The Community Engagement Center offers support for students completing their SRX (Social Responsibility Praxis) requirement and those participating in community engagement during their time at Pitzer. We provide funding for service-learning expenses, community-based projects, engagement opportunities, on campus employment opportunities and more!

Social Responsibility Praxis

The Community Engagement Center supports students completing Social Responsibility Praxis courses that are part of Pitzer’s five core values and a graduation requirement.

“At Pitzer, students spend four years examining the ethical implications of knowledge and individual responsibility in making the world better. They learn to evaluate the impact of individual and collective actions manifested in social and political policies.”-

What are SRX or Social Responsibility Praxis courses?

Social Responsibility Praxis courses includes a 40+ hour community engagement component with a community partner designated by your faculty member. Your faculty and the CEC can connect you to local organizations.

Students completing an SRX course or participating in community engagement must complete the Ethics & Orientation training prior to beginning work with their designated organization. More information on how to complete this training is linked below.

Below are a list of courses offered at the college that meet the SRX requirement. Some of these classes are offered each semester, and some are offered once and academic year. We recommend students take into consideration completing this course sooner than later.