Legislative Branch

The legislative branch of the Student Senate consists of a unicameral body, composed of a mixture of elected and appointed Senators. The majority of Senators represent the student body at large and are assigned to serve on a college committee. A small number of senators are elected to represent special constituencies. The legislature convenes on a weekly basis during the academic year, or in special circumstances when the Executive Board calls an emergency meeting. They collectively vote on and approve all legislation, including resolutions, bills, and constitutional amendments.

Special Representatives

First-Year Class Representative

Marilynn Su

Sophomore Class Representative

Isa Iqbal

Junior Class Representative

Sara Kimura

Senior Class Representative

Alex Maynard

Environmental Representative

Chloe Lampert

International Representative

G/Gulnaz Amanzholova

Athletics Commissioner

Abbey Liao

Inside Student Representative

Xuan Ceja

My name is Xuan, (Juan but with an X).

I was born in Michoacán, Mexico, and raised in the Coachella Valley. Here I attended Coachella Valley High School, where I became drum major for the Arab Marching Band, honor student in academics, president of the Spanish Club and Captain of the Marching Brigade. Then I attended Riverside Community College where I graduated in 2003, receiving an AA Degree in arts. I learned about the importance of student engagement and community participation.

I am a proud member of Latino Educators of Tomorrow (LET), former senator for RCC, AGS fraternity member, and Spanish Club president. Now, I am proud to be part of Pitzer’s 3rd cohort inside-out program where I will graduate next semester with a B.A. in Organizational Studies.

I am blessed and honored to represent the Inside-Out program as the student senator for CRC’s 3rd cohort. I plan to pursue higher education, where one day can open my own non-profit organization and serve, empower, and help disadvantaged and system-impacted communities.

Liaison for the Inside Student Representative

Zoe Vuillermet

New Resource Student Representative

Ronnie Whisenant

Office of Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct

Emmy Knapp

Student Affairs Committee

Campus Aesthetics Committee

Anya Sharma, Aylin Metzel, Arianne Ohara, Alexander Grigorian

Teaching & Learning & Campus Life Committee

Mana Hashimoto, Zurayna Fatima Saif, L. Brock, Jonah McArthur, Lukas Franko

Diversity Committee

Michelle Hernandez, Carter Soe

Student-Alumni Relations Committee

Alex Arguelles, Ebenezer (Paa) Thompson)

Academic Affairs Committee

Academic Planning Committee

Sara Orr, Grace Jackson, Sara Orr, Luis Gustavo Heredia Vasquez, Ava Francis-Hall

Academic Standards Committee

Erica Hjelle, Shannon Wong, Amirah Haque

Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure Committee

Lillian Visaya, Chi Adi

Curriculum Committee

Annie Voss, Oliver Dean, Quin Mumford

Study Abroad and International Programs Committee

Charlotte Wirth, Sienna Scoggin

Faculty Executive Committee

Neha Basu, Shagan Bhullar