Artist-Activist in Residence

Pitzer College’s Artist-Activist in Residence program invites one resident per academic year to collaborate with the Community Engagement Center and a Pitzer College faculty member to provide programming related to advancing justice through use of the arts. This can include anything from poetry, dance, music, murals, graphic design, film, and more. The purpose of this program is to further enrich and deepen the collective learning of the college by upholding our core values of social responsibility and interdisciplinary learning. The program also provides skill-building through individua and collective applied-learning in campus community-based settings. Being an expert in a specific artistic medium and its applicating to active change-making, the resident has opportunities to work with social responsibility praxis course, implementing their own curriculum for workshops, and participating in public events and campus legacy projects. The Artist-Activist MUST apply with a Pitzer College faculty member in order to seamlessly integrate the Artist-Activist into coursework and community.

Click the link below to apply for the Artist-Activist in Residence!