CONTENT WARNING: This newsletter mentions excessive gun violence, assault, intimate partner violence, gender-based violence, police violence, transphobia, misogynoir, racism, and femicide. Please take care while reading, and reach out to the resources linked if you need support.

March 29th, 2021

Hello Pitzer Community,

A lot has happened in the past weeks. We’d like time to separately address these incidents, and highlight resources and action steps (when applicable) linked to them. We extend infinite compassion to all harmed in any way by any of these incidents, and commit to working to eradicate what seems to be the driving force behind many of these acts of senseless violence (whether physical or mental): white supremacy. 

On March 16th, eight people were horrifically murdered in Atlanta, GA in an act most likely motivated by the fetishization of Asian women, and specifically Asian-sex-workers. This horrific event also comes after a year of rising Anti-Asian sentiment, motivated largely by the Trump administrations scapegoating of China for the Coronavirus pandemic, alongside long standing anti-Chinese sentiment prompted by US imperialism. 

  • Read this call for change written by Asian faculty and staff at the Claremont Colleges and the Community Engagement Center’s statement and resource list
  • Stay connected with CAPAS for support hours and community
  • Read and engage with these resource lists, Support Asian Sex Workers! Fight Against white supremacy! These were compiled by Mimi Zhu on Instagram.
  • Engage with the work of Advancing Justice Atlanta. Find their community resources offering form
  • Support Butterfly (Asian and Migrant Sex Workers Support Network) – “Your donation of time or money will make a difference in improving the safety, justice and dignity of Asian and migrant sex workers:To provide support and education to Asian and migrant sex workers; To decrease the risk of violence they face each day; To advocate for their human rights and legal rights.”
  • Support the family of HyunJungKim – “My mother, Hyun Jung Grant( maiden name Kim), was one of the victims of the shootings in Atlanta, Georgia at Gold Spa. This is something that should never happen to anyone. She was a single mother who dedicated her whole life to providing for my brother and I.”
  • In loving memory of Suncha Kim – “Thank you to friends and AAPI community members from near and far for donating and sending your condolences. It brings tears to our eyes that you are all standing with us and our beloved halmoni, mother, and wife. Suncha was such a strong, loving presence in all of our lives and we miss her so much.”
  • Memorial for Yong Yue and Peterson Family – “I am the youngest son of Yong Yue, one of the six Asian-American women brutally killed in the recent mass shootings in Atlanta, Georgia. My mother was a Korean-born American citizen who was hatefully and violently murdered.”
  • ATL Spa Shooting Family Survivor Fund: Jami Webb – “My step-sister Ying Tan “Jami” Webb was the only child of Xiaojie “Emily” Tan, one of the victims of the mass shooting that occurred in Georgia on March 16th.  I am creating this campaign on Jami’s behalf. This unspeakable loss has left Jami in shock, trying to dealing with this incomprehensible trauma.”

On March 22nd, ten people were murdered at a mass-shooting in Boulder, CO.  

In our own community, a third-year student consciously made and posted content which was transphobic, misogynoir, and made light of gender-based violence. That this student made it through almost three years of a Pitzer education supposedly steeped in our Pitzer core values and still 1) maintained these beliefs and 2) felt it would be a good idea to express them shows that our values are not as impactful as we want them to be, and proves that it is incredibly unlikely this is an isolated student with an isolated viewpoint. Rather, this is a systemic, institutional issue. At Direct Action @ Pitzer, we are committed to supporting and uplifting community movements which seek to dismantle what systems enabled these views to prosper at Pitzer College, as well as hold this individual accountable to what those most affected by his statements see as justice. These view points are not a tolerable ideology, but violent and white supremacist. 

On March 23, Mohammad Anwar was murdered in an armed carjacking. Learn more and support his family here

We’d also like to acknowledge the passing of Tongva elder Julia Bogany, who served as an invaluable part of our Pitzer community and touched all who knew her. Read more about her wonderful life and work here.

Below are some of the other direct actions shared with us this week by community members! For more, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter. There are an abundance of opportunities for you to engage in, support, and share.

Show up for Claremont Community:

  • Support an Undocumented Pomona College Student and Their Family – Support a direct mutual aid fund for a Pomona student and their family during these diffciult times. Their family has faced unexpected medical and dental bills. For their safety, this is completely anonymous.
  • Support an Undoumented Student – A 5C student needs help with rent and bills. Their family is currently getting evicted and has nowhere to go. Please support this family during these difficult times! The student wishes to remain anonymous for safety. 
  • Black Women in Need of Moving Funds – Two Black women escaping abusive homes (who choose to stay anonymous for their safety) need funds to move their belongings to their new home. Due to COVID 19, they’ve had little luck finding employment and are asking for help from the community.
  • Support Pitzer Mutual Aid – “We’re almost at our goal to continue to fulfill more mutual aid requests!” The current goal is $8,000, and – at the time of the last update- $7,312.70 has been donated. Pitzer students can continue requesting funds here.
  • Support HMC Solidarity – “We’ve raised $1,000 out of our $5,000 goal in just a few days! Donate to support Mudders in need.” Harvey Mudd students can also keep requesting funds here.

Show Up (Virtually) Here: 

  • Palestinian Liberation Week – 03/24-03/31, “Join SoCal SJP on March 24th-March 31st for a week of digital workshops, activities, cultural events, and more commemorating the ongoing struggle for the liberation of Palestine! Throughout the week, we will learn about the crucial role students play in the movement, our connections to all sectors of the struggle, and how we all unite for a shared common goal of freedom from colonialism, exploitation, imperialism, and oppression. Feel free to join us for any of the virtual events or activities you’re able to, and share with friends and community members!” [LAST COUPLE DAYS THIS WEEK]
  • Creating Police-Free Neighborhoods in Riverside/Inland Empire – Every 2nd Tuesday, 6-7pm PST starting on 03/09 “Interested in working in your neighborhood to make it police-free and mutually supportive? Join our monthly program where you will get mentoring, monthly assignments, and collective support on how to organize with your neighbors. No organizing experience necessary. Will be geared toward providing skills for those who are introverted and don’t know any of their neighbors. Open to all those living in Riverside/ Inland Empire.”
  • Engage in Community Farming: Volunteer with Huerta del Valle – “Would you like to volunteer your time organizing and supporting the development of our sustainable natural earth buildings?.We are seeking remote volunteers to help us for a few hours each week to realize our green building dream. You can volunteer from anywhere in the world!”
  • Sign-up for IE Skillshare – “Through this sign up form IE folks can offer up skills and services free or low cost (grocery dropoff, homework help, etc…), that will help their community members in need with daily tasks remote and/or non remote. This database will only be by and for Inland Empire community members.”
  • Korea Town Popular Assembly: Immigration & Organizing Under Biden – “What changes to immigration policy has Biden made? How do we fight for the change we still need? Join us for practical updates and organizing discussion.”

Sign These Petitions:

  • First Ten to Communities Not Cages – “‘First Ten’ is the next phase of Detention Watch Network’s national Communities Not Cages campaign to shut down Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention centers, stop the expansion and construction of new facilities and ultimately abolish the detention system in its entirety. The ‘First Ten’ detention centers are emblematic of how the immigration detention system as a whole is inherently abusive, unjust and fatally flawed beyond repair.” [Though a quick action you can take is signing the petition, the action guide linked also has sample social media posts and opportunities for local organizing].
  • Drop all charges for the #Adelento3 – “On September 22, 2020, three Inland Empire demonstrators were brutalized and arrested in Adelanto, CA while protesting ICE. During the peaceful protest, officers from the San Bernardino Sheriff’s approached one individual (Perla) and accused her of jaywalking. The deputies then escalated the situation by violently grabbing and pushing demonstrators to grab Perla. She was wrongfully targeted, brutally tazed, stepped on and stood over, and then the officer dragged her through the dirt before she, her husband Travis Halbert and Kai King were also arrested.” Follow them on Instagram for updates and action steps, @adelanto_3
  • Stop Line 3 Sign This Petition and Tell President Biden: #StopLine3 Pipeline – “There is a massive pipeline underway in northern Minnesota that violates Indigenous rights and would carry the pollution equivalent to 50 coal power plants. The bulldozers have arrived to plow through sacred wild rice watersheds, over 800 wetlands, and 200+ bodies of water. Indigenous water protectors are fighting to protect their land, but the drones are overhead and the police are militarizing. President Biden has the power to stop this project.” Stop the Money Pipeline – “Over the next two months, we’re going to make the financial companies that support Enbridge and its toxic Line 3 pipeline feel the heat. Here’s the plan. On March 31st, 18 banks have a $2.2 billion loan to Enbridge that is due for renewal. That’s in 51 days. Between now and then, we’re going to do everything in our power to make it loud and clear to the executives of those banks: They must walk away from Line 3 ― or there will be consequences.”
  • Amazon: Stop Union-Busting in Bessemer! – “At an Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Ala., 5,805 workers have won the right to vote for union representation. The National Labor Relations Board has authorized a mail-in election starting Feb. 8, with ballots due by March 29.” [LAST DAY FOR ACTION]
  • Pass the Garment Worker Protection Act – “Please sign this petition to share with California legislators & Governor Newsom and show your support for the  Garment Worker Protection Act. The Garment Worker Protection Act is sponsored by the Garment Worker Center, Bet Tzedek Legal Services, and Western Center on Law and Poverty, and the campaign for its passage is LED BY WORKERS!!  Our bill was not voted on this year and we will continue our fight in 2021 because the issues garment workers are facing must urgently be addressed. Your support is needed more than ever!”
  • Save Pervis Payne – “Pervis Payne has maintained his innocence for more than 30 years. Yet, despite having no prior criminal record and living with an intellectual disability, he had an execution date of Dec. 2, 2020 in Tennessee and was given a temporary reprieve until April 9, 2021. On Jan. 19, DNA testing of crime scene evidence results “are consistent with Pervis Payne’s long-standing claim of innocence,” according to his legal team. “Male DNA from an unknown third party was found on key evidence including the murder weapon, but unfortunately, is too degraded to identify an alternate suspect via the FBI’s database.”” [ACT BEFORE APRIL 09]

Practice Resource Redistribution: 

  • #FreeBryantMurphy – “We are a group of students raising money for legal counsel to help Bryant Murphy, an incarcerated man inside Southern Ohio Correctional Facility who knows this nation and its injustices better than anyone. Bryant is an activist, educator, and poet. He is passionate about family, the environment, fitness and nutrition, and he hopes to share his knowledge through TedTalks when he is released.”
  • Immigrant Liberation Fund – “In the midst of the international COVID-19 pandemic, Immigrants detained in ICE detention centers are at high risk of becoming seriously ill or dying from the disease. Even in normal circumstances, ICE has proven time and again that it is unable to protect the health and safety of detained people– and now more than ever, their lives are at risk, especially those with a history of health problems. Many immigrants detained in Adelanto have been granted bond, but are still detained because they can’t afford to pay it (each bond ranges from $1500-$10,000+.) Getting out of detention may well save their lives. The Trump administration deliberately excluded undocumented immigrants and their families from the stimulus checks being delivered to millions around the country. Fight back by donating all or part of yours to free someone at high risk for COVID-19 from detention.”
  • Mutual Aid Request – “Urgent mutual aid request! Black mother needs travel funds to take her kids to visit their incarcerated family member. Please redistribute and share!” [Shared by 5C Prison Abolition Collective]
  • Monetarily support Unhoused Folks Harmed During the Police Raid on the Echo Park Encampment 
  • Help the Families Affected by the Ontario Explosion – “We are now collecting funds to help the families affected by the Ontario explosion on 3/16. An entire block has been evacuated and around 16 families have been placed in temporary shelter. These funds will go directly to the families for food, resources, and helping repair broken homes. Please help us help our community!!”

Call/ Email/ Tweet:

  • Support Unhoused Folks living at the Echo Park Encampment – “On Wednesday night, hundreds of LAPD were sent to Echo Park Lake as Mitch O’Farrell suddenly closed the park and built a fence around the perimeter.The demand to Mitch O’Farrell has been simple: stop the forced displacement of the residents of Echo Park Lake. His office has lied, avoided questions and specificity of the park closure. They have also called out and slandered the work of advocates, providers, and allies. Join the Echo Park Lake community to rise up against the forced displacement and demand Housekeys Not Handcuffs and Services Not Sweeps.”
  • #FreeGabby – “Gabby Solano will be transferred from prison to ICE, and deported to a country she left as a child and has no family ties. Gabby deserves to be in the care of her family and community in California, not in immigration detention. Take action to urge CA Governor Newsom to stop Gabby’s ICE transfer and urge President Biden to stop targeting incarcerated immigrants and refugees for deportation.”
  • #FreeWalterCruz – “Walter Cruz has been imprisoned in ICE detention for over 3 years. Despite winning his case TWICE, the Trump admin ordered a “do-over,” meaning he would have to take his case through the courts again.”
  • #FreeUbaldo – “Ubaldo Ochoa-Lopez sits in an ICE prison – in danger of being deported. He & his son, Fernando came to the US seeking asylum from Guatemala. What awaited them here was a cruel & stunning reality. They were both separated during Trump’s Zero Tolerance period in 2018 and remained away from each other for two months. Fernando was only 6 years old when this painful and traumatic experience happened. Now, ICE has separated them again. Ubaldo has been detained at Pearsall Detention Center since October – 4 months – and is in danger of being deported back to Guatemala, leaving his son behind.”
  • Free Wilson Pena Logo – “Free Wilson Pena Loji from ICE detention in Batavia, NY. He is on day 20 of his second hunger strike for justice and survival. He needs to be released immediately.”
  • #FreeKarim – “Free Karim from Etowah County detention. Karim Golding is a Muslim Jamaican immigrant who came to the United States when he was a child to reunite with his family. Karim has had COVID-19 two times while in ICE detention, where he’s been detained for over 4 years. Now, ICE wants to deport him to a country he has not known or been to since he was a child.”

Please reply to this email [or just email us at] with any actions or organizing you’d like us to include in the next email.

In solidarity,

The Staff of the CEC

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