The Grove House

The Grove House is a lovely California craftsman-style bungalow located on the Pitzer College campus that serves as a study space, restaurant, event space and hangout for students. The kitchen is student-run with the oversight of Zenia Gutierrez (pictured below) who encapsulates all the values of openness, warmth and love that make Pitzer College and the Grove House such an incredible campus and environment. With books, zines, communal musical instruments, board games and more, the Grove House stands as an inviting and safe environment for all.


The Grove House is currently closed.

When open, the lunch menu typically consists of sandwiches and salads with a new special every day while breakfasts serve a range of pancakes, burritos, egg combos and toast with pour-over teas, coffee and assorted drinks.

The Grove House features the Grove House kitchen, the Hinshaw Art Gallery, the Bert Meyers Poetry Room and several other rooms suitable for meeting or just hanging out. Beautiful drought-tolerant gardens and a citrus grove surround the house. The original portion of the Rodman Arboretum, which now extends throughout campus, is behind the Grove House. An outdoor classroom which is also used for meetings and events stands on the south side.

The Grove House is open every day and most evenings. Events such as open mics, poetry and fiction readings, musical performances and art openings are organized and scheduled by the Grove House Committee. During the academic year, delicious lunch entrees are prepared fresh each weekday and refreshments and vegetarian/vegan items are available including famous Grove House cookies.


In 1976, the house was purchased for $1 and then moved to campus in pieces. It sat for several years before it was finally restored and opened in February 1980. The complete history of the Grove House is chronicled in this piece by Professor Emeritus Barry Sanders, who was instrumental in bringing this iconic house to campus.

The Pitzer Archives also has a collection of photos and articles about the Grove House.

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