The Community Engagement Center

The Community Engagement Center at Pitzer College is dedicated to utilizing institutional power, partner collaboration, faculty expertise, and student action to advance social justice on our campus and in the surrounding community.

The impact of COVID on our work and the work of our partners has been profound. For many of us, it has posed challenges to our workday—how to get work done with a lack of privacy, disproportionate health impacts, financial pressures, and the distractions of home. This time has also propelled us into action in response to growing punitive policies and the most powerful social movement for racial justice since the 1960s. The sheer amount of our collective work, and its importance, have skyrocketed—both because of COVID and because of the unprecedented potential for social change. This period of uncertainty has brought both challenge and opportunity

We invite your participation in this collective effort throughout fall and spring.

We at CEC are here to help our institution and our partners manage the shift to virtual community engagement.

To this end, we have created a hub—a clearinghouse of information, projects, resources, and opportunities meant to take the guesswork out of community engagement. We are embracing a position of leadership we are embracing the moment to create four innovative sectors of programming. Below are our Community Pillars including:

For more information on how the CEC can support you, check out our designated resource pages!