Pitzer, Atherton & Sanborn Halls

The P.A.S. Community – The First-Year Experience

  • The RAs facilitate community building in the residence hall though program planning. The also perform nightly security checks throughout the buildings.
  • One Faculty-in-Residence (FIRs) lives in an apartment in P.A.S. This faculty member is active in the Pitzer community and often hosts programs for residents in their apartment.
  • One Residence Director (RD) also lives in an apartment in P.A.S. The RD oversees the RAs in the building, hears judicial cases, plans building-wide program, and helps the whole residence hall community function smoothly.

There are also a limited number of single rooms in P.A.S. for upperclass students. The upperclass students who live in P.A.S. serve as a great resource to the community and help connect the first-year community to the other students at Pitzer.

PAS Drafting Schematic 8.5.15

P.A.S. Resources

  • Study Rooms – P.A.S. has over ten study rooms located throughout the complex. These rooms provide private, quiet study space where individuals or groups can work on classwork. Two study rooms provide access to a printer and computer that is available to the community to use.
  • Living Rooms – P.A.S. has three living rooms which serve as social gathering places with such as comfortable seating, TVs, DVD players and community events calendars.

Living room in East Sanborn

  • Community Kitchen – The kitchen has a refrigerator, oven, stovetop, dishwasher, sink and a small dining area.  Some cooking supplies for the kitchen are available at the Housing Office


  • Housing Office – Located in the corner between East Sanborn and Pitzer Hall, the Housing Office is where students can go if they have questions about room draw or housing in general.
  • Jumpstart
  • Black Student Union Office – located in East Sanborn Hall, C225.
  • Founding Faculty Amphitheater – Dedicated to Pitzer’s founding faculty, the amphitheater is located between P.A.S. and West and East Halls. It’s a great space to hold outdoor events.

How to Get Involved in the P.A.S. Community

  • Joining P.A.S. Hall Council – Student representatives help make decisions for the P.A.S. community, put on programs, and purchase equipment and supplies that students need in the residence hall.