Documentation Guidelines

Supporting Documentation should include:

  • A specific diagnosis.
  • A description of how the diagnosis was reached, methods and procedures, test results and evaluation of test results; relevant medical, family, psychosocial and educational history.
  • Licensure and experience of health care professional.
  • What and how any major life activities are limited by the disability/condition.
  • Functional impact(s)/limitation(s) on the student, particularly as it applies to the academic setting.
    • If relevant to the nature of the condition, the documentation should address the functional impact on the student living or dining within a community setting (i.e. campus housing and dining facilities).
  • (Optional) Recommended accommodations, along with rationale tied to functional impacts/limitations experienced by the student.

Guidelines for Documentation of Physical Disabilities and/or Chronic Illness

Verification of Psychological/Mental Health Related Form (for medical providers to fill out)