Gold Student Health & Wellness Center

Gold Student Health & Wellness Center
The Gold Student Health & Wellness Center is a hub of campus life activity for the entire Pitzer community.

With the College’s yoga and Pilates studios, gym, and the student-run Shakedown Café featured in the building, it’s easy to see that keeping our community holistically well is a primary goal of the center.  We’ve also incorporated club meeting space, multipurpose programming space, and strategic staff offices within the center to aid in promoting an integrated campus life experience.

*All staff, students, and faculty of the Claremont Colleges are welcome to use the facility. Guests of Pitzer staff, students, and faculty may sign in for free.* 

email:  .  instagram: @PZwellness  .  phone: 909.607.7492

Gym & Pool Hours

The hours for the gym and pool can be found on our CALENDAR.