Case Management and Reporting Students of Concern

Case Management was established at Pitzer College in 2015 and is a part of Pitzer’s Student Success Team.  Case management was created to better serve the needs of the community.  Case Management is firmly rooted in Pitzer’s core and community values such as community, diversity, action, intercultural understanding, social responsibility and justice. Case Management supports students struggling with academic success, mental or physical health issues, relational and social struggles and other concerns.

Pitzer College Case Management offers:

  • Prioritizing needs- Students who experience multiple issues in their personal, familial and academic life often don’t know what to take on first. We can help you prioritize and develop a plan of action and/or goals.
  • Problem-Solving- We recognize that it can be tough to balance academics, social and personal life. Students often have conflicting priorities or don’t know how to break down problems to resolve them. We can guide you trough a problem-solving process and empower you to find solutions that work for you.
  • Crises Intervention– Support students during a critical time of need and assist in navigating and solidifying appropriate support and resources.
  • Accessing Resources & Referrals- Provide linkage to on-campus, 7C and off campus resources.
  • Advocacy with faculty and staff- Sometimes students do not know how to best communicate with faculty or how to advocate for themselves. We can help you practice and craft emails or other communication with faculty and other staff departments.
  • Hospitalization follow-up services– Following a hospitalization for mental health distress, students meet weekly for a month with a case manager to ensure the student continues their care plan and has a smooth transition back to campus.
  • Facilitating hope and compassion- There may not be a solution to every problem, but there is always a path forward. We can help you discover that path with hope and compassion.
  • Wellness Programming through Strive 2 Thrive: Be Well @ Pitzer College Campaign

If you are concerned for the well-being of a Pitzer Student, please use the Student of Concern Referral form here

In addition to supporting students, case managers are also available to support and consult with faculty, staff, parents and other individuals within the community.

If you would like to consult or get support, please contact Senior Assistant Dean of Mental Health & Well-Being Stephanie Hannant, LCSW, at extension 72429 or email: [email protected]