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Preparing for Civil Service in California
with Dana Nothnagel

Thursday, November 18th | 5:30pm-6:45pm

Dana was born and raised in Illinois and graduated from Pitzer College in 2019 with a degree in Political Studies. After graduation she accepted a fellowship with the Capital Fellows Executive Fellowship program in Sacramento, CA. She was placed at the California Research Bureau, an advisory agency that provides non-partisan, confidential research to the Governor’s Office and Legislature. After completing her fellowship, she moved to the California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research where she conducted research on the economic impact of national security investment in California communities. Dana now serves as the Program Coordinator for the California Grants Portal, a new website focused on making over $20 billion in State funding opportunities accessible to all Californians. Dana is eager to help Claremont students understand the impacts they can have on the lives of 40 million Californians through a career in California’s capital. 

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