Past Projects


In Spring 2022 students from several STEM courses were partnered with community organizations in support of urgent matters in our community.

Students in Professor Pete Chandrangsu’s course worked with the Latino/Latina Roundtable of Pomona and San Gabriel Valley on a series of discussions on the role science in understanding health and wellness during the pandemic and beyond.

Students in Professors Ethan Van Arnem, Jason Tor (Integrated Biology and Chemistry), and Katie Purvis Robert’s (Advanced Chemistry) partnered with the Robert Redford Conversancy, CASA Pitzer, and the CEC to support the Adelanto Water Project and the initiatives of Councilmember Evans and local organizations (ICIJ and El Sol).


In spring 2021 Keck Science’s Integrated Biology & Chemistry (IBC) course partnered with two community organizations on semester-long projects. IBC is a first year course that provides an integrated introduction to both biology and chemistry. Community partners were ConductAbility, a local organization that supports education of children with neuromotor impairments, and Prototypes, a Southern California organization that provides support services primarily for women struggling with substance abuse and mental health challenges.

In partnership with ConductAbility, IBC students researched practices that would allow this vulnerable student population to return to in person activities amid COVID restrictions. Student projects involved research on COVID risks specific to neuromotor conditions and existing models for the safe resumption of in-person classes for these students. In partnership with Prototypes, IBC students either created educational materials for patients or researched specific practices and treatment regimes that Prototypes may be able to implement.

For all projects, students worked in groups that tackled their problem through literature research, analysis, and communication of their findings and recommendations to the community partner in both presentation and written deliverable forms.

This project was created by Anisha Jaggi (Pitzer), Sophie Staeger (Pitzer), Brady Diatch (Pitzer), and Taylor Tsiamas (Scripps).


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