Information for Parents

 What is Residence Life?

“Our goal is to support the educational mission of the College by creating living communities that celebrate the College’s values of community, diversity, dialogue, inquiry and action. Through the variety of programs, resources and services offered here, we hope to nurture your development as a well-rounded individual, capable of balancing your individual rights with a responsibility to the greater community.”

Important Dates:

  • Review the housing website each year to find details on when the residence halls open and close for winter break and summer break. You may also visit Parent Relations’ Four Year Planning Calendar for more information.
  • The residence halls are always open during Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Spring Break.
  • The residence halls are always closed during Winter Break.
    NOTE: Some students may be approved for early arrival during winter and summer break due to their participation in athletics or college leadership opportunities.
  • Summer Housing information can be found here.
  • The dining halls/meal plans are active during Fall Break and Thanksgiving Break, but they are NOT open/active during Spring Break.

Closing Fines Explained:

Students are emailed details about closing procedures during the weeks leading up to the break.  Each RA hosts a closing meeting with more information as well.  And each floor/tower has a bulletin board with closing information as well.

Winter Break:

Each winter break the residence halls close and students are asked to prepare their rooms for closing in specific ways”

  • Empty their trash, defrost their refrigerator, clean off their bathroom counter tops, remove items from the shower, remove items from bathroom floor, close windows, close blinds, lock door, take home your passport/anything you need over winter break
  • If any of the closing tasks are not done (or are done improperly) then the student could receive a closing fine.
  • The most common winter break closing fines are:
    – Trash left in trash can – $15 (small bag) and $50 (large bag)
    – Green box left outside room – $10
    – Refrigerator left outside or not properly defrosted – $50
    – Sink area, shower, or bathroom floor not cleared of personal belongings – no fee, but the bathroom will not be cleaned over break then

End of Spring Semester Closing:

  • Students are expected to remove all trash and belongings from their room prior to their checkout time.
  • Students are expected to clean their rooms prior to moving out (i.e. take out the trash, sweep the floor, vacuum, clean off surfaces)
  • Rooms should be left in “move-in condition”
  • The most common spring semester closing fines are:
    – Wall damage (chips, dents, holes, writing, stains, etc.): $20-$100 depending on the damage
    – Missing wastebasket/recycling bin: $10
    – Dirty room (not swept, not wiped down, not vacuumed, trash left, etc.): $50-$100
    – Dirty bathroom (not swept, not mopped, trash left, toilet not cleaned, etc.): $50-$100
    – Missing furniture (chair, desk, bed, etc.): $100-$600, varies based on the item missing

Room Draw Information:

Resources to Know and Use:

  • Residence Life Staff – for any issues with the facilities, roommate concerns, room draw questions, etc.
  • Office of Student Affairs – for help with academic support, crises, disabilities accommodations, etc.
  • Student Health Services – for medical needs for students during the academic year
  • Monsour Counseling – for counseling services for students during the academic year

How to Help Your Student in Housing/Residence Life:

  • Know Pitzer resources to relay to your student but let them take the initiative
  • If your student has a concern, encourage your student to talk to their roommate/suitemate, meet with their Resident Assistant, or professional staff. We can assist them in navigating the problem.
  • Encourage your student to be proactive about housing information such as Room Draw, closing of the residence halls, and leadership opportunities
  • Discuss safety and security with your student. (Locking their door, locking their bike, Campus Safety escort service, etc.)
  • Partner with us!  Contact our office with questions or concerns.

Contact the Residence Life Office with any questions!