SRX (Social Responsibility Praxis) Courses

FALL 2020

ART 017 PZ-01/02- Eco-Photography with Professor Tarrah Krajnak
ART 030 PZ-01- Sustainable Sculpture with Professor Sarah Gilbert
ASAM 082 PZ-01- Racial Politics of Teaching with Professor Kathleen Yep
ASAM 088 PZ-01- Thich Nhat Hanh with Professor Kathleen Yep
ASAM 130 PZ-01- Science, Tech, Asian America with Professor Todd Honma
CASA 101 PZ-01- Critical Community Studies with Professor Tessa Hicks Peterson
CASA 105 PZ-01- Research Methods for Community Change with Professor Tessa Hicks Peterson
CHLT 072 CH-01- Central Americans in the US with Professor Suyapa Portillo
GLAS 185 PZ-01- IGLAS Semniar with Professor Nigel Boyle
MS 194 PZ-01- Media Arts for Social Justice with Professor Gina Lamb
ORST 100A PZ-01-Organizational Theory in Praxis with Professor Barbara Junisbai
POLI 135 SC-01- Political Economy of Food with Professor Nancy Neiman
PSYCH 186 PZ-01- Internships in Psychology with Professor Marcus Rodriguez
PSYCH 187 PZ-01- Dialectical Behavior Therapy with Professor Marcus Rodriguez
SPAN 100 PZ-01- Spanish in the Community with Professor Ethel Jorge
SPAN 162 PZ-01- Journalism in Latin America with Professor Juanita Aristizabal
WRTI 100A PZ-01/02- Writing Center Theory & Praxis with Assistant Director Stephanie Liu-Rojas