted a new, apartment-style housing option in Fall 2019. Students can now live at the Claremont Collegiate Apartments (CCA) during the academic year (Pitzer@CCA), as well as privately lease each summer (Summer Lease at CCA).

  • CCA Amenities

    Amenities at CCA (Available for Pitzer@CCA and Summer Lease at CCA)

    More information about CCA for Fall 2021: Welcome to CCA Amenities Flyer

    • Free wireless internet – administered by CCA, the entire complex has wi-fi capability.
    • All appliances included – Full or mini refrigerators, microwaves, stove tops, ovens and dishwashers in select floor plans.
    • All utilities included – Electricity, water, sewer and trash pick-up are all provided.
    • Computer lab – This learning center has four (4) computer stations and is the only lab in the complex with 24-hour accessibility.
    • Free Printing
    • Free Laundry facilities – Located in several strategic places within the complex, and available for use 24 hours a day
    • On-site staff – CCA Community assistants can assist you with any issue or concern that arises outside of normal business hours.
    • Community room – This multi-purpose space is available for the educational, social and recreational needs of all student residents.
    • Gym on-site – access the community gym, in addition to the Gold Student Center gym.
    • Campus safety patrols – For an added layer of safety and security, the entire complex is patrolled on a regular basis by campus safety personnel.
    • Gas community grills – Gas grills are available year-round for resident use.
    • Patios – Some first floor units provide this feature which allow you to enjoy the California sunshine just outside your door.
    • Enhanced customer service – From timely response to maintenance needs, or a staff that understands your challenges as a graduate student, the housing services team and it’s university partners are available to assist and support you.
    • Conveniently located – Walking distance to Claremont village, metro link and zip car rentals
    • Free CCA Parking for residents – Guests at CCA can receive a free overnight parking permit from the CCA front  desk. (NOTE: This is a CCA specific parking permit and IS NOT a Claremont Colleges parking permit. Students will need to obtain a parking permit through Pitzer’s regular parking process for parking around the Colleges).
  • Pitzer@CCA Policies and Agreements

    Policies and Logistics

    • As a Pitzer student living at CCA during the academic year, you are required to abide by the same policies as students living in the residence halls. These policies are outlined in the Student Handbook.
    • The Universal Housing Rate will be charged directly to your Pitzer student account. You will not need to contract with CCA directly.
    • Pitzer CCA residents have the responsibility to review all logistical materials provided by Pitzer Residence Life.
    • Pitzer CCA residents are required to be on the 5, 12, or 16 meal plan. 0 Meal plans are available for Fall 2021.
    • Students at CCA are not eligible for room change week and have committed to their housing placement at CCA for the applicable academic year.
    • All CCA residents agree to partake in the community meetings, community agreement process, and apartment agreement process facilitated by the CCA Resident Assistant.
    • Students at CCA are welcome to stay during the winter break period. Selecting CCA is highly encouraged for students seeking to stay in the Claremont area during winter break.
    • Lockouts, IT, and facilities will be performed by CCA office staff.


    • Pitzer will provide toilet paper and garbage/recycling cans in each room for Pitzer CCA residents.
    • Limited cleaning supplies/vacuum cleaner can be checked out at the CCA front desk.
    • Pitzer CCA residents are responsible for providing cookware or dishware for the apartment kitchens.
    • CCA provided furniture includes bed frames and mattresses, a chest of drawers in each bedroom, and a small kitchen table with chairs. Provided furniture may vary due to lay out. CCA will not remove any furniture from the apartments.
    • Pitzer CCA residents are responsible for their own transportation between CCA and Pitzer College.


  • Mail Services at CCA

    Pitzer@CCA Residents

    Pitzer students at CCA will still have a box number at the Pitzer mail center. Pitzer at CCA students can ALSO have things mailed directly to CCA.

    CCA does NOT have a mail center and mail/packages are delivered to their USPS mailbox or directly to the student’s door if it is a package. USPS packages may be placed in the USPS package lockers, but all other packages will be delivered directly to the student’s apartment door.

    Therefore, CCA students CANNOT pre-ship items to CCA. CCA students can pre-ship things to the Pitzer mailroom still. Each building at CCA has a different mailing address.

    See below:

  • Parking and Security at CCA

    CCA Gate Code (Pitzer)

    Pitzer@CCA Residents 

    Students who are living at the Claremont Collegiate Apartments (CCA) will have a separate, free, CCA parking permit that they will receive upon move-in to CCA. This CCA parking permit will need to be displayed at CCA.

    CCA residents who wish to bring their car to main campus MUST go through this parking permit process to get a Pitzer parking permit for use on Pitzer’s main campus.  Although Sophomores typically are not granted a Pitzer parking permit, Sophomores at CCA will be allowed to get a Pitzer parking permit as long as they apply through the regular process in a timely manner. 

    Guest parking at CCA is located on College Ave in the 6 closest spots to CCA. Guests do not need a permit.

  • Summer Lease at CCA Policies and Agreements

     General Lease Information 

    • Contact Information – Student should visit https://www.claremontcollegiateapartments.com/ and email [email protected] to inquire into summer leases.
    • Private Lease – Students are signing an individual private lease for Summer. Just as with any private lease, this document is a legally binding agreement with CCA and each individual resident. Pitzer is not operating Residential Life services during Summer.  
    • Pitzer@CCA (Master Lease) – Pitzer@CCA is not active during the summer, only during August – May.  
    • Leasee Responsibility – The resident will be financially responsible for the entire period of the lease.  
    • Summer Lease at CCA – Pitzer students are entering a private leasee/leasor agreement with CCA. Students seeking to stay at CCA when Pitzer re-opens Residential Life services (Pitzer@CCA) will roll into the Pitzer Master Lease (pricing, assignments, policies, programming, and support services) at that time.  
    • Policy – CCA residents are expected to abide by CCA policies outlined in the lease.  
    • Summer Lease options  
      • Month to month (1-3 months) or all summer (3 months) 
      • Nightly/weekly housing available, inquire directly with the CCA office for pricing and options for stays under 30 days or flexible terms (2.5 months for example) 
    • Pricing and Floorplans 
      • Single room in the 2 Bedroom, 1 bathroom – $926.00/Month.   
      • Full unit in the 2 Bedroom, 1 bathroom – $1852.00/Month. 
      • Studio Apartment – $1699/Month.  
    • Payment options – Summer Housing payments can be paid in full prior to move-in or monthly on the 1st of each month (requires guarantor or deposit (2 months) based on qualifications).  
    • Payment process – Residents will pay via a separate resident portal link that CCA provides. 
    • Additional floorplans (studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bed/2 bath, or 3 bed/2 bath) are available according to CCA availability, different rates will apply. These spaces may not be continued when the Pitzer Master Lease resumes.  
    • Application Fee  There is a $53.64 application fee for new CCA applications, including criminal background screening.
      • Personal Liability Insurance (sometimes referred to as ‘renter’s insurance’) is required for all leases. Applicants can either provide proof of insurance or are given the option to pay the $17/month personal liability insurance if they choose. 
    • Suitemate Selection – Pitzer Students sharing suite floorplans are recommended to indicate a desired suitemate during application if they know of another Pitzer student seeking housing at CCA. CCA staff will prioritize suiting Pitzer students with other Pitzer Students only.  
      • This is a private lease during the dates indicated on the lease, so it is not required that requested suitemates be enrolled Pitzer Students. When the Pitzer Master Lease resumes, Pitzer students may only be suited with enrolled Pitzer students, which may entail a student moving out or switching apartments during the transition. 
    • Utilities – Monthly expenses included in the rent: Internet, Water, Sewer, Gas, and Trash. 
    • Services Provided by CCA as a leasor. 
    • Office Hours – The CCA office will be staffed Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm.  
    • Leasing Consultants – CCA staff will be providing limited, distanced community programs and workshops.  
    • Campus Safety – Campus Safety will continue to support the CCA complex. Campus Safety will provide all lockout services and safety escorts at night.  
    • Pitzer/CCA Shuttle – The Pitzer/CCA shuttle will not be operational during the summer.
    • Facilities – Please contact the CCA Office for any facilities concerns. 
    • Mailboxes – A mailbox and key will be provided. Pitzer students are recommended to reach out to Pitzer’s Mail Room to forward mail to their CCA mailbox as they will not have access to Pitzer’s mail room.  
    • Furniture – Each room will have a desk with desk chair, closet or wardrobe, and a twin XL bed. Additional furnishing varies by floorplan and can be viewed on the CCA website. 

    COVID-19 Related practices 

    • Community Amenities – The Fitness Center, Community Room, and Computer Lab are open with occupancy restrictions and strict mask requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic. CCA staff will communicate updated closures and openings based on local and state guidelines. Toilet paper, trash bags, vacuum rentals, and additional items offered through Pitzer’s Residence Life Office will not be provided. 
    • Move-in – CCA residents will be allowed two non-resident assistants for move-in for two hours. Masks are required to be worn by all parties throughout the Move-in process. 
  • Available Layouts

    CCA has the following apartment units available for Pitzer students:

    (Full CCA website with floor plans)

    1. Two bedroom, one bathroom, available as single rooms
    2. Three bedroom, two bathroom, available as single rooms
    3. Two bedroom, two bathroom apartments, available as double rooms (NOTE: These units have a living room!)