WEEKLY NEWSLETTER | November 21st- November 25th, 2022

Upcoming Dates and Deadlines

  • Wednesday, November 23rd- Sunday, November 27th | Thanksgiving Break
  • Tuesday, December 14th | Final day to submit for Fall reimbursement

Community Engagement Tip


As we approach this week’s break, we want to remind students that communicating with your community partner about your availability is imperative! Keeping your partner up to date on days you will be unavailable and being mindful of what we are promising to accomplish for partners is an important part of the work! 

Partner Feature

Pomona Economic Opportunity Center (PEOC)

The Pomona Economic Opportunity Center (PEOC) is a worker center with a grassroots organizing model. Our mission is to empower low-wage, immigrant workers in Pomona and across the Inland Empire. Our methods of empowerment for our immigrant community members and workers include economic, political and social development and sustainability.

As PEOC, we provide  an opportunity for day laborers, household workers and other low-wage, immigrant workers to find safe work at a fair wage, to organize and advocate for themselves in relation to policies that impact their lives, to obtain new trades and skills that improve their employability and quality of life, and to improve the overall conditions for all immigrant workers.

FREE DACA Renewal & Fee Coverage Workshop!
Chicano Latino Student Affairs Office
Tranquada Student Services Center-2nd Floor |757 College Way, Claremont, CA 91711

+ Tuesday, November 29th : 10a-12p / 4:15-6p
+ Wednesday, November 30th : 10a-12p / 4:15-6p
+ Friday, December :10a-12p

Please Bring the following:
+Work Permit Card
+Social Security Card
+Photo Identification
+Approval Notices from previous DACA
+Copy of last DACA application

Register by 11/21/2022- bit.ly/register-dacaFMI: [email protected]

If you would like to be featured in our weekly newsletter, please fill out our Partner Spotlight form, or if you’d like to be featured on our Instagram complete the Partner Outreach form for any ongoing support.

CEC Funding Opportunities

  • Community Engagement Transportation Funds | Fall Deadline | Wednesday, December 14th, 2022 (Students)
    • The CEC has transportation funds allocated for students doing community engagement-related travel either for a course or on their own. Students are allotted $100 each semester. Requests are accepted on a rolling basis and are due no later than two weeks after the end of each semester.
  • Community Engagement Clearance/Live Scan/TB Funds | Fall Deadline | Wednesday, December 14th, 2022 (Students)
    • The CEC has clearance funds allocated for students doing community engagement-related travel either for a course or on their own. 
    • Requests are accepted on a rolling basis and are due no later than two weeks after the end of each semester.
  • Project Funding Request | Fall Deadline | $350 REMAINING | Wednesday, December 14th, 2022 (Students/Faculty/Community Partners)
    • Applicants may request  funds for speakers, materials, event co-sponsorships and conference-related expenses. Funds will be accessible through reimbursement and direct payments to vendors unless otherwise requested. Max Request of $150
  • Mutual Aid Requests | Fall Deadline | $300 REMAINING | Wednesday, December 14th, 2022 (Students/Faculty/Community Partners)
    • Applicants may request to use these funds for meeting immediate survival needs, community organizing and education, direct action, and more. Funds will be sent in the form of a Visa gift card unless otherwise requested. Non-monetary requests are also encouraged and we will make every possible effort to provide support.
  • Partner Funding Request | (Community Partners)
    • Applicants may request funds to be used towards projects, events, initiatives. Funds will be accessible through reimbursement, direct payments to vendors unless otherwise requested. Max request of $250.
  • Translation Funding Request| $1500 REMAINING | (Students/Faculty/Community Partners)
    • If you are in need of translation or interpretation services, complete the form linked below. We have limited funds available for theses, so they will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. Please contact Ari Wood, [email protected] for more information

For any questions related to funding and awards please contact [email protected].

Volunteers Needed

Child Youth and Family Collaborative (CYFC)

  • Tutors/ Mentors | About 20 positions | In-person | In need of tutors/mentors for foster youth. (we should specify)

Just San Bernardino

  • Media Internship | 3+ positions | Hybrid | Interns will assist in creating social media graphics that explain the People’s Plan for Economic Inclusion and implementation of the plan. They will help document events led by Community Based Organizations who make up the Just SB collaborative in the form of photos, video and audio. They may assist in drafting blogs and media advisories, help with CRM management for newsletters and other community outreach. Interns may be asked to join various coalitions and committees if needed. Spanish is preferred. 5-20 hrs per week. Start dates: Sept 5th or 12th, 2022.

Latino/a Roundtable

  • Media Internship | 1 position | Hybrid | Searching for media interns to assist with photography, social media, and possible film support.
  • Special Projects Coordinator | 1 position | Hybrid | Here is the link to the application: https://bit.ly/LRT-SPC-JobDescription
  • Dia de Muertos Volunteers | NO MAX | LRT is in need of volunteers for their upcoming Dia de Muertos Celebration on November 5th at Lopez Urban Farm. For more information on volunteering please contact : [email protected] or call 909.480.6267
    • Event Support :Friday, November 4th,10a-6:30p
    • Event Support: Saturday, November 5th,10a-6:30p


  • Program Volunteers | 1-2 positions | In-person | Desire students who have interest in working with young people with neuro-motor impairments

Uncommon Good- IMMEDIATE

  • Media Internship | 2 positions | Hybrid | Intern will help maintain social media presence on facebook and Instagram, particularly interaction with the 5Cs and 5C students on social media, website updates, assistance with general photography/videography at events, creation of promotional videos about Uncommon Good, and  identification of grant/funding opportunities. Additionally, spotlight videos focusing on alum/volunteers are needed. Interns will teach media skills and literacy to students, update promotional materials, attend events to photograph and/or record, and possibly create a Tik Tok presence for Uncommon Good. 10-20 hours per week but flexible depending on events and student availability. *Most events are on evenings or weekends, availability during those times is required* Starts ASAP.
  • 5C Volunteer Specialist Intern | 1 position | Hybrid | In need of a student intern to help support 5C volunteers with Uncommon Good.

Claremont After School Programs (CLASP)- IMMEDIATE

  • Tutors | TBD | Hybrid | Searching for in-person tutors for Mondays at 3:15pm-4:30pm and Wednesdays at 1:30pm-2:45pm.

The Frontline Observer-IMMEDIATE

  • Media Internship | 1 position | Hybrid |  The Frontline Observer is a news outlet covering the voices of ‘frontline’ communities – people hit hardest by the climate crisis and environmental injustice. We are seeking media interns able to search and assemble news stories and deliver them to audiences through platforms and mediums, including web, social media and email.  Interns are required to abide by the principles of journalism — objectivity, fairness, accuracy, ethics and persistence. The internship program demonstrates how critical thinking and creative skills can help grow a community-based news platform and give the community-at-large important information. This approach demonstrates to students that their skills can be used for in-depth journalism highlighting environmental issues and informing audiences about on-going advocacy. Hours per week: 10-15. Job Roles and Responsibilities: collect, verify and analyze newsworthy information, write and deliver news stories, contact, interview and research sources, develop photographs and produce infographics, meet with editor/publisher to discuss news assignments and responsibilities. The internship runs from September 12, 2022 to December 16, 2022. Spanish is preferred.

Pomona Economic Opportunity Center (PEOC)

  • Media Internship | 1-2 positions | Virtual | In need of media intern to help with flyers and social media *spanish required*.

National Lawyers Guild

  • Legal Observer | no max | TBD | In need of volunteers to document law enforcement activity at collective actions.
  • Data Analyst | 1-2 positions | Virtual | In need of volunteers to work with data from the Superior Court System.
  • Story Collector for Street Vendor Advocacy | 2 positions/as needed basis | In person | In need of volunteers to interview street vendors in Santa Monica documenting violence and issues with police. Great for bilingual volunteers with transportation.
  • Media Internship | 1-2 positions | Virtual | In need of volunteers with Canva experience for making guides/information more exciting/presentable.

Prison Library Project

  • Book Collection Volunteer | 10 positions | In-person | In need of volunteers to catalog and inventory books, read letters from prisoners, find and pull the books, and prepare shipments to the prisoners.


  • Programming Interns | groups of 3-4 students | Hybrid | In need of volunteers to develop and implement class programming around topics such as mindfulness, relaxation, and arts *bilingual students needed*

Huerta del Valle

  • Remote Engagement at Educational Center | TBD | Virtual | Data analysis, preparing marketing materials, media materials, grant writing, researching foundations and grants.
  • Farming at Ontario Garden | TBD | In -person | In need of volunteers to assist with in-person farming at the Ontario site.

Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Coalition (IEIYC)

  • Outreach Volunteer | TBD | TBD | In need of outreach volunteers for publicizing workshops and events.

Home-y-made Meals 

  • Meal Prep Volunteer | No Max | In-person | In need of groups to prepare, deliver, and serve homemade meals to people experiencing houselessness.

Pomona Public Library Foundation (PPFL) Homework Club

  • Tutors | No Max | In-person | In need of students for in-person K-8 tutoring.

For questions related to internships and partner connections please contact [email protected]

Pillar Spotlight

What is Research and Fundraising?

Research and fundraising helps to connect our community partners to resources at Pitzer. We work with professors looking to engage their students in community projects, help partners secure grants, and much more!

How can you get involved with Research and Fundraising?

Come by the office or shoot anyone here an email! We are happy to meet with you and think about the ways you or your class could get involved in community research. 

What are some goals you have for the year?

Get to know our community partners better. I’m new at CEC and excited to engage more in our projects!

What do you like most about being part of Research and Fundraising?

Everyone here is so helpful and welcoming. The CEC staff really want to work with you, and will put in the effort to figure out how to best solve your problem. Oh, and the office dogs!

For more information about the CEC please visit our website at https://www.pitzer.edu/cec/ or follow us on IG @pitzercec.

Community Engagement Center

1050 N Mills Ave, Scott Hall 108, Claremont, CA 91711

909.607.8183 | [email protected]