Join us for the Storyteller’s Poetry, Arts & Film Festival featuring local artists, film makers, and poets.

12PM | Storyteller’s is Open!
12:30PM-1:30PM | AAIR Cyanotype + Zine Workshop | Commencement Plaza
1PM-2PM | Black Student Union Spoken Word | McConnell Apron and the Mounds
2PM-3PM | Live Music : The TeaRooom | McConnell Apron and the Mounds
3PM-4PM | Irka Mateo Film Screening & Discussion | Benson Auditorium
4PM-5PM | Sonidero Metropolis | Alvaro Parra Film Screening & Discussion | Benson Auditorium
4PM-6PM | DJ Set | McConnell Apron
5PM-6PM | Media Studies Student Film Screening & Discussion | Benson Auditorium

DJ Sets by: DJ Moongurl, Corrie,

Rebecca Ustrell | PZ Activist Artist in Residence
Rebecca Ustrell (she/her) is a Latinx Jewish artist, educator, journalist and documentarian in the Inland Empire region of Southern California. Ustrell founded Curious Publishing, a non-profit artbook publishing company in Southern California. In addition to her role at Curious Publishing, she teaches self-publishing and zine-making for teens and adults as well as holds public speaking engagements which drive community involvement in literary arts. Her work focuses on archiving Queer, BIPOC, and neurodivergent artist perspectives in relation to their communities. IG | @rebecca_ustrell / @curiouspublishing

Cyanotype Workshop with Rebecca Ustrell | SIGN UP HERE!
Join this years Activist Artist-in-Residence for a Cyanotype Workshop. Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that does not require a camera or film, and uses the sun or bright light to develop. Rebecca will be sharing collage and techniques to tell your story! This workshop will be held in two sessions! Only 10 spots are available per session. Please sign up to be able to be a part of this workshop!

The TeaRooom
Composed of four music nerds from across the 5C’s, Tearooom has channeled fun and excitement in every show they’ve played throughout their three years together! Drawing from a mix of genres, from Jazz to R&B to Punk, each song Tearooom plays brings something unique and promises to get you up and dancing!

Yucahu, Remembering our Taino Spirituality
This video art piece features Taino rituals that are still being practiced in Kiskeya. These rituals were passed down by my teachers from the deep Dominican southwest. They include the late Reyna Alejandro Jimenez, keeper of the Liborio Mateo Calvary in San Juan de la Maguana, the late León Rodriguez, also known as El Mellizo de Palma Sola, who was one of the leaders of this spiritual movement, and Colasa Beltré from Azua, whose family has been passing down an agricultural taino ritual from generation to generation.

Ikra Mateo
Irka Mateo was born in Kiskeya, now known as the Dominican Republic, and played a vital role in the early Taino survival movement. Irka’s mission was to delve deep into Afro-Indigenous spirituality and ceremonial music. For decades, she traversed the Kiskeya countryside, learning from the custodians of traditions and expanding her knowledge and expertise. Today, Akutu -grandmother- Irka leads the Sacred Taino Healing community and uses her extensive knowledge as a ceremonialist and shamanic healer to serve the Taino and Afro-Taino people and allies.

Sonidero Metropolis: Mexican Sound Systems in Los Angeles (2023) | Alvaro Parra
“Sonidero Metropolis,” a film about Mexican sound system culture in Los Angeles and Puebla, Mexico. KUMBIA NET: un estilo bien diferente, is currently in post production and documents the artists and producers of the U.S./Mexico collective Kumbia Net. 

Alvaro Parra | Filmmaker
Alvaro Parra is an Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker and deejay born and raised in Los Angeles to mexican parents. His introduction to sound system culture began in the backyard parties and warehouse raves of the L.A. metropolitan area. His documentaries explore themes of urban life, music cultures, and the intersection of technology. IG | @delaparraproductions

It’s All About Thee AAWWWTTTT!!!Ball
Life always has and always will be about the AWT… Artists Working Together! The Performance Project hosted a showstopping Exhibition Vogue Ball presented by the House of AWT Project, a showcase of talent and artistry through the lens of the House/Ballroom Community. This first ever five-category Exhibition Vogue Ball from the House of AWT Project, curated by the Iconic Sean/Milan™ Garcon, featured over 30 House/Ballroom artists who took center stage to compete in front of a panel of judges.  Hosted by the Performance Project at Hauser Wirth Gallery Los Angeles. Filmed by Pitzer Media Arts for Social Justice students Luthor Khoury, Jonathan Williams, Anna Feinerman, and Miranda Jones.

Vogue Workshop taught by the Legendary Enyce Gorgeous Gucci with Fatha Ryku Lyght
Born in Los Angeles, California, Enyce Smith is a multitalented creator whose work includes music, dance, choreography, filmography, and ballroom MC. Known in the ballroom scene as “King of the West Coast”, Enyce Smith has been voguing since the age of 19. Currently, Enyce is a vogue instructor and Beyond the Runway documentary director and producer. Beyond the Runway aims to highlight issues and luminaries within the Ballroom scene.

Limited Parking will be available in the Mesa parking lot and along Claremont Blvd.