The Community Engagement Center is dedicated to supporting Pitzer faculty through their work with students and within the community. If you are teaching a Social Responsibility Praxis course and would like to learn more about how the CEC can support you, view the list of resources below.

Faculty Resources

Faculty Funding Opportunities

The CEC offers Faculty funding opportunities for those teaching SRX and those with teaching a course that has a community engagement component. We offer the following awards, fellowships and funding request opportunities open to all faculty.

Course Enhancement Awards (CEA): Applications for SRX only

The CEA (Course Enchancement Awards) is available at the beginning of each semester to all faculty teaching an SRX course. This award for $500 help with materials, guest speakers, event, and transportation needs. If you are interested in applying for the CEA please submit all applications by the deadlines indicated below:

Application Deadline: Tuesday, September 6th, 2022 at 8am

Application Deadline: Wednesday, January 25th, 2022 at 8am

Please submit all applications to the CEC Operations Manager, Jackie Contreras.
Limit one award per course. 8 awards available per semester.

General Funding Request

Applicants may request to these funds for speakers, materials, event co sponsorships and conference related expenses. Funds will be accessible through reimbursement, direct payments to vendors, unless otherwise requested. Max Request of $150.

Mutual Aid Requests

Applicants may request to use these funds for meeting immediate survival needs, community organizing and education, direct action, and more. Funds will be sent in the form of a visa gift card unless otherwise requested. Non-monetary requests are also encouraged and we will make every possible effort to provide support.

Faculty Fellowship

The Faculty Fellowship was created to enhance community partner work in conjunction with classes in order to deepen engagement with partners over the course of the 2021-2022 academic year. This can support work for either fall/ spring semester or an entire academic year. Faculty may partner to work collaboratively and share awards.

Award Details:

$2500 One Year Community-Based Project (should incorporate SRX course(s) -includes:

+ $1500 Faculty Stipend ($750 per semester)
+ $1000 for a community project budget and/or community stipend(s)

Application Open: TBA
Award Notifications: TBA

Field Trip

The CEC offers Field Trip support to faculty teaching Social Responsibility Praxis courses. If you are planning a field trip for your course this semester, please apply for support at least 1 month before your field trip

Faculty Outtake Survey

The CEC values faculty input. By completing the Faculty Outtake Survey you are providing us with:
Valuable feedback that will inform our practice of social justice and will help us improve the services we provide to our partners.
+ Statistical data that will assist in securing funds to continue our existing programs, help launch new programs, and provide support to our partners.
+ Evaluation materials will assist with WASC accreditation and other institutional processes that are vital to the operation of Pitzer College and CEC’s continued existence.

Please completed each survey once per semester. Should you have any questions regarding this process please contact our Director, Tricia Morgan.