Meet the RA Staff!

2017-2018 Resident Assistants (RAs)

Adi Salwan

I am from: New Delhi
Academic Major/Minor: Mathematics and Economics
Outside of class I: run, read, and watch documentaries
I am at Pitzer because: of the endless academic opportunities, small classes, intellectually stimulating conversations, brilliant professors and the welcoming community!

Alegria Martinez

I am from: Pomona, CA
Academic Major/Minor: Media Studies major with concentration in critical theory with subfocus on film
Outside of class I: like to travel, teach Zumba, make movies, and address institutional and interpersonal cultural issues.
I am at Pitzer because: I love Southern California and I enjoy being close to my community.

Aleo Pugh

I am from: Seattle, WA
Academic Major/Minor: Journalism & Africana Studies
Outside of class I: Play and write music, habitually watch food network and write articles.
I am at Pitzer because: I value the opportunities for academic exploration that are mediated by personal interests and passions rather than fixed majors and mandatory courses.

Maddie McCann

I am from: Seattle, WA
Academic Major/Minor: Media studies major, Anthropology minor
Outside of class I: dance, ski, read, cook, sing, and write. I love to create space to bring my friends together.
I am at Pitzer because: I want to meet and learn from leaders actively challenging structures of privilege so that I can better empower my communities.

Anjuli Peters

I am from: Benicia, CA
Academic Major/Minor: Legal Studies and Sociology dual major
Outside of class I: enjoy traveling, trying new foods, and anything that involves succulents.
I am at Pitzer because: When I applied to Pitzer, two of the five core values specifically stood out to me: Intercultural Understanding and Interdisciplinary Learning. I immediately identified them with similar values that I have when it comes to my own education. I was especially drawn to Pitzer because of the unique Consortium of schools and the flexibility that Pitzer offers its students. With the opportunity to design your own major, take classes at the other Claremont Colleges, and study abroad, Pitzer allows its students to be creative about their education – the opportunities are endless.

Anna Hall

I am from: Los Angeles, CA
Academic Major/Minor: English & World Literature & History
Outside of class I: enjoy writing, reading, hiking, singing, gardening, listening to music, socializing with friends, going to the beach, dancing, keeping up with the news, and being an advocate for human rights.
I am at Pitzer because: the previous university I attended lacked a solid infrastructure for participation in social justice activities and environmentalism, so I was in search of a community that celebrates diversity and has a commitment to our planet and all the different beings that live on her. I have found such a niche at Pitzer!

Bashel Lewis

I am from: Atlanta, GA
Academic Major/Minor: Organizational Studies/Theatre
Outside of class I: am an active member of the Black Student Union and Diversity Intern for the Office of Admission. Also, I am a blogger for COPE Fashion, a personal lifestyle blog for college students who aspire to travel the world.
I am at Pitzer because: of our dedication to inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability.

Elliot Joyce

I am from: Arizona
Academic Major/Minor: Theatre
Outside of class I: write, watch silly Youtube videos, and play D&D!
I am at Pitzer because: I believe in the core values and standing up for a better future!

Estefania Gallo

I am from: Long Beach, CA
Academic Major/Minor: Gender and Feminist Studies/Political Studies
Outside of class I: am an organizer, a singer, and I dabble in visual art and poetry. I am part of Latinx Student Union, Loud (The nonbinary people of color and women of color group), DCAN (Damage Control Action Network), and I work with the women workers at the PEOC (Pomona Economic Opportunity Center).
I am at Pitzer because: I believe that my education needs to be applied and related to the world we live in. Knowledge is a tool that can aid in the dismantling of oppressive systems. The best way to acquire those necessary tools is to engage with the community through hands-on, ethical work.

Franci Lievanos

I am from: San Juan Capistrano, CA
Academic Major/Minor: Chicanx/Latinx Studies & Political Science
Outside of class I: Outside of class, I like to listen to music. I love going to Boomer’s on the weekend and playing mini golf. I love going down to the village and walking around exploring different shops. I do a lot of studying and readings for classes. I love to watch Netflix on the Mounds, especially shows like Friends & Criminal Minds. I love watching soccer, especially FC Barcelona, Arsenal and the Mexican National team. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends as we go to the mall or hang out on campus, whatever it maybe.
I am at Pitzer because: I am at Pitzer because I stand behind it’s core values and everything that it embodies. Ever since the first day I toured Pitzer I felt right at home. On campus as feel that I can be myself and express myself in any way I please. Pitzer is my home away from home and it is a place where I feel safe and accepted. I also love the landscape of Pitzer and Pitzer students are some of the nicest people I have ever met in my life.

Gina Bompiedi

I am from: Cleveland, Ohio
Academic Major/Minor: Undeclared
Outside of class I: love to hang out with friends, make terrible jokes, cook, dance, doodle, and play with all the dogs on campus.
I am at Pitzer because: I am passionate about caring for the environment and helping American society to be more equal, understanding, and appreciative of all demographics.

Grace Greene

I am from: Baltimore, MD
Academic Major/Minor: Cognitive Science and Legal Studies
Outside of class I: travel around Southern California, go to art museums, go to the beach, workout, react to memes.
I am at Pitzer because: the community is tight-knit and caring and for this reason, I felt that I could not get what Pitzer has to offer anywhere else.

Imdad Haque

I am from: Boston, MA and San Diego, CA
Academic Major/Minor: Biology and Pre-Health with a focus in Neuroscience
Outside of class I: am a part of CCBDC (Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company) and Men’s Blue and White a capella. I also enjoy eating, if I am not in class or my room, you will most likely find me at Jay’s or the Cafe at Mudd, the Motley at Scripps, the Hub at CMC, the Coop at Pomona, and the Shakedown, Grove House and the Pit-Stop at Pitzer. I love spending time in the village, especially in the coffee and tea shops, and I would be more than happy to help the class of 2021 navigate it.

I am at Pitzer because: I fell in love with Pitzer and Claremont as a whole the first time I visited the campus when I was in ninth grade touring the 5C’s with my sister. When I saw the chickens and the garden I knew that Pitzer was the place for me. Pitzer is one of those campuses where everyone on campus is friendly and approachable. We all truly care about the world and we want to better it.

Hiwet Weldeselase

I am from: San Diego, CA
Academic Major/Minor: Public Health: Global Health and Public Policy
Outside of class I: listen to music and binge watch reality TV shows
I am at Pitzer because: I wanted to create my own major and take classes that I was actually interested in.

Ittai Sopher

I am from: Englewood, NJ
Academic Major/Minor: Political Studies major, Spanish minor
Outside of class I: like to learn as much as I can about everything- Ever since I was a little kid I’ve watched Jeopardy with my mom. I also love acting, writing, books, movies, and all things creative
I am at Pitzer because: I care deeply about the people around me. Pitzer’s community is comprised of deeply intelligent and passionate people, we are always ready to challenge each other (and also have a fun time along the way).

Kendal Carr

I am from: Bloomfield Hills, MI
Academic Major/Minor: Political Studies/Africana Studies
Outside of class I: enjoy going on adventures in the LA area and take photographs, playing tennis, and trying new foods
I am at Pitzer because: the student body has some of the greatest people one would want to surround themselves with. The resources the colleges provide are also very helpful for any student.

Zoe Hunt

I am from: Santa Rosa, CA
Academic Major/Minor: Possible Sociology and Spanish Minor
Outside of class I: Play Basketball for PP
I am at Pitzer because: The core value or social responsibility resonates with me

Mia Kenworthy

I am from: San Diego, CA
Academic Major/Minor: Biology and sociology major
Outside of class I: Love to take my ESA, Ollie, to the dog park, practice yoga, read novels, study in coffee shops, listen to new music, and cook or bake vegan food for my friends.
I am at Pitzer because: I love the passion that Pitzer students have for a variety of social issues, the classes are engaging and require me to question my existing views and opinions, I feel challenged and encouraged to grow in this community, and it’s located in beautiful southern California!

Naima Orozco- Valdivia

I am from: Alhambra, CA
Academic Major/Minor: History major and Theater minor
Outside of class I:  am apart of LatinX Student Union and volunteer at an after school program at Prototypes Women’s Center!
I am at Pitzer because: Outside of class, I am apart of LatinX Student Union and volunteer at an after school program at Prototypes Women’s Center!

Nimiye Ogoun

I am from: Atlanta, GA
Academic Major/Minor: Political Studies and Organizational studies
Outside of class I: enjoy watching TV, Blogging, watching movies and listening to music
I am at Pitzer because: I believe in the core values and I hope to use the core values in order to help shape a small portion of the people I come in contact with.

Ramiro Pinedo Jr.

I am from: Pomona, CA
Academic Major/Minor: Environmental Analysis and Brazilian Portuguese
Outside of class I: like to go on long runs, play guitar, go camping, and perform trail maintenance in the local mountains.
I am at Pitzer because: of its core values, courses, people, opportunities, everything!

Tianna Khambatta

I am from: Mumbai, India
Academic Major/Minor: Undecided
Outside of class I: enjoy dancing, painting, organizing events and eating good food.
I am at Pitzer because: I wanted to be in a small liberal arts college in California, the people are friendly and open minded and it is a diverse and accepting community.

Brendan Schultz

I am from: Many Places (Born in Honolulu, Hawaii)
Academic Major/Minor: Politics, Philosophy, and Sociology
Outside of class I: Love to travel, experience new things, and help others.
I am at Pitzer because: I want an education that empowers me to make the changes I want to see in the world.