Room Draw

Room Draw Information for 2019-2020 Academic Year

Room selection for the upcoming academic year is coming soon! See below for the Room Draw Timeline, FAQs, and more!  Please note that the information on this website is always kept current with updated information. Please check back often and check your Pitzer email for Room Draw information.


If you have any questions regarding Room Draw, please feel free to contact the Assistant Director of Residence Life and Housing, Valerie Schiro, at 909-607-3132. You may also email or stop by the Residence Life Office, East Sanborn, C300. As always, any member of the Residence Life Staff will be more than happy to answer your questions.

  • What is Room Draw?

    Room Draw is the process by which students and their roommates/suitemates have the opportunity to select the room/suite they will live in for the upcoming academic year. Students will receive a random, computer-generated priority number (based on their graduation year). This number determines the order in which students select rooms within their group. These priority numbers will also determine the order in which housing assignments are made for the spring term for students returning from a study abroad program. Please see priority number section for more details.

    • Students in Group 1 have the lowest (meaning best) numbers followed by Group 2 then Group 3.
    • During double room draw, rooms are drawn based on one priority number. The person with the lowest (meaning best) number may pull in a roommate to fill the room chosen. For example, two students in Group 2 who want to be roommates have numbers 259 and 176. During Room Draw the student with number 176 (the better number) will use their better number to draw in their intended roommate who has number 259. Together they will select their room when number 176 is called.
    • Student Affairs reserves the right to pause Room Draw at any time to review room availability and/or procedures.
  • Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: What’s the difference between double room draw and WES Doubles suite draw?

    A: WES Double SUITE draw is for groups of 4 students who wish to live in a WES double room connected to another double by a bathroom. Double room draw is for pairs of students who wish to live in a double together in Mead or WES. They will be able to choose their double room, but will not necessarily have a say in who their suitemates are.


    Q: I am the Suite Draw Coordinator for my suite. Do I need to attend a Suite Draw Coordinator meeting?

    A: Nope. This year, all Suite Draw Coordinators will be sent information about their responsibilities via email. No meetings will be held.


    Q: I am the Suite Draw Coordinator for my suite. Do my suitemates need to fill out anything?

    A: YES. Everyone needs to fill out their OWN housing application regardless of the draw option. You can find the housing application here:


    Q:  My friend is going abroad in the Spring but will be living in our suite in the Fall. Do I need to find someone to fill their space in the Spring?

    A: Yes. Suites will be judged on two criteria: whether or not they are completely full (both semesters) and the average of all suitemates room draw numbers. Suites that are not completely full typically will be automatically denied.


    Q: How low of a room draw number do we need to get a Mead suite?

    A: Again, numbers vary from year to year, but last year’s highest Mead suite average was 432.


    Q: How low of a room draw number do we need to get a WES Double Suite?

    A: Last year’s highest WES Double suite average was 737.

  • What's New for 2019- 2020?
    1. Pitzer has introduced a new opportunity for students to apply for apartment style living at the Claremont Collegiate Apartments. Click here for more information!
    2. Due to the limited availability of single rooms on campus, Single Room Draw will no longer be taking place. In order to secure a single, you must be a junior or a senior and apply for a single room in a suite through the Suite Draw process.
    3. In order to create a more cohesive and effective substance free room placement process, we have removed Sub- Free Room Draw. If you are interested in living in a designated sub- free suite, please email to discuss the various placement opportunities.
  • Important Dates and Deadlines 2019-2020

    Below is the tentative timeline of important dates for Room Draw 2019-2020. Please note that all dates and times are subject to change. Please be sure to check your Pitzer email and this website for updated information!

    PLEASE NOTE: These deadlines are important and mandatory to secure on-campus housing for next year. Any late applications may not be accepted.  In the case you are permitted to submit a Single/Double Room Draw Application late,  you will be placed in housing by the Housing Office. Everyone that submitted a form on time will select their room in room draw number order in the first round.


  • Housing Application

    The Housing Application is now available!

    *** Please note that this application is NOT for incoming new students. All incoming students should use the link on their new student portal checklist.

    Every Pitzer student will be required to fill out the application and it will give students the opportunity to apply for the various types of housing including off-campus status, Room Accommodations for Disability Application (RADA), etc. Please refer to the timeline for deadlines for specific types of housing. Please contact with any additional questions.


    Other Forms:

    NOTE: The Off-Campus Housing application can be found WITHIN the master housing application above.

    Proxy Form:

    If you need to designate a proxy to attend Room Draw on your behalf, please complete the proxy form once it is available online. If you are studying abroad 2019-2020, you will still need to complete one of the five forms above. You will be prompted to submit information regarding housing for your anticipated return to campus. Students that are part of an approved suite draw application do NOT need a proxy, as their Suite Draw Coordinator is the only person from the suite who is required to attend Suite Draw.

  • New Housing Option- Claremont Collegiate Apartments

    Groups of 2 to 6 students can apply to live at the Claremont Collegiate Apartments during the normal Suite Draw process. If you are interested in living at CCA, you ONLY need to fill out the Pitzer Suite Draw application NOT the application through CCA’s website.  More information on this opportunity can be found here.

  • Who is eligible for Room Draw?
    • Currently enrolled students planning to attend Pitzer College the following academic term are eligible to participate in Room Draw. (Excluding incoming first-year students, New Resources students who haven’t lived on-campus previously, and students currently on a Leave of Absence.) If you are currently on a leave of absence and plan to return in the fall, please contact the Residence Life Office as soon as possible at 909-607-3132 or email
  • Single Rooms

    Who is eligible for a single room?

    • Rising Juniors and Seniors are eligible for single rooms.
    • Rising Sophomores are not eligible for single rooms regardless of credits recorded in the Registrar’s Office.
    • Please note that there is an additional cost for a single room.

    Please refer to the 2018-2019 tuition and fees section of the Pitzer Course Catalog for current pricing when it becomes available.  Any student receiving Financial Aid should speak with their assigned counselor about the additional cost of living in a single room.

    How can I secure a single room?

    Single rooms are assigned in a variety of ways including:

    • Suite Draw Application process. Find out more about this process by clicking the “Suite Draw” tab below.
    • Room Accommodations for Disabilities for students with specific disability accommodations
    • Assigned to RAs to fulfill their position requirements.

    How many single rooms are there?

    Only 23% of Pitzer residence halls rooms are singles.

  • Off-Campus Applications

    NOTE: The Off-Campus Application is WITHIN the main Housing Application.

    All students, regardless of class standing or previous housing arrangements (i.e. on or off-campus or abroad the previous semester), are required to submit an application to live off-campus. Only those students that receive written approval from the Office of Student Affairs will be permitted to live off-campus.

    The off campus approval process only happens ONCE each year, during the spring semester room draw period.

    In the fall 2013 semester, the Housing Committee hosted a series of forums to gather feedback from the Pitzer Community to determine the priority in which off-campus applications should be approved. Based on that feedback, students will be granted off-campus status following the priority criteria below:

    • Students with verifiable medical documentation that warrants off-campus housing;
    • Rising Fourth-year students with a graduation year of 2019; and (if space remains)
    • Rising Third-year students with a graduation year of 2020

    Students with verifiable medical documentation with a need to live off-campus should be given first priority (and all of these students must be registered with the Academic Support Office through the Office of Student Affairs).

    Fourth-year students should be given second priority, followed by third-year students. Since all third-year students who apply to live off-campus will not be able to be accommodated, an ad hoc committee has been created to evaluate off-campus applications and may include a review of extenuating circumstances. All committee decisions will be final.

    All students must submit off campus applications by the deadline mentioned in the timeline to be considered. If an off-campus application is not submitted, it will be assumed that the student is participating in on-campus room draw to secure housing for the upcoming academic year.

    If an off campus application is approved, the student will be notified of their application status via Pitzer email prior to Room Draw and forfeits the opportunity to participate in the Room Draw process.If a student’s Off-Campus Application is approved, the student must accept or deny the off-campus status offer by the deadline. An email with details on how to accept/deny the offer will be sent to students. Failure to confirm the status will automatically result in moving forward with an Off-Campus status and those individuals will not be eligible for Room Draw.

    All students who fail to submit an off-campus application by the deadline, are denied off campus approval, and/or do not attend room draw will be automatically placed in campus housing and will be responsible for all room and board fees.


  • Room Draw Numbers

    Room Draw numbers will be assigned based on your graduation year as recorded in the Registrar’s Office and are generated through a tiered system in the same way pre-registration appointments are assigned. The number of credits a student has accumulated is not a factor.

    For example, if a student had Room Draw number 743 (tier 2 in their grad year), then they will be in tier 1 their next year. In their last year, they would be in tier 3.

    If your graduation year is not accurate as recorded by the Registrar’s Office, please go to the Registrar’s office by the to have this corrected. We strongly encourage you NOT to wait until the spring semester to make the change with their office! You are able to change your graduation at anytime during the fall so please feel free to do so.

    Your priority number is unique to YOU and cannot be traded/exchanged with another student.

    Example of Group Number Generation and Tier System:

    *Please note that the priority numbers below are samples and are not actual group number tiers.

    Graduation Year – 2019 Room Draw Numbers
    Tier 1 0-100
    Tier 2 101-200
    Tier 3 201-300
    Graduation Year – 2020
    Tier 1 301-400
    Tier 2 401-500
    Tier 3 501-600
    Graduation Year – 2021
    Tier 1 601-700
    Tier 2 701-800
    Tier 3 801-900
  • Gender-Neutral Housing

    Gender-neutral housing options are available campus wide. Gender-neutral housing provides a living environment where student housing is not restricted to traditional limitations imposed by gender and/or sex definitions. This option is ideal for students whose gender expression, gender identity and/or biological sex varies from the standard paradigm and for students who believe that their gender and/or biological sex should not be limiting factors in roommate decisions. No student will be restricted by traditional limitations of gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, or other identities pertaining thereto. All students will have the option to participate in, or opt out of, gender-neutral housing simply by indicating your preferences on the Roommate Preference Form described below.

  • Room Accommodation for Disabilities Application (RADA)

    Any student who is seeking an accommodation in their housing arrangement (i.e. single room, etc.) needs to be registered with Academic Support office first.  Academic Support Services will receive all RADA applications and work with the Housing Office to make determinations on each RADA application submitted. All students must apply for RADA every year.

    For more information regarding housing accommodations, please visit the Pitzer Academic Support website here:

  • Substance-Free Housing Room Draw

    The first floor of East Hall is substance free.

    NOTE: Substance Free Housing means that all public areas (the hallways, bathrooms, living rooms, etc.) should all be kept free of substances.

    You will be asked to acknowledge the Substance Free Agreement in the housing application if you are interested in Substance Free Housing.

    • Priority is given to students that confirm their interested in substance free housing. Students that indicate on their Double Application form will be contacted by the Housing Office via email.
    • Students who do not confirm their interest in substance free housing will not be allowed to participate in substance free room draw.

    Students that opt to live in Substance Free housing are asked to e-sign a substance free housing agreement via the Housing Application. Please be sure to read all the terms carefully on the application form.


  • Suite Draw

    A suite granted for Suite Draw is a group of students who want to live together in the same suite.  A suite can be 4 people or 8 people.  All students within an approved suite must be present at their designated appointment time. If a student cannot be present, they must designate a proxy to represent them. If they fail to do so, then they agree to accept whatever suite and room their Suite Coordinator chooses for them.

    • All Suite Draw Applications MUST submit a Housing Application and select “Suite Draw Application” when asked which Room Draw Form is being submitted. DO NOT submit a Single/Double Room Draw application if you are applying for Suite Draw.
    • Mead Hall Suites – Only whole suites (8 people) are available in Mead Hall.  A suite includes 4 singles rooms (rising juniors and seniors only) and 2 double rooms (typically).
    • WES Hall – Only four person suites are available in W.E. Hall. These suites are EITHER:
      -Four adjoining single rooms that share a bathroom. Rising juniors and seniors only.
      -OR two adjoining double rooms (similar to the first-year rooms in PAS)
    • Claremont Collegiate Apartments-  2 to 6 students in various room layouts. More information on this opportunity can be found here.
    • Approved suites that are late or miss their appointment time may be disqualified as an approved suite.
    • Groups must choose adjoining rooms  (e.g. within a suite), as the organizing principle for Suite Draw is contiguous space.
    • Students must be eligible for a single room in order to apply for a single room.


    Suite Draw and Room Draw Numbers

    Suite draw applicants have their combined priority numbers averaged. The averaged number will determine their appointment placement for Suite Draw.  If two people are splitting a room (one semester and one semester) then we average their numbers together to get a new number for their room. And then we average all 8 (or 4) room’s numbers together.


    What if we don’t have enough people to fill a full suite?

    We encourage you to reach out to the community in an attempt to fill any empty spaces in your suite. Partial applications will not be considered. This means each Suite Coordinator Application  should have 8  students listed on a Mead Suite Draw Application or 4 students listed on a WE Suite Draw Application (doubles and single suites) to have an application considered as complete. New incoming students are not eligible for Suite Draw, as they are not assigned Room Draw numbers since they are not currently enrolled Pitzer students.

    In the case your suite loses 50% of its participants after a suite is secured, the open spaces in your suite will be filled by Residence Life.

    What if someone in our suite does not return to Pitzer in the fall or spring after we secure housing at Suite Draw?

    In the case one of your applicants pulls out of your Suite because they will not be on campus (i.e. taking a leave or late abroad decision), your Suite Draw Coordinator may be able to meet with the Housing Office to explore the different options available for the space.

    If the Housing Office is given official notice from the College that someone will no longer be attending Pitzer BEFORE the specific dates below, the suite may have the opportunity to replace the person vacating the space.

    • Fall occupancy – July 1st
    • Spring Occupancy – November 1st

    In the case the Housing Office is notified AFTER the dates above, someone will be placed in the space that will be vacated for the next semester.

    Please note that if your Suite loses half of their members at any time after Room Draw, the suite will no longer be considered an approved Suite Draw Application. Residence Life will assign new individuals to the suite.

  • Double Room Draw

    Appointment block times will be assigned to students that submit a Double Room Draw Application form. Students that do not submit a Double Room Draw Application will not be able to participate in Room Draw and will be placed on a wait list.

    • Students drawing into a double room must have a roommate. The student with the best, meaning lowest, priority number draws the room and then pulls in her/his roommate. Both students must be present. Students unable to attend must designate a proxy (see “Proxy Information” below).
    • When selecting a room, students are called in during their appointment time and/or priority number, beginning with the lowest number. It is advisable to arrive at the beginning of the category in which you intend to draw. If students are late to their appointment time, their number may be passed over. Although students may draw into a room within single and double room draw after their number is called, we will not pause Room Draw if they fail to arrive on time.
    • There will be floor charts of available rooms for all residence halls in the room selection area during room draw.  Floor charts are also available on the Housing Sakai site and MyCampus portal.
  • What does Room Draw Day look like?

    Suite Draw: (DAY 1)

    1. Suite Draw is our first room draw. Mead suites will be selected first, followed by W.E. Hall singles then W.E. Hall doubles.
    2. Only the suite draw coordinator for each suite needs to be present.
    3. Suite coordinators are given an appointment time for their selection (appointment times are given out in suite room draw number order, which is the average of all members of the suite’s room draw numbers).
    4. The SDC will check in and then will proceed in suite draw number order into the second room.  In the second room suites shop for suites that they’re interested in. Once a suite is chosen (and rooms are assigned to each person) the suite declares their final selection.

    Substance Free Room Draw: (DAY 1)

    1. Substance free room draw is the second room draw.
    2. Students that have confirmed their interest by the deadline (refer to timeline) will be called in order.
      All students interested in Sub Free must be present (or have a proxy representing them).
    3. Students will check-in, then proceed in order into the second room when called.  In the second room students shop for suites that they’re interested in.  Once a room is chosen the student proceeds into the third room to declare their final selection.


    Double Room Draw: (DAY 2)

    1. Double Room Draw is the last phase of Room Draw.
    2. Students will be able to select their room based on their priority number during their assigned time.
    3. All students who were given an appointment time to secure a room must be present or have a designated proxy.
    4. Students will check-in, then proceed in order into the second room when called.  In the second room students shop for rooms that they’re interested in.  Once a room is chosen the student proceeds into the third room to declare their final selection.
    5. Those who failed to fill out any housing applications will be placed in housing during the summer (as space permits) and will be responsible for paying all room and board fees.


    Tips for Room Draw Days:

    • Have several room choices prior to the time you select your room.Talk with your roommate/suite about where you’d like to live prior to entering room draw.
    • When choosing a room, remember to consider factors like the personality of a living area, or if a room is near a noisy part of campus.
    • Have your roommate selected prior to Room Draw.
    • Ask questions! Any member of the Residence Life Staff is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Room Draw and housing!
  • Off Board Applications

    Off Board Applications

    All students who live on campus are required to be on the 16 or 12 board plan unless the student has a specific medical condition that precludes them from being on a board plan.

    • Students applying for off board status due to a medical condition must provide documentation from their personal physician stating why they are unable to be on the meal plan and a list of foods that they cannot eat. An appointment must then be scheduled with the General Manager of Bon Appétit at 909-607-2788, who will evaluate if Dining Services can formulate a meal plan that meets the student’s dietary needs. If they are unable to meet the student’s dietary needs, the General Manager will sign the off board application. The student must then submit the application to the Housing Coordinator.
    • All applications and documentation will be reviewed by Pitzer Academic Support Services.
    • All students are financially responsible for board plan costs until notified in writing that there has been a change of status.

    If you would like to apply for Off-Board status, please send your request to

  • Need a Roommate?

    Students drawing into a double room must have a roommate.

    Sakai is a great way for you to connect with other students looking for roommates or suitemates! Just join the Roommate Search Forum! You will be able to access discussions, post replies and respond to your future roommate and/or suitemates. Click on “Membership” and search for our forum under “Joinable Sites.” Follow the instructions to submit a simple profile to request permission to join and you will be able to access discussions, post replies, and respond to your future roommate. This site is intended for Pitzer students only and will be fully monitored by the Residence Life Staff.

    To log on to Sakai, go to and enter your network user name and password (don’t forget to select Pitzer for your school).

  • Proxy Designation (if you can't attend Room Draw days) & Suite Draw Coordinator Information


    If you are going through SUITE DRAW, you are not required to attend unless you are the Suite Draw Coordinator. Suite Draw Coordinators take responsibility for assisting in the selection of rooms for each person in their suite. Only the Suite Draw Coordinator is required to go to the assigned Suite Draw appointment time to make final selections. Suite Draw Coordinators will also have a deadline in the Fall semester by which they can make changes to the suite if any students take a leave, go on study abroad, etc. The Residence Life Office will reach out to the Suite Draw Coordinator is if that is the case.


    If neither of the students electing a double room together can Room Draw day, they must select someone to choose a room for you during Room Draw. The person who selects a room for you is called a proxy. If a student would like to designate another student as their Proxy they must email Residence Life st with that student’s name.

    • If you are unable to find a proxy, you can also opt for the Residence life staff present during Room Draw to select a room for for you based on your preferences during your selection time. If you’d like to go this route, please email us at
  • Deferred Housing Wait List

    Typically there is a Deferred Housing wait list generated at the end of room draw each year.  This Deferred Housing list is for students who did not secure on-campus housing during room draw due to their low room draw number, turning in their housing application late, or not coming to room draw at all.  These students are NOT allowed to apply for Off-Campus Housing as we will place them all in on-campus housing eventually.

    Deferred Housing means that these students will typically get a housing assignment in early August after all the summer movement is complete.  Housing is freed up over the summer due to: study abroad, leave of absences, first-year class enrollment, etc.  The Housing Office will contact students on the Deferred Housing list in room draw number order to give them their housing placement as soon as something becomes available after room draw.

  • Students Going Abroad

    Students that will be abroad at any point during the academic year are required to submit a Housing Application form. Students will be asked to answer detailed questions about your potential housing plans upon returning to Pitzer whether it will be applying for off-campus status, securing a room via Suite Draw or Single/Double Room draw, etc. A member of the Residence Life staff will also be attending the Study Abroad Orientations to share information about Room Draw and answer questions. As always, students are encouraged to visit the Room Draw Information tables or contact a member of the Residence Life staff!


    Helpful Tips for Room Draw

    • Be Informed – Check your Pitzer email for official announcements regarding Room Draw. The website will be updated accordingly.
    • Know Important Dates – Be sure to refer to important deadlines ahead of time! Deadlines will be posted on our website in November. Please be aware of various form submission deadlines and plan ahead, especially if your program has limited internet access or excursions that may prohibit you from accessing your email on a regular basis for any period of time.
    • Proxy Selection and Communication – Select more than one proxy. A proxy is the person(s) you will be asked to designate to go through the Room Draw process on for you. If your designated proxy fails to secure housing on your behalf, you may not be given priority for campus housing. It is important you communicate with your proxy throughout the semester so that you both are informed of Room Draw and all it entails. You will have the opportunity to designate your proxy on your Housing Application form (available later in the spring).
    • Know Your Housing Preferences – It is important you keep your proxy updated of your housing preferences. Always have 2-3 housing preferences, as there are a limited number of single rooms (for juniors and seniors) and different buildings on campus.
    • Securing a Double Room – All students who secure a double room on campus MUST have a roommate selected prior to Room Draw unless they opt to host an exchange student. You will be required to confirm your choice to host an exchange student when you submit your Housing Application Form which will be available later in the semester.


    Housing Preferences – Things to Think About

    Due to the various housing options and availability, we encourage all students to have several housing preferences in mind. Below are a few things we encourage you to think about during the Room Draw period.


    • Since all residence halls are Gender Neutral, you may be sharing a common living area (such as a bathroom and common room) with someone that has a different gender than you. Do you have a preference?
    • If your first or second housing preferences are not available, you can place yourself (and your roommate if you will be living in a double room) on the Deferred Housing Wait list. Detailed information regarding the Deferred Housing Wait List is available on the Room Draw website.
    • Due to the limited number of single rooms available, Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to explore double room options prior to Room Draw. In the case a student is unable to secure a single room, students will be able to secure a double room with a preferred roommate.
    • Students that are applying to participate in Suite Draw, we encourage you to communicate directly with the designated Suite Coordinator (SC). They are ultimately responsible for following through with any Suite Draw requirements (replacements if necessary, potential housing changes, securing the space, communicating with the Housing Office, etc). Once a suite is secured during Suite Draw, individual students will not be able to be moved out of the space unless you are extending your time abroad, taking a leave of absence, or withdrawing from the College. All students are encouraged to take the opportunity to confirm who will be in the suite in order to know the other individuals they will be living with.
    • Students are responsible to communicate all preferences with their proxy. It is wise to share detailed information a designated proxy, as they are responsible for securing housing on a student’s behalf.

    Applying for Off-Campus Status?

    Off Campus Applications are reviewed once each year during the spring semester Room Draw period. Historically, the applications are due during the first week of February and application decisions are sent out during the first week of March.

    • If an off-campus application is not submitted, it will be assumed that the student is participating in on-campus room draw to secure housing for the upcoming academic year. All students who fail to submit an off-campus application by the deadline, are denied off campus approval, and/or do not attend room draw will be automatically placed in campus housing and will be responsible for all room and board fees.
    • If an off campus application is approved, the student will be notified of their application status via Pitzer email prior to Room Draw. You will not be able to rescind your Off-Campus Status until after the Room Draw period is over and housing is not guaranteed during that time.



  • Hall and Room Floor Plans
    • Room plans are available by clicking on the name of each residence hall here:
    • Floor Plans of each residence hall are available online on Sakai.  Join the “Pitzer Roommate Search” forum and look under “Resources”.

    Pitzer College offers housing in six residence halls. All residence halls are non-smoking buildings.

    ATHERTON HALL is a four-story building adjacent to the Gold Student Center. Atherton houses 62 students. Rooms are double occupancy with two rooms sharing an adjoining vanity, bathroom and shower. Common areas include a living room, study rooms, and laundry facilities. The basement level of Atherton Hall is the home of the mailroom, a music practice room, and an art studio with classroom and gallery space.

    EAST HALL is a three-story building north of North Sanborn hall. East Hall houses 152 students. Rooms are double and single occupancy. Double-occupancy rooms share an adjoining vanity, bathroom and shower. Single rooms are in suites of four sharing one common room area, bathroom, and shower. Common areas include service desks, study rooms and laundry facilities.

    MEAD HALL is a three-story, six-tower complex which houses 222 students. Suites share a common living room with four people on each side for a total of eight people in a suite. Common areas include a community kitchen, laundry facilities, living room, and recreation room. Mead is home to the Center for Asian Pacific American Students (CAPAS), the Marquis Library and Pitzer College Archives, the Writing Center, the Office of Communications and the New Resources Lounge.

    PITZER HALL is a four-story building southeast of the Gold Student Center. Pitzer houses 78 students. Rooms are double occupancy, with two rooms sharing an adjoining vanity, bathroom and shower. Common areas include a living room, study rooms, and laundry facilities. The first level of Pitzer Hall is the home of the Admissions Office.

    SANBORN HALL is a three-story building east of the Gold Student Center comprised of East Sanborn Hall and North Sanborn Hall. Sanborn houses 178 students. Rooms are double occupancy with two rooms sharing an adjoining vanity, bathroom and shower. Common areas include a living room, study rooms, laundry facilities and a kitchen.

    WEST HALL is a four-story building north of Atherton hall. West hall houses 156 students. Rooms are double and single occupancy. Double occupancy rooms share an adjoining vanity, bathroom and shower. Single rooms are in suites of four sharing one common room area, bathroom, and shower. Common areas include living room, study rooms, and laundry facilities. The first level of West Hall is the home of the demonstration kitchen, Intercollegiate Media Studies (IMS) and the Office of International Programs and Study Abroad, the Pitzer Conference Center, classrooms and seminar rooms.