Pitzer College Posting Policy

The following information pertains to the posting of flyers, posters, banners, artwork, class projects etc. on the Pitzer College campus (excluding inside Residence Halls & Offices). Outdoor art, art benches and mural work proposals go through the Campus Aesthetics Committee, they can be contacted at aesthetics@pitzer.edu.

Any violation of these policies and procedures may result in the removal of your posting/artwork/display. Please direct any questions or concerns to the Campus Life Office, located in the Gold Student Center 200 or via email at Pitzer.campuslife@gmail.comThe posting policy can be found in the Pitzer Student Handbook.


Stamps from other Claremont Colleges are not valid. Please contact the Campus Life Team at Pitzer.campuslife@gmail.com with a PDF copy of the posting to be approved/stamped.

ALL Postings must include:

Date, Time & Location If the posting has no specific date/time (i.e. artwork, reoccurring club/org meetings) please include Fall/Spring semester (i.e. FA21, Fall 2021) or entire year (i.e. FY 21-22). There is no location requirement for non-events.
Contact InformationYou must provide a telephone number or email address where individuals can reach out for more information.
Name of Sponsori.e. Organization, Club, Office, Individual, Course Prefix

Posting on Campus

 **You must use blue painter’s tape – available for free check-out in the Campus Life Office (Gold Student Center 200)**

  • APPROVED POSTINGS OK on Glass windows (NOT doors):
    • Next to Residence Hall Entrances
    • At the Pit Stop (Right of Entrance ONLY)
    • At Entrances to Scott Hall Lobby
  • APPROVED POSTINGS OK on kiosk bulletin boards:
    • Between Sanborn Halls/GSC
    • In the Scott Courtyard
  • APPROVED POSTINGS OK on the following bulletin boards:
    • In Mead Courtyard
    • Between Fletcher and Avery Halls
    • Next to the Office of the Registrar
    • In McConnell Lobby
  • DO NOT POST on ANY glass doors (including all residence halls)
  • DO NOT POST on Painted doors (excludes residence hall suite/room doors)
  • DO NOT POST on ANY painted walls
  • DO NOT POST over other postings/artwork
  • DO NOT POST on Pitzer College signs or emergency exit signs
  • DO NOT POST on door opening devices
  • DO NOT POST on rocks and plant life
  • DO NOT POST on any walkways or floors
  • DO NOT POST on the windows or walls of Benson Auditorium