Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of Student Senate?

All Student Senate positions are either elected by the student body, or appointed by members of the Executive Board. Any current student at Pitzer College is eligible to run in these elections, and/or apply for an appointed position. At least three elections are held during the academic year to fill vacant seats, including one election at the beginning of each semester. The general election takes place at the end of each Spring Semester to fill positions for the coming academic year.

How can I add an item to the weekly Senate agenda?

Any member of the Pitzer community is invited to speak about any issue during the open forum section of the Student Senate meeting. If you wish to request that an official item be added to the agenda, please contact the Secretary for more information.

How do I start a new club or organization?

In order to start a new club or organization, follow the steps listed here. After filing paperwork, your club application will be forwarded to the Student Senate for review. Look here for additional instructions. If you have more questions about student organizations, reach out to the Secretary.

What are the requirements for a new club or organization?

All registered clubs and organizations must be open to the entire student body, and must maintain a minimum of eight active club members. According to the Student Senate Constitution, all organizations must also:

“…demonstrate sustainability for at least a two year period with an idea that is broad enough that it can continue for a period of years, an idea that is attractive enough to Pitzer College students that the group will be able to recruit members beyond the founding group, a structure that provides clear leadership transition, an orientation and/or training activities for members, a realistic budget, a realistic plan for other campus resources needed to support the student organization including availability of space and staff resources, and a mix of students from different class years.” (Article VIII, Section 2)”

How can I find out my club’s current account balance?

All financial records for student clubs and organizations are held by the Vice President of Finance and Student Senate Treasurer, who sends out periodic reports and notifications regarding account information. If you have a question about your organization’s finances, please contact the Treasurer for more information.

How Can I obtain funding for an event?

Students organizing special events can receive funding through Student Senate from the Events Board.

What can I spent Senate funds on?

Funds from Senate may not be spent on any of the following:

A student organization can spend its funds on anything that aligns with the purpose of that organization, as specified in its charter. Organizations and individual students may also spend additional funds if they are allocated towards a specific purpose.

  • Any illegal substances, as defined by all local, state, and federal laws
  • Weapons, firearms, and/or explosives (with an exception for kitchen tools, art supplies, and gardening equipment)
  • Single-use plastic water bottles
  • Any alcohol or tobacco products
  • Gift cards
  • Plastic Bags – reusable bags are now available to be checked out from the Senate Treasurer.

When in doubt, contact a member of the Executive Board to ask about use of funds.

How can I recieve funding for an academic conference?

Up to $300 dollars, per student per year, in academic conference funding can be provided to a student through the Senate Budget Committee, by filling out the general funding application here. In addition, it is possible to receive additional conference funding from the Dean of Faculty’s office if presenting at a conference, by emailing the Dean of Faculty’s for more information.

How do I report a student organization that has violated policy?

If you believe a student club or organization may have violated policy outlines by the Student Senate Constitution, the Budgetary Bylaws, or the Student Handbook, the organization should be immediately reported to the Executive Board. Please provide a thorough written report including all necessary details about the violation(s). Your anonymity will be protected, and appropriate action will be taken.