Spring Returning Student Move-In Guide

Welcome to Pitzer College’s “Spring Move-In Guide” resource page!  You’ll find updated information here about the Spring Arrival process for both Returning Students. New Spring students can find more information here.

  • Check-In Dates

    For Spring 2024, we are offering a flexible arrival schedule. Here’s where/how to check-in when you arrive:

    • January 14 – 15
      • The ResLife Office (E. Sanborn, C300) is open 9am-midnight for check-ins
      • After midnight, contact Campus Safety (909-607-2000) for a lockout to access your room and then check-in the next day
  • Spring 2023 Move-In Information (Returning from Fall)

    Checking In

    • Sunday, Jan. 14 & Monday, Jan. 15: Please check-in according to the first letter of your last name (or at a later date) The residence halls will re-open for check-in on Sunday, Jan. 14, 2023 from 9am-midnight.
      • After January 15th arrivals after 5pm should check-in the next day and use Campus Safety for a lockout to access their room for the night.  
      • Students that are not housing insecure and living locally or are within driving distance to campus should plan to arrive after Sunday, if possible, to allow for distancing on Sunday. 
    • Check-in will be at the Residence Life Office (E Sanborn 300) for all main campus residents and at CCA Building B, for CCA residents. ALL on campus residential students need to check-in to reactivate access for the semester
    • Sunday, Jan. 14 & Monday, Jan. 15: Please check-in according to the first letter of your last name (or at a later date) 
      • 9am-10am: W-Z 
      • 10am-11am: S-V 
      • 11am-12pm: N-R 
      • 1pm-2pm: J-M  
      • 2pm-3pm: E-I 
      • 3pm-4pm: A-D 
      • Check-in Stations:
        • Main Campus Check in at the Residence Life Office E. Sanborn 300
        • Pitzer@CCA residents: Check in at CCA Housing Office, CCA, Building B. 9a-5p
      • Logistics:
        • Moving carts will also be available (first come, first serve) for checkout for one hour at a time. Collateral will be required in place of cart.
        • If you are unable to check-in during the days/times above, please contact [email protected] for an early arrival application.
  • Move-In Logistics: Step-by-Step
    • Pre-Arrival Logistics:
      • Be sure to know/write down your building and room number! You’ll need to know this upon arrival.
      • Plan to only bring one car to move-in day as we have very limited parking on-campus.  
      • Each student can bring up to two (2) move-in helpers/family members on move-in day.
    • Check-In Process (Main Campus or Pitzer@CCA?)
      • Main Campus (Pitzer, Atherton, Sanborn, Skandera, West, East, and Mead Halls)
        • All students will check-in during their assigned move-in slot on their assigned day.
        • Come to Residence LIfe office to check in.
          • Pitzer, Atherton, Sanborn, Skandera, West, and East hall residents will then get their ID card re-coded to their residence hall door for spring semester.
      • Pitzer@CCA (Claremont Collegiate Apartments)

        • Please check-in and arrive directly to CCA, Building B, to check-in.
        • Review the Pitzer@CCA move-in day map (last page)
        • When you arrive outside the CCA Office, Building B, you will:
          • CCA Management Staff will give out:
            • Info sheet with CCA amenities
              • Ex: Mail info, WiFi, gym, printing, codes, work order, etc.
            • Bike registration (optional)
            • Car registration (optional)
            • Get apartment keys 
    • Moving In & In the Room
      • After check-in, you’ll want to drive (or walk) to the unloading location closest to your room assignment. Please refer to the move-in maps.
      • Upon arrival at the room: 
        • Complete your door decoration/name tag on your door (optional)
      • Once the move-in window is over, we ask all families move their cars from the designated unloading zones to alternative parking areas (see maps above) and return the moving carts so the next group of students and families can conveniently move-in
    • After Move-In
      • Please move your vehicle to one of the designated parking locations. Cars that are not moved by the the time bollards close will be ticketed and locked inside the service road until the following morning.
  • Pitzer ID Cards - Required for Check-In

    ID Cards

    All returning students should bring their student ID card upon arrival. If students have misplaced their ID cards, they should contact [email protected] to order a new ID card before move-in.

    If students arrive to campus without their ID and have not notified residence life during the summer, they will need to go to the Connection located on the first floor of the Honnold/Mudd library.

    For both fall and spring semester openings, the Connection will have altered hours to accommodate our openings days. Please visit https://cards.cuc.claremont.edu/ for more information about the most current hours.

  • Dining Hall Info and Meal Plan Updates

    Once you arrive on campus all students will receive an ID Card that will give you access to your room and the dining hall. Upon entering the dining hall, you will be required to ‘swipe’ or ‘tap’ your I.D. Card at the cashier’s entrance and to use verify and use your selected meal plan.

    Meal Plan:

    Students have the option to choose between the 12 meal plan and the 16 meal plan. The dining hall is open three times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday – Friday and on the weekends it is open for brunch and dinner.

    For more information about the McConnell Dining Hall please visit  https://pitzer.cafebonappetit.com

    Need to update your meal plan?

    Students have one week after classes begin each semester to change their meal plan. To update your meal plan before the deadline, please email [email protected]. Please keep an eye out for meal plan change deadlines every semester!

  • Mail Center

    Sending Mail & Packages to Pitzer

    Do not send items that you will need immediately upon your arrival to campus (for example, important documents or medication).


    Any boxes sent to Pitzer should be marked and addressed as follows:

    Student’s Name
    Pitzer College
    1050 North Mills Avenue
    Claremont, CA 91711

    Mailbox Numbers can be found on students’ mycampus2portal in early August.

    NOTE: If you are living at Pitzer@CCA this year, you will have BOTH a Pitzer Mail Center mailbox AND the ability to ship packages/mail to your CCA room assignment. CCA CANNOT hold packages that are pre-delivered and all your packages shipped to CCA would need to arrive AFTER you check-in. More mail info for Pitzer@CCA students can be found here.

    Pitzer Mail Center Hours: 

    The mail center is typically open Monday through Friday from 8 am – 5 pm. The Mail Center is not open on weekends for students to collect packages, although students can access any mail that is already in their assigned mailbox from the work week. Students can access Amazon packages 24/7 via our on-campus Amazon Locker, named Lizzie.


    For more information on the Mail Center please visit their website.

  • PIT Crew Move-In Helpers

    The PIT Crew is a team of volunteer Pitzer staff, faculty, trustees and family members who will be available during all move-in days to:

    • Help students move-in with the use of our handy orange carts
    • Answer questions at strategic info/refreshment tables
    • Provide directions to various on-campus resources
    • Support all parts of the move-in day process

    PIT crew volunteers will be wearing orange lanyards and a big button with the “PIT Crew” logo.