Students participating in SRX course internships or other community engagement partnerships may be required to travel for their work. Below are a list of possible transportation options available to students, and all are eligible for reimbursement through the CEC.

The CEC will reimburse Pitzer students doing community engagement work through SRX courses or internships up to $100 per semester. We also offer reimbursement to non-Pitzer students if they are doing community engagement work through a SRX Pitzer class.


  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Taxi
  • Zipcar (the CEC has a Zipcar account available by request)
  • Pitzer Vans (if you are interested in reserving a van through the CEC for your community engagement work, please do so through our Office Manager, Jack Contreras.
  • Personal Vehicle ( we recommend that if students can carpool, the should do so!)

Public Transportation

You can find transportation options to the Pitzer Student Transportation page.