Room Changes

Room changes can happen for a variety of reasons through the academic school year. This website will outline the Room Change protocol, reasons room changes are initiated, and frequently asked questions regarding room changes.

Room Change Process Diagram
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Types of Moves


  • Summer (May-Aug), after the Returning Student Housing Selection process is complete.
    • Returning students have assignments from the Housing Selection process, but have not physically moved into rooms yet.
    • In the event of an open space in a room/suite
      • Suitemates may pull in a student of their choice.
      • ResLife may fill the returning student suite spaces with a newly admitted/transfer/exchange students, using Roommate Matching Profile data in Residence as a guide.
      • ResLife will coordinate/consolidate first year housing should enough space be available.
    • Housing Waitlist


  • Mid-Semester: Aug-Dec & Jan-May
    • Students physically in rooms, finding spaces can be difficult
    • In the event of an open space in a room/suite
      • Suitemates may request to pull in a student, considerations below:
        • Available single rooms are prioritized for Title IX or Disability Accommodation (RADA-approved) related situations as determined by ResLife/Office of Student Affairs/Title IX Office.
        • It is preferable that the suite provide a pull-in within 48 hours, as there may be other students seeking room changes waiting for spaces to become available.

Fall to Spring Transition

  • Fall to Spring transition (Winter Break, Dec to Jan)
    • Students moving OUT after Fall Semester
      • Student populations
        • Winter Graduates
        • Leave of Absence/Withdraw
        • Spring Study Abroad students leaving
        • Spring Off Campus approvals
        • Semester Exchange Students
      • Process
        • Registrar, Study Abroad, Pitzer Academic Support Services, Residence Life will coordinate to provide list of students moving out at the end of Fall.
        • Residence Life will contact remaining suitemates (typically in November) to coordinate potential pull-ins or consolidation of opening spaces.
        • Students will complete a check out form and return any hard keys when leaving campus.
      • Storage
        • Please review our storage options website.
    • Students moving IN after Fall Semester
      • Student Populations
        • Return from Leaves
        • Return from Fall Study Abroad
        • Spring International Exchange Students
        • Spring Admits
          • Deferred
          • NRS
          • Transfer
      • Process
        • Apply for housing
        • Notify Residence Life if being pulled in to an existing suite, or if assigned by ResLife staff.
        • Assigned space and move-in date.

Steps of a mid-semester room change


  1. Student Initiated
    1. Set up meeting with a Residence Director
    2. Perform/re-evaluate a roommate/suitemate agreement
    3. The Residence Director will evaluate and advise Residence Life staff if a room change is recommended
  2. Staff Initiated
    1. Room Accommodations due to a Disability (RADA) considerations
    2. OSA Dean-on-Call emergent issue
    3. Title IX considerations
    4. Student conduct process


  1. Once approved, Residence Life staff will advise on what spaces are available. Narrowing down to the best two to three options.
  2. Residence Life will send matching profiles of any roommates and nearby suitemates.


  1. Residence Life will notify that suite with a 1-day courtesy notice that the move is being considered and the space should be accessible.


  1. Residence Life will send final move confirmation email (note, the move is not confirmed until this point!)
  2. The old and new space’s Residence Director(s) and the RA(s) will be notified of the move.
  3. Pick up the new space access
    1. PAS/WES -> Temp Card at Residence Life Office (East Sanborn C300)
    2. Mead -> Hard Key at Residence Life Office (East Sanborn C300)
    3. CCA -> Hard Key at CCA Office (Building B, CCA)
  4. MOVE
  5. Return/end the old space access
    1. PAS/WES -> Return Temp Card and Re-code ID Card at Residence Life Office (East Sanborn C300)
    2. Mead -> Return Hard Key to Residence Life Office (East Sanborn C300)
    3. CCA -> Return Hard Key at CCA Office (Building B, CCA)
  6. Complete Condition Form on Residence for the old space
  7. Begin the Condition Form on Residence for the new space

Key/Card Access during a move

Moving In (get access to new space)Moving Out (removing access after move is complete)
Pitzer, Atherton, Sanborn, East, West, SkanderaGo to ResLife office to pick up a temp Keycard, begin your move.Go to ResLife office to return temp Keycard. Your ID will be coded to new space.
MeadGo to ResLife Office to pick up your new Mead Key, begin your move.Drop off old Mead key within ResLife Office or Mead key-drop box outside ResLife office.
Claremont Collegiate Apartments (CCA)Go to CCA office to pick you your CCA Key, begin your move.Drop off old CCA key within CCA office or CCA key-drop box outside CCA office.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ResLife choose which spaces to offer a student looking?

Whenever placing a student or offering spaces, Residence Life reviews all parties’ Roommate Matching Profiles on Residence. It is rare that profiles match perfectly, but the best matches available will be offered. It is for this reason that Roommate Matching Profiles should be updated regularly to match with your lifestyle.

I’m having issues with my roommate or suitemates, what should I do?

  • You should have competed a roommate and/or suitemate agreement at the beginning of the semester. You can choose to re-address that document with your roommate or suitemate.
    • If there is not one on file, Agreements can be a great documents to discuss similarities, differences, and compromises.
  • Please reach out to either your Resident Assistant or Resident Director to help navigate any issues that come up.
  • Please Note: only students can request their own room change (Title IX and Conduct exemptions). Family members cannot request a room change for their students (or other students. Residence Life cannot discuss student details records to parents (FERPA). Parents are recommended to review the information for families site of Residence Life.

I don’t want to move, can’t ResLife make my roommate move?

  • Each student has a right to the assigned space and will not be moved by Residence Life staff outside of a code of conduct violation or Title IX consideration (sanction or interim measure).
  • Students may only initiate move processes for themselves.

I have an open space in my double room, I can keep that right?

Residence Life will offer available spaces to qualifying students. If a student seeking a room changes chooses an open double space, Residence life will assign that space. Students that happen to be in a double room should expect to be notified of a roommate moving in to the other space of that double room (24 hour courtesy notice).