Campus Aesthetics Committee (CAC)

This committee oversees the implementation of the Public Art Policy, as outlined in the Student Handbook. Public artwork includes paintings, murals, sculptures, or other installations from students, faculty, staff, alumni and other persons or groups that are in any way affiliated with the campus. Committee members are selected each fall and include one faculty member, four students and three staff members. You can contact CAC via [email protected].

All temporary flyer and poster approvals are approved through Pitzer Campus Life via [email protected]. Please do not contact CAC to approve flyers and posters.

Proposing Public Artwork

To propose any new public artwork, please make sure to review the information found the Public Art Guidelines & Policies and then submit an Outdoor Art Proposal Form.

Removing Public Artwork

To request removal of any new public artwork or to remove any existing public artwork from the residence halls or any other Pitzer College campus location, please contact Campus Aesthetics Committee via [email protected].

Additional Information, Forms & Resources

Mural Databases & Collections