Fall Closing of the Residence Halls

NOTE: For future dates, please visit the Four Year Planning Calendar

Pitzer@CCA: *As a reminder, Pitzer@Collegiate Apartments (CCA) does not close during the Winter Break.  Students who are at Pitzer@CCA in fall AND spring do not need to move or checkout, but should respond to the CCA Winter Break survey to let us know if they will be around for the break. Students at Pitzer@CCA who are semester-only students and are needing winter break housing will need to apply via the “Winter Break@CCA” housing application process. 

Have questions about your spring housing placement?  About switching rooms?  About closing procedures?

Consider stopping by to see the ResLife Professional Staff in the ResLife Office to ask questions.

  • If you are RETURNING TO YOUR SAME MAIN CAMPUS ROOM next semester
    1. The residence halls CLOSE at NOON. There will be a $30 fee, per additional ½ hour if you don’t leave by noon
    2. Please prepare your room by following the instructions below.
    3. There is no need to return your key.
    4. Stop by the Residence Life Office during Spring Move in to check into your room for spring and re-code your card for your room door (PAS & WES residents)
  • If you are SWITCHING ROOMS between Fall to Spring Semester:
    1. ALL students moving rooms must CHECKOUT of their current room before Winter Break. Please communicate your check out date to Residence Life.
    2. Students moving into new rooms have three options to facilitate this move:
      1. Check into your new room before winter break
        1. If the person living in your new room is going to be leaving for break BEFORE you leave for the break, please let Residence Life know and we will facilitate your check-in to this new room before the break so you can move-in all of your belongings.
        2. To know who is currently living in your Spring room, please email us at [email protected] to receive their contact information.
        3. Email us at [email protected].  We will have you visit the Residence Life Office to issue you a temp key for the new space and facilitate your move-in logistics.
        4. Mead residents – DO NOT DO ANY KEY HAND OFFS!  Keys need to be returned to Residence Life before they are re-issued.
        5. CCA Residents: You will be checking in and out at the CCA Housing Office, Building B during their regular office hours.
      2. Take your belongings with you or find alternative storage
        1. This may mean taking your belongings home, storing them in a friends room or off-campus house, etc.
    3. NOTE: If you are arriving to campus as an “Early Arrival” for the spring semester, please be sure to discuss your specific plans with the Residence Life Office.
  • If you are NOT going to be on-campus in the spring semester:
    1. ALL students leaving their room will need to come to the Residence Life Office during regular hours to checkout of their room.  Be sure your room is clean and empty.  It will be inspected after closing by Residence Life Staff for damages.
    2. CCA Residents: You need to checkout at the CCA Housing Office, Building B.
    3. Mead Residents: Be sure to return your keys to the drop box outside the ResLife Office door.

General Closing Information


PARTIAL QUIET HOURS: Week before finals, 7 pm-9 am
Finals Week 24-hour Quiet Hours



  • Pitzer Road will be open during finals week and the bollards (the poles that block the road) will be removed for limited hours during the week.  We encourage you to plan accordingly.

Bollards unlocked:

Dec. 9, Saturday – Dec. 10 Sunday: 9am – 4pm
Dec. 11, Monday – Dec. 15 Friday: 8am – 9pm
Dec. 16, Saturday: 8am – 2pm
Dec. 17, Sunday: 8am – 2pm


Re-Room Donations

  • Our Re-Room efforts for the 2021-2022 year and we need your help! Donate your gently used common residence hall items, as well as books and be a part of our “RE” initiative, RE use, RE duce, RE cycle! If you are leaving to study abroad, graduating, looking to de clutter or in the spirit to donate we will have donation boxes set up in the lobbies of the GSC and Mead starting December 13th .Your donations will be stored until next Fall when they will be available for purchase to incoming and returning students, with all proceeds going to support students and student sustainability projects! At the end of the sale books will be offered to the loan library and everything else will be donated to local community based organizations.Donate: Gently used Res hall Items (Appliances, Fans, Chairs, Furniture, Tv’s, Speakers, Clocks, Shelves, Storage containers, electronics)Where and When: CCA & Mead Hall Lobbies on December 11th- 16th

    Questions? Want to work for Re-Room? Have a heavier item that needs to be picked up?

    Please feel free to reach out to: Bryce Sternquist <[email protected]>


Please follow the guidelines below to avoid incurring any fines:

  • Please remember to take all important documents  (i.e. Pitzer ID cards, passports, and credits cards) and medications with you before you leave campus, as there is NO ACCESS to the residence halls during the winter break.
  • After the residence halls close, the Residence Life staff will be entering all rooms to check for safety and health hazards.
  • Any items left in the laundry rooms over break will be collected and donated to various organizations during the break.
  • UNPLUG all electrical appliances such as refrigerators, computers, TVs, stereos, and clocks.
  • CLEAN your room bathroom, and common areas
  • DEFROST and leave your refrigerator door open.
    • ALL personal items from your restroom area and place in your room, in bathroom shelves, or under the sink area. The toilet area, sinks, and shower areas should be completely empty.
    • ALL perishables from your room.  A minimum charge of $10 may be applied to your student account for non-removal of perishable items.
    • Bicycles must be removed from bikes racks and placed in your room
  • EXCHANGE Your dirty green to-go container for a clean one in the dining hall to avoid creating a health hazard in your room! Any dirty to-go containers will be removed from your room and you will be charged a $10 removal fee.
  • Trash
    • Trash rooms will be locked on Thursday before closing day. Dispose of all trash in the dumpsters, which are located on Pitzer Road next to Mead hall, one on the South side of Pitzer Hall, and two located in between North Sanborn and East Hall (next to the amphitheater).  Any trash not disposed of in the dumpsters will result in charges of $15 – $50 depending on the amount of trash left in the room/common room/hallways.
    • Green compost bins should be cleaned. Those not returning in spring must return the bins. Those returning in spring can keep cleaned bins in their room over break
  • CLOSE all blinds, lock all windows and doors.
  • Fill out a work order online for any repairs that need to be made over the break period.
  • DO NOT leave any residence hall approved pets in your room.


  1. Register your vehicle with Campus Safety.
  2. It is recommended you leave it in the East Mesa parking lot in a well-lit area.
  3. Hide or remove anything valuable and removable electronics.
  4. Set the alarm if you have one and/or attach any other security devices.
  5. Close all windows and lock your doors.


  1. All bicycles must be stored in residents’ room.
  2. Make sure to remove your bike from the racks and place them in your room. Bikes left on bike racks are done at your own risk.
  3. There will be no one on campus to monitor your bike. If you leave your bike on the rack over break, you run the risk of losing tires, seats, handlebars, or your bike may get stolen.


Mail Center Information


  • Students have the right to file a written appeal to the Office of Student Affairs. However, students choosing to do a Self-Checkout waive their right to appeal. If you are fined for any residence hall charges, the fee will appear on your February statement. Appeals should be received no later than February 1st. Please submit your online appeal here: www.pitzer.edu/reslife-appeal