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Search a national directory of legal professionals who provide support to activists by area of expertise/ location

How to Become a Legal Observer
Legal Observers® are typically, but not exclusively, law students, legal workers and lawyers who may or may not be licensed locally. Legal Observers® are trained and directed by Guild attorneys, who often have established attorney-client relationships with activist organizations, or are in litigation challenging police tactics at mass assemblies. The presence of Legal Observers may serve as a deterrent to unconstitutional behavior by law enforcement during a demonstration. Legal observers attend but (do not participate in) public demonstrations, protests and other activities where there is a potential for conflict between the public or activists and the police, security guards, or other law enforcement personnel.

National Lawyers Guild Mass Defense Program
The Mass Defense Committee (MDC) is a network of lawyers, legal workers and law students providing legal support for political activists, protesters and movements for social change. MDC members in chapters across the country provide trainings, assistance in setting up temporary legal offices and legal support structures, and materials for supporting activists engaged in mass protests.

How to Safely and Ethically Record Police
Using the camera in your pocket can be a valuable way to ensure the world bears witness to abusive policing and systemic racism, help hold authorities accountable, and advocate for the real safety of our communities. This guide will help you film safely, ethically, and effectively.

ACLU Apps to Record Police Conduct
Find the appropriate app for your state to record police conduct with the ACLU.

Know Your Rights Guide
This pocket-sized know-your-rights booklet by the NLG is designed to be a practical resource for people dealing with law enforcement. The 16-page primer advises people of their rights when confronted by FBI agents or the Department of Homeland Security. It also includes information for noncitizens and minors.

Know Your Rights Guide (English)
Know Your Rights Guide (Bengali)
Know Your Rights Guide (Spanish)
Know Your Rights Guide (Urdu)
Know Your Rights Guide (Arabic)