Immediate Action

Below is a list of ongoing Petitions/Campaigns, Phone banking and Donation opportunities! If there is a petition you think we should know about, please send links and information to [email protected]

Petitions and Campaigns

Timing Out ( alphabetical order)

Development of Department of Youth Development | Organized by Arts, Healing, and Justice Network (Early Nov)
Contact the L.A. County Board of Supervisors to support a proposal to move justice-involved youth out of probation and to develop a new community-based Department of Youth Development.

Sign the Choose Democracy Pledge | Organized by Choose Democracy (Early Nov.)
OUR PLEDGE: We will vote. We will refuse to accept election results until all the votes are counted. We will nonviolently take to the streets if a coup is attempted. If we need to, we will shut down this country to protect the integrity of the democratic process.

We The People Will Defend the Vote and Uphold Democracy: A Call to Nonviolent Resistance from Black Faith Leaders and Allies | Organized by Black Faith Leaders (Early Nov.)
We believe in an America where everyone counts. No matter our race, ethnicity, accent, income, or zip code. We reject hate and stand for democracy. We are mobilizing massive voter turnout to defeat Trump. And if Trump attempts to cheat or steal his way out of losing, we will mobilize massive nonviolent resistance to ensure that every vote is counted, and that the power of the people to choose our elected representatives is protected.

Ongoing (alphabetical order)

Black Trans Lives Matter Petition List! Organized by Various Organizers (Ongoing)
This is a growing list of petitions demanding justice for Black trans lives. Take a minute to add your names and send a message to fight for a wold where Black trans folks are safe from bigoted violence

CA Gov. Gavin Newsom to sign AB 1460 bill (Ethnic Studies) | (Ongoing)
Petition to Governor Newsom to sign AB1460 which would require the California State University to make Ethnic Studies a graduation requirement. As people of color, along with our anti-racist White allies, we strongly urge California Gov. Gavin Newsom to sign AB 1460, the ethnic studies bill. Once signed, this bill will mandate 3 units of Ethnic Studies at the California State University (CSU) system for undergraduate students to graduate. It usually takes 120 units to graduate.

CSWA – Worker Mutual Aid Organized by Claremont Student-Worker Alliance (Ongoing)
The Claremont Student-Worker Alliance is organizing a mutual aid fund to support workers at the 5Cs experiencing financial insecurity at this time.
If possible, they encourage donations to Venmo (@CWSA-WorkerMutualAid) as GoFundMe charges an additional fee.

Demand the State of California Replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day Organized by California Native Vote Project (Ongoing)
It’s time that we get rid of Columbus Day, and the harmful legacy associated with it, and officially replace it with Indigenous Peoples’ Day. At least eight states and more than 130 cities observe Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Drop All Charges Against Incarcerated Trafficking Survivor Chrystul Kizer Organized by #FreeChrystul Defense Committee (Ongoing)
Chystul Kizer is an incarcerated trafficking survivor who is being charged with life in prison for acting in self-defense against her trafficker. The petition is urging Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley to drop all charges against Chrystul immediately so that she may heal by being with her family and her community.

Increase online presence of #shutdownadelanto | Organized Inland Coalition 4 Immigrant Justice (Ongoing)
The Adelanto Detention Facility currently houses our immigrant community that is currently waiting for their immigration court hearing. While in detention our individuals have suffered from mistreatment, inadequate healthcare, overuse of solitary confinement and even death. There has been 6 deaths since ADF began its operations in 2011.

Justice for Breonna Taylor Organized by Loralei HoJay (Ongoing)
Breonna Taylor’s life mattered. Regardless of committing no crime, she was criminalized and killed and her perpetrators are facing no charges (now nearly four months since the incident). Sign this petition to demand Justice for Breonna’s life.

Justice for Elijah McClain Organized by Color of Change (Ongoing)
Elijah McClain from Aurora, Colorado was murdered at the hands of police nearly a year ago with still no justice. Sign this petition to call on Attorney General Phil Weiser to file criminal charges against the officers who murdered Elijah McClain.

Make Ethnic Studies A PUSD Graduation | ( Ongoing)
By making Ethnic Studies a graduation requirement in PUSD and integrating it into the K-12 grades it will solve many problem of social injustices in the school district. Studies have shown by making Ethnic Studies and graduation requirement the students will be more engaged in high school and the graduation rate in Pomona will get significantly higher. With Ethnic Studies it will teach the students about Latinx, Native American, Asian American, African American cultures and history. Ethnic Studies teaches on how to respect all cultures, be non-racist, help the underserved communities, and why the LGBTQ+ community exists. Ethnic Studies have changed the live of many student who wear previously failing in their classes to getting A’s and B’s to attending Community College, CSU, UC, Private, Out Of State and Ivy Leagues schools. We need Ethnic studies now more than ever because it is now required to take Ethnic Studies in the CSU’s and learn the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement. This will impact the community because people will succeed in life and comeback to the city of Pomona to become a leader in the community. With the help of educators, parents, students and adults we can make this possible in the PUSD.

Petition to Close Mt. Rushmore and Return All Public Lands in the Black Hills to the Oceti Sakowin Organized by NDN Collective (Ongoing)
Standing in solidarity with our ancestors, families, our allies, and the Oceti Sakowin (Seven Council Fires of Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nations), we are calling on Director Bernhardt and Representative Deb Haaland to close Mt. Rushmore and return all Public lands in the Black Hills to the Oceti Sakowin as negotiated in the 1868 Treaty of Ft. Laramie, as Indigenous treaties are the supreme law of the land.

#SafetyNet4AllofUs | Organized by The Action Network (Ongoing)
California’s state leaders have made an empty promise to our immigrant communities – offering to include everyone in our safety net – while undocumented workers have lost more jobs than any other group and are struggling to feed and shelter their loved ones every day. Undocumented Californians care for our neighbors, nourish our families, and sew the fabric of our communities together – but our Governor and state leaders have continued to cut them out from the weekly wage replacement that everyone needs to stay safe and recover from this pandemic. When immigrant families go hungry, our whole state is malnourished! Email California state leaders TODAY to say:

STOP jail construction project in Los Angeles County(Ongoing)
Sign the petition to stop the $3.4 jail construction project in Los Angeles county that already has the largest jail system in the country.

Tell Congress: Pass the COVID-19 and Martha Wright Prison Phone Justice Act Organized by Color of Change (Ongoing)
Prisons and jails have banned in-person visits to stop the spread of infection, therefore the only way that families may stay in touch with their incarcerated loved ones is through phone calls. However, prison telecom operations are charging families up to $25 for a 15-minute phone call. The COVID-19 Compassion and Martha Wright Prison Phone Justice Act will bring phone justice for millions of families. Your voice is crucial in fighting to keep families connected, especially during these unprecedented times

Urge Gov. Newsom to Take Action & Save the Lives of Detained People Organized by California Liberation Collective (Ongoing)
Can you urge Gov. Newsom to save the lives of people in immigration detention and prison? COVID-19, wildfires, and state violence via detention, policing, surveillance, and the ongoing valuation of property over people are disproportionately harming those already marginalized on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, class, ability, immigration status, previous contact with the criminal-legal system, and more. While Gov. Newsom pays lip service to ideals of racial justice, he has utterly failed to protect the lives of people in prisons, jails, and immigration detention centers.

Voting Rights Advancement Act (Honoring John Lewis) Organized by Ime Umosen (Ongoing)
Tell the Senate: Pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act aka the John Lewis Act. In December of 2019, the House of Representatives passed the Voting Rights Advancement Act to protect the rights of American citizens and their participation in our democracy. Following John Lewis’ death, Ime started this petition to keep his legacy top of mind.

No more empty promises and empty plates! Immigrant families can’t afford to wait! We need a #SafetyNet4AllofUs starting with #WageReplacement for California’s working families, regardless of immigration status!

Phone Banking

TopicWho to Call + Contact InfoBrief Description and State of Urgency
Prevent the Mass Deportation of Black Immigrants! | Inland Coalition 4 Immigrant Justice IC4IJRobert G Hagan [email protected]We need the IE to show up for Black immigrants that are facing mass deportations and Increase rates of abuse at the hands of ICE and the people they hire to run their immigrant jails.
5C Students for a Sustainable Spring Semester | Nobody Fails @ Pitzer# NobodyFailsAtPitzer LinksWe have heard student and faculty testimonies and us organizers are forced yet again to advocate for the demands of marginalized students at Pitzer College, where the academic semester remains classist, ableist, and inaccessible for our most vulnerable students. student organizations across the Claremont colleges have drafted up email templates for student,faculty,parents, and alumnx use!
FREE ADAN: Urgent Call to Action! | Orange County Rapid Response Network#FREEADAN- @ocrrnAdan, a brother, son, community member, and artist from Costa Mesa was kidnapped by probation from his home last night. We need all hands on deck to demand his immediate release!
Ethnic studies now PUSD | Pomona Education Coalition, Gente Organizada @genteorganizada Ethnic Studies Now!A CALL TO ACTION: ETHNIC STUDIES NOW!!! Please email Pomona USD to support the Pomona Education Coalition and their proposal for an Ethnic Studies program that includes Anti-racism education, Ethnic studies as a graduation requirement, K-12 integration, and is accessible to all students!
Sign up to get COUP UPDATES/ Action Steps with Choose Democracy | Choose Democracy ( Early Nov.)Choose Democracy!Democracy is fragile. We have reason to worry that this fall we may see an undemocratic power grab — a coup. We also know that the people can defend our democracy. Nonviolent mass protests have stopped coups in other places, and we may have to do the same in this country. Find out the moment a coup starts. An immediate massive response is crucial to stopping a coup. We will let you know right away if and when it happens with info on what you can do.

Requested Donations

BLM IE Moreno Valley Food Drive | Organized by BLM IE
Monthly Food Drive
We know COVID has impacted our communities and a lot of people have gone hungry and without fresh produce. Our monthly food drive offers a box of fresh produce to families in need!… to help in other ways, donate yo our venmo or cashaap @BLMIE

Keep on Eye on Occupy Pomona | Organized by Occupy Pomona
Ongoing Donations
Despite Pomona’s claims of “supporting” furloughed workers, at the end of the day they have been left with a reduced income. Reminder: California is experiencing a backlog of unempoyment requests for 1 million people. And the Sagehen Fund a charity is fudnraising for? It has an expected turnaround time of 2 weeks. But bills don’t wait. Fund recieved will be directly delivered to the workers who request– mutual aids will be advertized on a case-by-case basis.

Jose Hernandez is an immigrant rights activist in need fo financial support | Organized by Immigrant Rights Coalition Claremont
Soy un inmigrante indocumentado con discapacidad A consecuencia de un accidente en México en el tren conocido como la bestia vivo en USA soy un activista por la causa de los inmigrantes con todo lo que está pasando con la pandemia no he tenido entrada de ingresos desde hace casi un año tengo gastos de renta viles teléfono comida principalmente gracias por su generosidad [I am an undocumented immigrant with a disability. As a result of an accident in Mexico on the train known as the live beast in the USA. I am an activist for the cause of immigrants – with everything that is happening with the pandemic I have not had an income stream for almost a year. I have vitle rental, telephone, and food expenses mainly thanks for your generosity.]

FLI Student Needs Support for Medical Bills | Organized by Student Mutual Aid
Venmo/Cashapp: @BlackMaxist Paypal: @mtano86
“I owe over $15k in medical bills after passing out for underlying health issues in Spetember. Insurance just notified me that my coverage for that day was denied due to a really unfortunate error. Would veyr much appreciate donations because navigating bills as a FLI student while trying to graduate in this world is a very overwhelming experience.”

Pomona Valley Coronavirus Emergency Fund | Organized by Uncommon Good, Gente Organizada, Pomona’s Promise
Ongoing Donations

Many families in our community have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus outbreak. Uncommon Good, in partnership with other local nonprofit organizations, places of worship and individual donors, has set up an emergency fund for familities who have become unemployed and who cannot pay their rent, utilities, or other necessities of life.