Guest Speakers

Guest Speaker

Please see our list below of recommended expert and alumni guest speakers. Feel free to contact them directly or contact CEC for an introduction

Chance Kawar (PZ Alum) | Operations Manager at the L.A. Parks Foundation (former Coro Fellow) –

Hamid Khan | Organizer with Stop LAPD Spying Coalition-

Kamyab Mashian (PZ Alum) | Judicial Fellow, Capital Fellows Program-

Dana Nothnagel (PZ Alum) | Executive Fellow (California Research Bureau), Capital Fellows Program-

Josue Pasillas (PZ Alum) | Communications Specialist, Waukegan Park District-

Claire Wengrod (PZ Alum) | Legislative Correspondent, Office of Senator Heinrich (D-NM)-

The Black and The Red Consulting Group | At The Black and The Red Consulting Group we provide complex frameworks for reckoning with these on-going injustices. We help organizations hold themselves accountable to creating lasting institutional change. The Black and The Red Consulting Group is not for the status quo. It is our job to push organizations to abolish their practices of systematic racism and bias in order for people of color and other marginalized groups to thrive.