Faculty Directory & Profiles

Dean of Faculty’s Office
Scott Hall 114
Phone: 909.621.8218

W.M. Keck Science Department
Keck Science Center 110
Phone: 909.621.8298

Email addresses are formatted as <[email protected]>.


*Fall Sabbatical/Leave**Spring Sabbatical/Leave***Academic Year Sabbatical/Leave+Scholar in Residence
NameField Group(s)OfficeOffice Hours
Acu, BaharMathematicsFletcher 205Contact Professor email
Affuso, ElizabethMedia Studies; Intercollegiate Media StudiesWest Hall Q122by appointment607.7025email
Agarwal, GautamNeuroscienceKSC 105Contact Professor607.6522email
Alfaro, AriannaModern Languages, Literatures, and CulturesBroad Hall 206Contact Professor607.1739email
Alvarado, Daniel Classics Broad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Alwishah, Ahmed **PhilosophyAvery 210Contact Professor607.7732email
Amador, LauraSpanishBroad Hall 206T 9am-10am (by appt on zoom or in front of Pit Stop café)607.1133email
Ambriz, Denise Sociology Bernard 217MW 3pm-4pmemail
Anthes, BillArtAvery 222TH 1pm-4pm
or by appointment
Aristizábal, Juanita **Modern Languages, Literatures & CulturesScott Hall 200AContact Professor607.4014email
Armendinger, BrentEnglish & World Literature; Creative WritingAvery 206T/TH 11am-12pm
W 4pm-5:30pm zoom (by appointment only)
Armstrong, JenniferBiology, Keck ScienceKSC B14Contact Professor607.9716email
Assamidanov, AnuarSociology Broad Hall 212 Contact Professor email
Babbes, AmyChemistry, Keck ScienceKSC 104DContact Professor607.8272email
Bachman, DavidMathematicsAvery 220Contact Professor607.7961email
Ballagh, MichaelModern Languages, Literatures & CulturesWest Hall Q100Contact Professor621.8104email
Banerjee, MitaPsychology, Interim IGLAS ChairFletcher 208Contact Professor607.2648email
Barndt, WillPolitical StudiesScott Hall 202F 12:30pm-2:30pm in the Courtyard by the Pit Stop. (Note that I am holding separate office hours for students in Introduction to Comparative Politics.)607.7408email
Berenfeld, Michelle *ClassicsScott Hall 207Contact Professor607.3390email
Berg, TimothyArt – CeramicsMcConnell 111Contact Professor607.7553email
Bhattacharya, SumangalaEnglish & World Literature; British LiteratureScott Hall 203Contact Professor607.2647email
Bizuneh, MennaEconomicsScott Hall 204Contact Professor607.9127email
Black, Kersey A.Chemistry, Keck ScienceKSC 230Contact Professor607.3091email
Bonaparte, AliciaSociology Contact Professor607.8876email
Borowski, ThomasNeuroscienceBroad Hall 104Contact Professor607.3808email
Boyle, NigelPolitical StudiesFletcher 202by appointment607.3770email
Branfman, Suchi DanceRichardson Dance StudioContact Professor 607.2934email
Brizuela, MakelaModern Languages, Literatures & CulturesBroad Hall 206T 11am-12pm
TH 11am-12pm
or by appointment
  607.1133 email
Brown, Darin **PsychologyScott Hall 227Contact Professor607.4523email
Budischak, SarahBiology, Keck ScienceKSC131CContact Professor607.4593email
Cantori, ValentinaSociology Broad Hall 212 Contact Professor email
Cap, Max KingWriting Broad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Catan, Fely **Modern Languages, Literatures & CulturesFletcher 210Contact Professor607.4100email
Caulkins, Bethany G.Chemistry, Keck ScienceKSC 214Contact Professor607.9135email
Cedre, TamaraArtScott 222Contact Professor  607.3767 email
Chandrangsu, PeteBiology, Keck ScienceKSC134Contact Professor607.5011email
Chao, EmilyAnthropologyFletcher 206TH 2pm-4pm and by appointment607.2728email
Cheng, JohnsonAsian American Studies Broad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Coleman, MelissaBiology, Keck ScienceKSC B37Contact Professor607.0889email
Corona, VictorSociology Fletcher 220W/TH 5:30pm-6:30pm (campus)
F 11am-1pm (zoom)
Daniels, JordanPhilosophyFletcher 101Contact Professor
Davis, TomChemistry, Keck ScienceKSC 239Contact Professor607.0714email
Dengu-Zvobgo, KebokileInternational ProgramsWest Hall Q100Contact Professor607.3609email
DeVos, WhitneyEnglish & World Literature Scott 201M 3pm-4pm
W 11am-12pm (zoom), 3pm-4pm
607.4157 email
Dersham, TomPhysics, Keck ScienceKSC 136Contact Professor607.7542email
Edwalds-Gilbert, GretchenBiology, Keck ScienceBalch 134Contact Professor607.7068email
Ennis, CiaraArtAtherton Hall 110MW 9:30am-11am607.3143email
Escobar, JennyPsychologyAvery Hall 216Contact Professor607.3762email
Esmaeli, KourossMedia StudiesFletcher 228Contact Professor607.4431 email
Fang, LynnEnvironmental Analysis Broad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Federman, MayaEconomicsBernard 211Contact Professor607.2646email
Ferree, EliseBiology, Keck ScienceKSC 4AContact Professor607.8277email
Ferree, PatrickBiology, Keck ScienceKSC 16AContact Professor607.8304email
Florez, Jose LuisSpanishBroad Hall 205MW 1pm-2pm
or by appointment
Fontaine, SuzanneModern Languages, Literatures & Cultures Broad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Fought, Carmen *LinguisticsScott Hall 225Contact Professor607.4535email
Fucaloro, Anthony F.Chemistry, Keck ScienceKSC 213Contact Professor607.1273email
Garcia, RobinGender & Feminist StudiesHistoryBroad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Gatimu, FrancoisPolitical Studies Broad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Germany, DavidEconomics Fletcher 216 T 8am-9am
TH 8am-9am, 1pm-3pm
607.3769 email
Gilbert, SarahArtMcConnell 108Contact Professor607.4652email
Goldblatt, DavidIGLASFletcher 212Contact Professor 607.3762 email
Gilman, SarahBiology, Keck ScienceKSC 13By appointment on Calendly607.0715email
Gould, ScotPhysics, Keck ScienceKSC 113Contact Professor607.3197email
Grande, JoanaModern Languages, Literatures & Cultures Broad Hall 205Contact Professor 607.4431 email
Grell, KevinEnvironmental AnalysisBroad Hall 127T 9am-3pm (virtual)
or email instructor
Grell-Brisk, MarilynOrganizational StudiesBroad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Guillermo, SteffaniePsychologyFletcher 218Contact Professor607.3352email
Gutierrez, PaulaSpanishBroad Hall 202Contact Professor607.1620email
Harris, LauraEnglish & World Literature; Africana StudiesAvery 218Contact Professor607.3633email
Hatcher-Skeers, MaryChemistry, Keck ScienceKSC 211Contact Professor607.1586email
Hay, RyanPhilosophy Broad Hall 212T 11:20am-1:20pmemail
Herman, LeahModern Languages, Literatures & CulturesAvery 212MW 11am-12pm
T 12:30pm-1:30pm
Herrera, GeoffreyPolitical StudiesBernard 216Contact Professor607.6217email
Herrold-Menzies, MelindaEnvironmental AnalysisAvery 208 Contact Professor 607.7960email
Hicks Peterson, TessaCultural Studies/Urban Studies; Community Engagement CenterScott Hall 210Contact Professor607.3061email
Higdon, James C.Physics, Keck ScienceKSC 116Contact Professor621.8402email
Hirsch, DanOrganizational Studies Broad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Honma, Todd *Asian American StudiesScott Hall 200BContact Professor607.9416email
Jay, KyleBiology, Keck ScienceKSC 118Contact Professor607.0293email
Jensen, JillOrganizational StudiesBroad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Jewett, BrianPolitical Studies Broad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Johnson, CarinaHistoryBernard 221Contact Professor607.3696email
Jorge, EthelSpanishBernard 213Contact Professor607.2802email
Junisbai, Azamat***SociologyScott Hall 222Contact Professor607.3767email
Junisbai, BarbaraOrganizational StudiesBroad Hall 107F 11am-1pm607.1266email
Justus, Timothy *PsychologyFletcher 226Contact Professor607.9198email
Kaneko, AnnMedia StudiesFletcher 101Contact Professor607.9134email
Keeley, BrianPhilosophyFletcher 224M 1pm-2pm
F 11am-12:15pm
or by appointment
Kizer, JessicaSociologyBroad Hall 109By appointment607.3374email
Krajnak, Tarrah***ArtScott Hall 201Contact Professor607.4157email
Lagji, AmandaEnglish and World LiteratureBroad Center 215W 9am-10am
TH 2pm-4pm
or by appointment
Lamb, GinaMedia StudiesWest Hall Q102Contact Professor607.9129email
Landsberg, AdamPhysics, Keck ScienceKSC 112Contact Professor607.8016email
Leconte, AaronChemistry, Keck ScienceKSC 211Contact Professor607.9353email
Lemus, Felicia LunaEnglish and World LiteratureScott 207Contact Professor 607.3390  email
Lerner, JesseMedia StudiesScott Hall 208Contact Professor607.2636email
Lewis, JeffOrganizational StudiesFletcher 214Contact Professor607.3069email
Liu, Hanzhang **Political StudiesBroad Hall 105Contact Professor607.3823email
Lofchie, BeccaArt Broad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Lopez, ChristianPolitical StudiesBroad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Lorenat, JemmaMathematicsBernard Hall 209Contact Professor607.4584email
Ma, Ming-Yuen S.Media StudiesScott Hall 213Contact Professor607.4319email
Macal, CarlaChicanx-Latinx Studies Broad Hall 212 Contact Professor email
Mackey, JoelChemistry, Keck ScienceKSC 104CContact Professor607.8196email
Mahoney, MonicaEnvironmental AnalysisBroad Hall 108Contact Professor  607.1648 email
Matteson, EmilyAnthropology Broad Hall 127Contact Professor email
McCarthy, MichaelEnvironmental Analysis Broad Hall 212Contact Professor email
McCoy, JessicaArtRRCContact Professor607.8643email
McFarlane, Donald A.Environmental Science, Keck ScienceKSC B43Contact Professor607.2564email
Miller, SherylAnthropologyBernard 223Contact Professor607.3152email
Milton, JohnBiology, Keck ScienceKSC 105Contact Professor607.0024email
Miranda, Kimberly Chicana/o Latina/o Transnational Studies, Chicanx-Latinx Studies Broad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Miranda, Magally Chicana/o Latina/o Transnational Studies, Chicanx-Latinx Studies Broad Hall 212T 10am-12pmemail
Monroy, JennaBiology, Keck ScienceKSC 125Contact Professor621.8010email
Montenegro, ArónChicana/o Latina/o Transnational Studies, Chicanx-Latinx Studies Broad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Moore, David *PsychologyBroad Hall 108Contact Professor607.1648email
Moreno, Juan FelipeEnvironmental AnalysisScott Hall 234Contact Professor607.3772email
Morgan, TriciaOrganizational Studies Scott Hall 108Contact Professor607.3061email
Nardener, RainitaEconomicsBroad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Neckar, Lance *Environmental AnalysisBernard 219Contact Professor607.9424email
Novacek, DerekPsychology Broad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Novy, AdamEnglish and World Literature Broad Hall 212Contact Professor email
O’Rourke, Harmony +HistoryBernard 215M 3:15pm-5:15pm
TH 3:15pm-4:15pm
and by appointment
Oudich, AliMathematicsBroad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Panagaden, JaneMathematics Scott Hall 224T 11am-12pm (calculus)
TH 12pm-1pm (open)
TH 4pm-5pm (Linear Algebra)
Pantoja, AdrianPolitical Studies; Chicanx-Latinx StudiesAvery 214Contact Professor607.0485email
Patel, SohamCritical Global Studies Broad Center 213Contact Professor607.4329email
Phillips, SusanEnvironmental AnalysisScott Hall 232Contact Professor607.1268email
Polanco, VictorEnvironmental AnalysisBroad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Portillo Villeda, Suyapa ***Chicana/o Latina/o Transnational StudiesScott Hall 221Contact Professor607.9415email
Poston, MurielEnvironmental AnalysisFletcher 212Contact Professor607.3762email
Preest, MarionBiology, Keck ScienceKSC B12Contact Professor607.8014email
Purvis-Roberts, KatieEnvironmental Science, Keck ScienceKSC 231Contact Professor607.9782email
Revesz, EvaEnglish and World Literature Broad Hall 212T 12pm-1pm
TH 2:30pm-3:30pm or by
Rivas, CarlosChicana/o Latina/o Transnational Studies Scott Hall 221Contact Professor 607.9415email
Robins, ColinEnvironmental Science, Keck ScienceKSC 238Contact Professor607.7170email
Robinson, DavidEnvironmental AnalysisBroad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Rodriguez, Marcus +PsychologyBernard Hall 205Contact Professor607.5685email
Rodriguez, NormaPsychologyBroad Hall 106M 1pm-3pm
TH 1pm-2pm
by appointment
Rohr, DylanPolitical Studies Broad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Saha, ShrawanteeEconomics Fletcher 222T/TH 11am-1pm607.7952email
Sanii, BabakChemistry, Keck ScienceKSC 202Contact Professor607.9851email
Sarchin, SarahArt Broad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Sawyer, DanePhilosophy Broad Hall 212 Contact Professor email
Sawyer, ScottEnvironmental AnalysisBroad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Schmitz, LarsBiology, Keck ScienceKSC 117Contact Professor607.7409email
Scott, Andrea *Academic Writing; Director, Writing CenterScott Hall 200CT 1pm-4pm by appointment607.4133email
Segal, Daniel A.Anthropology; HistoryBernard 225Contact Professor607.3645email
Seisler, NicoleArt Broad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Simons, RosannaGender & Feminist StudiesBroad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Snowiss, Sharon *Political Studies; Critical Global StudiesScott Hall 206W 3pm-5pm and by appointment607.3178email
Steinman, ErichSociologyScott Hall 217Contact Professor607.3838email
Strauss, ClaudiaAnthropologyFletcher 230Contact Professor607.3063email
Talmor, Ruti **Media StudiesBernard 206Contact Professor607.5003email
Tang, IreneBiology, Keck ScienceKSC 201Contact Professor607.9067email
Thomson, DianeEnvironmental Science, Keck ScienceKSC 106Contact Professor607.0029email
Tongun, LakoCritical Global Studies; Political StudiesScott Hall 223Contact Professor607.3772email
Torres, MariaFirst Year SeminarBroad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Vajk, FionaPsychology Broad Hall 212Contact Professor email
VanSickle-Ward, RachelPolitical StudiesBernard 203Contact Professor607.4650email
Wachtel, AlbertCreative StudiesScott Hall 215Contact Professor607.3641email
Wakefield, AndreHistoryScott Hall 226MW 10am-11:30am at Grove House607.3068email
Watson, SandraNeuroscience, Keck ScienceKSC 12Contact Professoremail
Wenzel, Anna G.Chemistry, Keck ScienceKSC 213Contact Professor607.0912email
Wiley, EmilyBiology, Keck ScienceKSC 210Contact Professor607.9698email
Williams, Nancy S.B.Chemistry, Keck ScienceKSC 228Contact Professor607.1603email
Williams, BranwenEnvironmental Science, Keck ScienceKSC 227Contact Professor607.8017email
Williams, SierraChemistryKSC 230Contact Professor607.6528email
Willoughby, ChrisHistory Broad Center 214Contact Professor 621.8818email
Willoughby, UrmiHistoryScott Hall 205M 1pm-2pm
or by appointment
Yamane, LinusEconomics; Asian American StudiesFletcher 216Contact Professor607.3769email
Yep, KathleenAsian American StudiesBernard 201TH 9am-11am
or by appointment
Ygarza, GeorgeCritical Global StudiesBroad Hall 212MW 3pm-4pm email
Zhang, ShanshanEconomics Broad Hall 212Contact Professor email
Zuckerman, PhilSociology, Secular StudiesScott Hall 211Contact Professor607.4495email

Emeriti Faculty

NameField Group(s)OfficePhoneEmail
Basu, DipannitaSociology 621.8218email
Benton, Jill K.English & World Literature 621.8218email
Bogen, JamesPhilosophy 621.8218 
Calderon, JoseSociology; Chicano/a StudiesBroad Hall 212621.8218email
Fairchild, HalfordPsychology; Africana Studies 621.8218email
Faulstich, PaulEnvironmental Analysis  621.8218email
Furman, DavidArt 621.8218 
Glass, StephenClassics 621.8218 
Grabiner, JudithMathematicsBroad Hall 212621.8218email
Hoste, JimMathematics 621.8218email
Ilgen, ThomasPolitical StudiesBroad Hall 212621.8218email
Jones, AlanPsychology; Neuroscience 621.8218email
Lehman, JamesEconomics 621.8218email
Levering Sullivan, JacquelineWriting 621.8218email
Light, LeahPsychology 621.8218email
Macaulay, RonaldLinguistics 607.4500email
Mathies, MargaretBiology 621.8218 
Miller, KathrynArt 621.8218email
Naftilan, StephenChemistry, Keck Science  email
Nardi, PeterSociology 621.8218email
Onstott, JeniferModern Languages, Literatures & CulturesBroad Hall 212621.8218email
Parker, JosephCritical Global Studies Contact Professoremail
Petersen, LissaModern Languages, Literatures & CulturesBroad Hall 212621.8218email
Pinnell, RobertChemistry 621.8218 
Rogers, Kathryn “Kate”Organizational Studies 621.8218 
Sadava, DavidBiology 621.8218 
Sanders, BarryHistory of Ideas 621.8218 
Schwartz, AlbertSociology 621.8218 
Seymour, SusanAnthropologyBroad Hall 212621.8218email
Soldatenko, MariaChicana/o Latina/o Transnational Studies 621.8218email
Stromberg, AnnSociologyBroad Hall 212621.8218email
Tsujimoto, RichardPsychologyBroad Hall 212621.8218email
Volti, RudiSociologyBroad Hall 212621.8218email
Ward, DanaPolitical StudiesBroad Hall 212607.3774email
Zanella, Andrew W.Chemistry 621.8218