CEC Student Jobs

A reminder students planning on working in the CEC.

  • You must complete your official Hire Form prior to beginning any work in the CEC or other departments on campus.
  • You must enter your hours on Kronos on a daily basis.
  • Students may not work more than 8 hours in a day or 40 hours in a week. You may not work during your class time.
  • You may be terminated for poor performance.
  • Timesheets must be submitted on time.

Below are the student positions available each year.

Amplifying Black Communities Program Assistant

In the fall of 2020, Pitzer BSU students published a list of demands for the college – a list that was nearly identical to a list of demands from 50 years ago in 1968; sadly, it appears little has been done to effect meaningful or lasting change on campus since that time. Pitzer Alumna, Amanda Martin-Lawrence (‘20) wrote her senior thesis about the many ways in which Black students experience racism at Pitzer and recommendations for all faculty, staff, and executive leadership to make necessary changes toward a more equitable campus. One of the primary suggestions was to hire Black students and compensate them for their contributions through their labor including relational and intellectual work.  With much work to be done, both as a nation and an institution, the Community Engagement Center has also looked inward to reflect on the ways in which we too can and should dismantle white supremacy within our own department by better intentionally communicating with, uplifting, and supporting Black students. This position allows us to provide a paid position for a student to help strategize and implement changes at the CEC that would help us grow and better serve Black students.

Direct Action Program Assistant

he Community Engagement Center (CEC) supports community engagement initiatives with social change movements and organizations. The Community Organizing, Direct Action, & Mutual Aid Assistant will be working with CEC staff to collect data and information based on current events and activities which will then be translated into social media material, events, popular education and other outreach. They will act as a liaison, connecting the campus community to local direct action, community organizing, and mutual aid initiatives, and connecting community partners to institutional resources and campus community members looking to get more involved.

Educational Access Program Assistant

The Community Engagement Center (CEC) supports community partners by connecting faculty and students to local tutoring, mentoring and college access programs through SRX courses. The Education Program Assistant will provide support to the Education Pillar, supporting connections between SRX courses through tutoring, mentoring and college access placements, coordinating campus field trips, and providing access to Public Health resources

Encuentros Program Assistant

Encuentros are weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly encounters (gatherings) of day laborers and Pitzer students to provide bi-lingual (Spanish/English) discussion topics over lunch. The topics are selected by community members and students to provide a platform for the sharing of ideas and actions in support of day laborers, workers, and immigrant communities. The Community Engagement Center (CEC) requires assistance in implementing programmatic resources and services in partnership with the Pomona Economic Opportunity Center (PEOC, also known as the Pomona Day Labor Center). As a result of our continued work with Community Partners and the Pitzer Community, we are in search of students who are passionate and knowledgeable of social responsibility and community engagement work affecting day laborers and who are seeking more applied experience of social justice and equity driven frameworks. The position of CEC Encuentros Program Assistant will serve as a support for the staff of the day labor centers, affiliated partners, and CEC through planning, execution, and assessment of Encuentros programs. Organizing Encuentros events, workshops, and direct action organizing are just some of the opportunities with which the CEC Encuentros Program Assistant may become involved. Auxiliary responsibilities for this position are explained in further detail below

The People’s Pitzer Program Assistant

In this position, a student will be responsible for working within the CEC on The People’s Pitzer (TPP), the College’s flagship civic engagement program. TPP works on a number of programs and initiatives related to civic engagement including voting, census, engaging elected officials, policy, and helping people get into civil service. The program assistant will take the lead on numerous tasks, including planning events and activities for the year, developing new programming for education and action, and connecting with community partners to develop events and outreach opportunities for students.  

Research and Fundraising Program Assistant

The Community Engagement Center (CEC) supports community partners in research and fundraising access. The Research and Fundraising Program Assistant will work with CEC staff and community partners on identify and utilizing Pitzer resources to help community partners on research and fundraising. They will act as a liaison, connecting the campus community and community partners to institutional resources and campus community members looking to get more involved.

Social Media, Arts & Communications Program Assistant

The Community Engagement Center (CEC) supports community partners in building a stronger, more vibrant online presence to assist in their organizing and programmatic efforts. The Social Media, Arts & Communications Assistant will work with CEC staff and community partners to develop and amplify virtual and in-person forms of engagement, such as sharing social media campaigns, adding educational and community resources to the CEC/partner websites, and finding virtual community engagement strategies and resources for course enhancement and in support of volunteers. They will also assist in CEC branding, CEC, SRX course, and community partner online program support, and the development of our Artist-Activist in Residence program.

Native & Indigenous Initiatives Student Coordinator

The Community Engagement Center (CEC) is seeking a student to assist with event coordination and implementation specifically for Native Initiatives during the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 school year. As a center that supports students, staff, faculty and community partners through their community engagement journey, we offer a variety of workshops, trainings and informative events. Event staff will help with event set up, tear down and any additional support during events. Event staff will also be required to support event planning, preparation and related outreach for programs. Lastly, alongside our Program Assistant, the Events Coordinator will assist with funding requests/applications through the variety of outlets on campus. 

Technical difficultes with Kronos should be addressed immediately with Hortensia Lopez, McConnell 312, 909.607.4597 and your direct supervisor.