ReRoom will be collecting reusable items to re-circulate back into the Pitzer community at the
beginning of the following academic year. The program is designed to keep resources in our community, helping you to avoid the expense and hassle of purchasing new items

Your donations will be stored until next Fall when they will be available for purchase to incoming and returning students, with all proceeds going to support students and student sustainability projects! At the end of the sale books will be offered to the loan library and everything else will be donated to local community based organizations.

ReRoom Fall Sale:

When: August 20th

ReRoom Hours: August 20th 8:00am- 12:00pm

Where: East Mesa Parking lot at the Red Storage Bin

Items for Sale: Appliances, Fans, Chairs, Furniture, Tv’s, Clocks, Shelves, Storage Containers, Electronics, Refrigerator

  • Cash Only

Item Prices:

  • Refrigerator -$50-$100
  • Microwaves -$40
  • T-Shirts -$2
  • Mirrors -$10-$20
  • Fans -$10-$20
  • Storage Containers -$5-$20
  • Furniture -$15-$40
  • Electronics -$5-$50
  • Appliances -$5-$50

Items will be color coated for Item Prices

  Questions? Want to work for Re-Room?

Contact [email protected] (909) 607-2344 – Student Services Operations Supervisor