Mead Hall

Mead HallMead is a six-tower, three-story residential community that houses approximately 225 sophomores, juniors and seniors. Mead Hall is historically known for the student murals on the exterior walls and hallways that span back many years, representing the interests and creativity of past and current community members.

NEW for 2021-2022:

  • Mead Hall has received some wonderful upgrades over the past year. 
  • This new suite common area furniture was selected in collaboration with Residence Life staff and the Student Voice Committee. Each 8-person common suite in Mead will have: 3 comfy lounge chairs, 2 side tables, and one study table with four chairs.  

About Mead

  • Students live either in a suite with eight students or four students. There are both double and single rooms in each of the suites, as well as a bathroom for every four residents. Each suite has a common room equipped with couches and side tables. All second and third floor suites have balconies off their common rooms.

  • Each tower in Mead has one Substance Free Suite where the RA lives. This exemplifies one of the College’s educational objectives; awareness of the social and ethical implications of action.
  • There are six Resident Assistants (RAs) who live in Mead; they are devoted to serving the upperclass residents as they navigate their academic and co-curricular experiences. The RAs facilitate community building in the residence hall though program planning as well as security checks throughout the building every night of the week.
  • There is one Residence Director (RD) who also lives in an apartment in Mead. The RD is a full-time, professional staff member who lives year-round on campus. The RD is responsible for supervising the Mead RAs, overseeing hall programming, managing facilities, and promoting respectful conduct.

Mead Hall Community Photos & Video Tour

Video Tour of Mead Hall on our YouTube channel

Mead Hall Resources

  • Laundry Room – Located on the 2nd floor between W and X towers, the laundry is a community space that allows Mead residents to wash and dry their clothes conveniently. Laundry costs $1.00 to wash and $0.75 to dry and can be paid for with Claremont Cash on a Pitzer student ID card or with quarters. There are tables and chairs in the laundry room, so residents can stay nearby and work on other things while their laundry is being washed.
  • Community Kitchen – The Mead Community kitchen is located off the lobby between W and X towers. The Mead kitchen is available for residents to do personal cooking projects and for the staff to prepare for events.  The kitchen has a refrigerator, oven, stovetop, sink, and a small dining area.  Some cooking supplies for the kitchen are available for checkout from the West Hall Service Desk.
  • Marquis Library and Reading Room – The Lucian Marquis Library is located off the lobby between W and X towers. A comfortable study lounge and desks provide a quiet space. There are also basic reference materials and books that may be taken out for a limited time.

There are also several offices housed in Mead Hall. They include:

Ways to Get Involved in the Mead Community

Student engagement is one of Pitzer’s core values and getting involved early on is as easy as looking around your residence hall!  Some ways to get involved in the Mead community are:

  • Resident Assistants  – Each hall has a resident assistant (RA) dedicated to building a community within thier halls and Pitzer. You can contact your RA directly to get involved or learn more about becoming an RA.
  • Resience Hall Council – Check out the RHC website to learn more