Faculty Directory & Profiles

*Fall 2018 Sabbatical/Leave
**Spring 2019 Sabbatical/Leave
***Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 Sabbatical/Leave
Dean of Faculty’s Office: 909.621.8218, Fax 909.621.8481
Keck Science: 909.621.8298

Name Field Group(s) Office Office Hours Phone Email
Affuso, Elizabeth Media Studies; Intercollegiate Media Studies West Hall Q122 MW 2:00 pm-3:30 pm or by Appointment 607.7025 email
Alcantar, Cynthia Sociology Scott Hall 200A Contact Professor 607.9403 email
Alfaro, Arianna Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Broad Hall 206 Contact Professor 607.1739 email
Alwishah, Ahmed** Philosophy Avery 210 Contact Professor 607.7732 email
Amador, Laura Spanish Broad Hall 206 Contact Professor 607.1133 email
Anderson, Ellie Philosophy Fletcher 210 T:4:15-5:30p;TH:12:30-2p; W: By appointment 607.4100 email
Anthes, Bill** Art Avery 222 T/W: 1-2:30 pm, or by appointment 607.3176 email
Aristizabal, Juanita Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures Scott Hall 205 M: 1:30-3:30 pm, or by appointment 607.4014 email
Armendinger, Brent* English & World Literature; Creative Writing Avery 206 M: 1-2:30p; TH: 11-12:30p or by appointment 607.3489 email
Armstrong, Jennifer Biology, Keck Science KSC B14 Contact Professor 607.9716 email
Babbes, Amy Chemistry, Keck Science KSC 104D Contact Professor 607-8272 email
Bachman, David Mathematics Avery 220 Contact Professor 607.7961 email
Ballagh, Michael Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures West Hall Q100 T/TH: 2-3:30 pm or by appointment 621.8104 email
Banerjee, Mita Psychology, Interim IGLAS Chair Fletcher 208 W: 3-4 pm; TH:10-11 am; or by appointment 607.2648 email
Barndt, Will Political Studies Scott Hall 202 Th:12-3pm or by appointment 607.7408 email
Berenfeld, Michelle*** Classics Scott Hall 207 Contact Professor 607.3390 email
Berg, Timothy* Art – Ceramics McConnell 111 T: 10-1pm & by appointment 607.7553 email
Bhattacharya, Sumangala English & World Literature; British Literature Scott Hall 203 W: 11-1pm; 5:30-6:30pm or by Appointment 607.2647 email
Bizuneh, Menna**+ Economics Scott Hall 204 MW 9-10:30 pm or by appointment 607.9127 email
Black, Kersey A. Chemistry, Keck Science KSC 230 Contact Professor 607.3091 email
Bonaparte, Alicia* Sociology Scott Hall 228 W: 10-12pm, TH: 3-4pm or by appointment 607.8876 email
Bordenkircher, Eric Political Studies Broad Hall 212 Contact Professor 607.3828 email
Borowski, Thomas Neuroscience Broad Hall 104 M/W: 2:30-4p 607.3808 email
Boyle, Nigel Political Studies; Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty Scott Hall 115 Contact Professor 621.8217 email
Brogan, Franny Linguistics Broad Hall 212 Contact Professor 607.9132 email
Brown, Bruce Economics Broad Hall 212 M: 2:45-3:45 or by appointment 607.4234 email
Budischak, Sarah Biology, Keck Science KSC131C Contact Professor 607.4593 email
Bunyanunda, Mann Political Studies Fletcher 202 T & Thurs: 3pm-4pm or by appointment email
Chan, Scott Asian American Studies Scott Hall 200B Contact Professor 607.9416 email
Chandrangsu, Pete Biology, Keck Science Contact Professor 607.5011 email
Chao, Emily Anthropology Fletcher 206 Contact Professor 607.2728 email
Cohen, Joseph Biology, Keck Science Ctr CT E-9 Contact Professor 607.8265 email
Coleman, Melissa Biology, Keck Science KSC B37 Contact Professor 607.0889 email
D’Arcy, Angela Environmental Analysis Avery 208 Contact Professor 607.9125 email
Davis, Tom Chemistry, Keck Science KSC 239 Contact Professor 607.0714 email
Dengu-Zvobgo, Kebokile International Programs West Hall Q100 Contact Professor 607.3609 email
Dersham, Tom Physics, Keck Science KSC 136 Contact Professor 607.7542 email
Edwalds-Gilbert, Gretchen*** Biology, Keck Science Balch 134 Contact Professor 607.7068 email
Ennis, Ciara Art Atherton Hall Contact Professor 607.3143 email
Espinoza, Roberta*** Sociology Scott Hall 200A Contact Professor 607.9403 email
Faulstich, Paul* Environmental Analysis Broad Center 214 T: 11:00-2:00 p.m. or by appointment. 621.8818 email
Federman, Maya*** Economics Bernard 211 Contact Professor 607.2646 email
Ferree, Elise Biology, Keck Science KSC 4A Contact Professor 607.8277 email
Ferree, Patrick Biology, Keck Science KSC 16A Contact Professor 607.8304 email
Florez, Jose Luis Spanish Broad Hall 206 Contact Professor 607.1657 email
Fortini, Barbara Biology, Keck Science KSC 103 Contact Professor 607.2325 email
Fought, Carmen Linguistics Scott Hall 225 M: 11:30-1p,; TH: 12:30-2:30p, or by appointment 607.4535 email
Fucaloro, Anthony F. Chemistry, Keck Science KSC 213 Contact Professor 607.1273 email
Germany, David  Economics Bernard 211 T/TH: 11-12 & 1:15-2:30p or by appointment email
Gilbert, Sarah* Art Scott Hall 220 Contact Professor 607.4652 email
Goldblatt, David Political Studies Scott Hall 227 W: 12:30-2:30p & by appointment email
Gould, Scot Physics, Keck Science KSC 113 Contact Professor 607.3197 email
Guillermo, Steffanie Psychology Fletcher 218 T: 11-12 pm, W:3-5 pm or by appointment 607.3352 email
Gutierrez, Paula Spanish Broad Hall 202 T: 2-3 pm; TH:11-1pm; or by appointment 607.1620 email
Harris, Laura** English & World Literature; Africana Studies Avery 218 W: 10-12 pm 607.3633 email
Hartman, Georgia Anthropology Fletcher 212 Tues: 1-5pm and by appointment 607.3768 email
Hatcher-Skeers, Mary Chemistry, Keck Science KSC 211 Contact Professor 607.1586 email
Herman, Leah Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures Avery 212 M/W: 11-12 pm; T: 12:15-1 pm; or by Appointments 607.3995 email
Herrera, Geoffrey Political Studies Bernard 216 M:1:30-3:00p; Th:9:30a-11am or by appointment 607.6217 email
Herrold-Menzies, Melinda Environmental Analysis Avery 208 Contact Professor 607.7960 email
Hicks Peterson, Tessa Cultural Studies/Urban Studies; Community Engagement Center Scott Hall 108 Contact Professor 607.3061 email
Higdon, James C. Physics, Keck Science KSC 116 Contact Professor 621.8402 email
Honma, Todd** Asian American Studies Scott Hall 200B Contact Professor 607.9416 email
Huemer, Sabine Psychology Fletcher 222 T/TH 10-11p, & by appointment 607.7952 email
Hutin, Stephanie Media Studies/Production West Hall Q125 Contact Professor 607.3889 email
Iverson, Cameron Chemistry, Keck Science Center Ct E6 Contact Professor 607.2242 email
Jay, Kyle Biology, Keck Science KSC 118 Contact Professor 607.0293 email
Jeremias, Isabella Fulbright TA: Portuguese Broad Hall 205 Contact Instructor email
Johnson, Carina*** History Bernard 221 No regular office hours. By appointment only.
Jorge, Ethel Spanish Bernard 213 TH: 1:30-3:30p or by Appointments 607.2802 email
Juhasz, Alexandra*** Media Studies N/A  email
Junisbai, Azamat*** Sociology Scott Hall 222 Contact Professor 607.3767 email
Junisbai, Barbara Organizational Studies Broad Hall 107 M:1:30-2:30p

T: 1:30-3:30p

607.1266 email
Justus, Timothy** Psychology Fletcher 226 Contact Professor 607.9198 email
Keeley, Brian Philosophy Fletcher 224 M:9a-10:30a and Th: 11-12:30p or by appointment 607.4235 email
Keskinel, Meric Economics Broad Hall 212 Contact Professor email
Kizer, Jessica Sociology Broad Hall 109 W: 1:15-2:45pm, TH:10:30-12p or by appointment 607.3374 email
Krajnak, Tarrah Art Scott Hall 201 Contact Professor 607.4157 email
Lagji, Amanda EWL Broad Center 215 TU:2-4p, TH:2-3p, or by appointment 607.0844 email
Lamb, Gina Media Studies West Hall Q102 Contact Professor 607.9129 email
Landsberg, Adam Physics, Keck Science KSC 112 Contact Professor 607.8016 email
Leconte, Aaron** Chemistry, Keck Science KSC 211 Contact Professor 607.9353 email
Lemus, Felicia Luna EWL Scott Hall 232 Contact Professor email
Lerner, Jesse* Media Studies Scott Hall 208 M: 8:a-10a or by appointment 607.2636 email
Lewis, Jeff Organizational Studies Fletcher 214 Contact Professor 607.3069 email
Lorenat, Jemma Mathematics Bernard Hall 209 M:9:30-10:30a
W: 2-3p
TH: 3-4p or by appointment
607.4584 email
Luft, Jennifer Chemistry, Keck Science KSC 227 Contact Professor 607.0924 email
Ma, Ming-Yuen S.* Media Studies Scott Hall 213 Contact Professor 607.4319 email
Mackey, Joel Chemistry, Keck Science KSC 104C Contact Professor 607.8196 email
Malisch, Jessica Biology, Keck Science KSC 231 Contact Professor 607.9606 email
Martins, Leda*** Anthropology Fletcher 212 Contact Professor 607.3768 email
McCoy, Jessica Art Atherton 105 Contact Professor 607.8643 email
McFarlane, Donald A. Environmental Science, Keck Science KSC B43 Contact Professor 607.2564 email
Miller, Sheryl Anthropology Bernard 223 Contact Professor 607.3152 email
Milton, John Biology, Keck Science KSC 105 Contact Professor 607.0024 email
Moknat, Arya Political Studies Broad Hall 212 Contact Professor  607.9111 email
Monroy, Jenna Biology, Keck Science KSC 125 Contact Professor 621.8010 email
Moore, David Psychology Broad Hall 108 Tu: 4:15p–5:15p
W: 1:30p-2:30p or by appointment
607.1648 email
Neckar, Lance Environmental Analysis Bernard 219 T: 12:30-2:30p and by appointment 607.9424 email
Novy, Adam MLLC Contact Professor email
Nubla, Gladys Asian American Studies Bernard 201 Contact Professor 621.8657 email
O’Rourke, Harmony History Bernard 215 W: 8:30-9:30a; TH:2-4p or by appointment 621.8657 email
Oudich, Ali Mathematics Broad Hall 212 W/F: 12-1:30p or by Appointment 607.2636 email
Pantoja, Adrian Political Studies; Chicano Studies Avery 214 T/TH: 9-10:30a 607.0485 email
Parker, Joseph International & Intercultural Studies Broad Center 213 WF:11:00-12:00p or by appointment 607.4318 email
Phillips, Susan** Environmental Analysis Scott Hall 232 Contact Professor 607.1268 email
Phung, Janice Psychology Scott Hall 210 M/W: 11a-12p, or by Appointment email
Placek, Kara Sociology Broad Hall 105 M: 2:15-4:45p or by appointment email
Portillo Villeda, Suyapa+ Chicana/o Latina/o Transnational Studies Scott Hall 221 Th: 2p – 4p or by appointment 607.9415 email
Poston, Muriel*** Environmental Analysis Avery 216 N/A 607.3762 email
Powell, Matthew Physics, Keck Science Ctr Ct E4 Contact Professor 607.9503 email
Preest, Marion Biology, Keck Science KSC B12 Contact Professor 607.8014 email
Purvis-Roberts, Katie Environmental Science, Keck Science KSC 231 Contact Professor 607.9782 email
Rezai, Hamid Political Studies; International & Intercultural Studies Scott Hall 227 M:11:15-1:15p (Scott Hall 227, Pitzer) & W: 12-1p (Mason Hall 128, Pomona)  or by Appointment 607.3722 email
Rinaldi, Arlie Chemistry, Keck Science Ctr Ct E7 Contact Professor 607.8310 email
Robins, Colin Environmental Science, Keck Science KSC 238 Contact Professor 607.7170. email
Rodriguez, Marcus Psychology Bernard 205 T: 11a-12p & 5:45-7:30p; TH: 8-9a & 11a-12p; or by Appointment 607.5685 email
Rodriguez, Norma** Psychology Broad Hall 106 T:1:30-3:30p; W: 3-4p; or by Appointment 607.3839 email
Saleem, Waqar Mathematics, Computer Science Scott Hall 232 Contact Professor email
Sanii, Babak Chemistry, Keck Science KSC 202 Contact Professor 607.9851 email
Sarathy, Brinda Environmental Analysis Fletcher 220 T:1-2pm (Fletcher 220); W:2:30-3:30p (Redford Conservancy or by apt. 607.7342 email
Schenk, Susan Biology, Keck Science KSC B11 Contact Professor 607.4018 email
Schmitz, Lars Biology, Keck Science KSC 117 Contact Professor 607.7409 email
Scott, Andrea Academic Writing; Director, Writing Center Scott Hall 200C Contact Professor 607.4133 email
Segal, Daniel A. Anthropology; History Bernard 225 F:1-3p; Sun:9-10a or by appointment 607.3645 email
Simon, Victoria Media Studies Fletcher 228 Contact Professor email
Snowiss, Sharon** Political Studies; International & Intercultural Studies Scott Hall 206 M: 4:30-5:30; TH: 2:30-3:30; or by appointment 607.3178 email
Soldatenko, Maria Chicana/o Latina/o Transnational Studies Scott Hall 224 T:2:30-3:30p; W:1:30-2:30p; R:3-4p 607.3630 email
Spence, Rory Biology, Keck Science KSC 111 Contact Professor 607.9135 email
Spezio, Teresa Sabol Environmental Analysis Avery 208 T: 12:30-1:30p; Wed 2:30-5:00p or by appointment. 607.8166 email
Steinman, Erich Sociology Scott Hall 217 Contact Professor 607.3838 email
Stephens, Emma*** Economics Fletcher 222 Contact Professor 607.7952 email
Strauss, Claudia* Anthropology Fletcher 230 T:2:45-4:45 pm; Th: 10-11am or by appointment 607.3063 email
Talmor, Ruti Media Studies Bernard 206 T: 4:30-7:00p or by Appointment 607.5003 email
Tang, Irene Biology, Keck Science KSC 201 Contact Professor 607.9067 email
Thoelen, Garrett Economics Broad Hall 212 Contact Professor 607.9124 email
Thomson, Diane Environmental Science, Keck Science KSC 106 Contact Professor 607.0029 email
Tongun, Lako International & Intercultural Studies; Political Studies Scott Hall 223 MW 11-12, Tu 3-4p or by appointment 607.3772 email
Trapp, Rolland Mathematics Broad Hall 212 Contact Professor email
VanSickle-Ward, Rachel* Political Studies Bernard 203 Contact Professor 607.4650 email
Wachtel, Albert Creative Studies Scott Hall 215 Tues & Wed 12:30-2pm and by appointment 607.3641 email
Valentine, Jody Classics Scott Hall 207 Contact Professor email
Wakefield, Andre History Scott Hall 226 WF 10am-12pm or by appointment 607.3068 email
Wenzel, Anna G. Chemistry, Keck Science KSC 213 Contact Professor 607.0912 email
Wiley, Emily Biology, Keck Science KSC 210 Contact Professor 607.9698 email
Williams, Nancy S.B. Chemistry, Keck Science KSC 228 Contact Professor 607.1603 email
Williams, Branwen Environmental Science, Keck Science KSC 227 Contact Professor 607.8017 email
Yamane, Linus Economics; Asian American Studies Fletcher 216 M:12:35-1:35p,T: 4-5p, F: 11-12p or by appointment 607.3769 email
Yep, Kathleen Asian American Studies Bernard 201 TH: 10-11a & 2-3p or by Appointment 607.2645 email
Zuckerman, Phil Sociology Scott Hall 211 Wed 7:30 – 10:30 am & by appointment 607.4495 email

Emeriti Faculty

Name Field Group(s) Office Phone Email
Basu, Dipannita Sociology 621.8218 email
Benton, Jill K. English & World Literature 621.8218 email
Bogen, James Philosophy 621.8218
Calderon, Jose Sociology; Chicano/a Studies Broad Hall 212 621.8218 email
Fairchild, Halford Psychology; Africana Studies 621.8218 email
Furman, David Art 621.8218
Glass, Stephen Classics 621.8218
Grabiner, Judith Mathematics Broad Hall 212 621.8218 email
Hoste, Jim Mathematics 621.8218 email
Guthrie, Daniel Biology 621.8298
Ilgen, Thomas Political Studies Broad Hall 212 621.8218 email
Jones, Alan Psychology; Neuroscience 621.8218 email
Jackson, Agnes Moreland English; Black Studies 621.8218
Lehman, James Economics 621.8218 email
Levering Sullivan, Jacqueline Writing 621.8218 email
Light, Leah Psychology 621.8218 email
Macaulay, Ronald Linguistics 607.4500 email
Masilela, Ntongela Creative Studies 621.8218 email
Mathies, Margaret Biology 621.8218
Miller, Kathryn Art 621.8218 email
Naftilan, Stephen Chemistry, Keck Science email
Nardi, Peter Sociology 621.8218 email
Onstott, Jenifer Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures Broad Hall 212 621.8218 email
Petersen, Lissa Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures Broad Hall 212 621.8218 email
Pinnell, Robert Chemistry 621.8218
Rogers, Kathryn “Kate” Organizational Studies 621.8218
Sadava, David Biology 621.8218
Sanders, Barry History of Ideas 621.8218
Schwartz, Albert Sociology 621.8218
Seymour, Susan Anthropology Broad Hall 212 621.8218 email
Stromberg, Ann Sociology Broad Hall 212 621.8218 email
Tsujimoto, Richard Psychology Broad Hall 212 621.8218 email
Volti, Rudi Sociology Broad Hall 212 621.8218 email
Ward, Dana Political Studies Broad Hall 212 607.3774 email
Zanella, Andrew W. Chemistry 621.8218