Legislative Branch

The legislative branch of the Student Senate consists of a unicameral body, composed of a mixture of elected and appointed Senators. The majority of Senators represent the student body at large and are assigned to serve on a college committee. A small number of senators are elected to represent special constituencies. The legislature convenes on a weekly basis during the academic year, or in special circumstances when the Executive Board calls an emergency meeting. They collectively vote on and approve all legislation, including resolutions, bills, and constitutional amendments.

Special Representatives

First-Year Class Representative: Isa Iqbal

Sophomore Class Representative: Sara Kimura

Junior Class Representative: Alex Maynard

Senior Class Representative: Annemarie Gerlach

Environmental Representative: Diego Tamayo

International Representative: Guillermo Mendoza

Athletics Commissioner: Abbey Liao

Currently & Formerly Incarcerated Student Representative: Unfilled

Student Affairs Committee

Campus Aesthetics Committee

Carter Soe

Arianne Ohara

Anya Sharma

Bernard Santos

Campus Life Committee

Asha Peddada

Siya Bhola

Julius Skestos

Alex Arguelles

Taylor Hagen

Diversity Committee

Student-Alumni Relations Committee

Kyler Parris

Annie Voss

Academic Affairs Committee

Academic Planning Committee

Elena Fields

Ava Francis-Hall

Grace Jackson

Finnan MacRunnels

Academic Standards Committee

Aayushi Kapadia

Isabella Pollalis

Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure Committee

Junior Representative: Unfilled

Senior Representative: Nejat Ali

Curriculum Committee

Journey Lipscomb

Soren Laskin

Jacob Brittain

Study Abroad and International Programs Committee

Theo Longboy

Faculty Executive Committee

Junior Representative: Unfilled

Senior Representative: Juan Santos

Teaching and Learning Committee

Michelle Hernandez

Amaya Gustave