CEC Ethics and Orientation Training

The Ethics and Orientation Training is offered every semester to all incoming students planning on participating in community engagement on and off campus. Students are required to complete this training once an academic year if they are participating in community engagement. If you completed this training in the Fall you won’t need to attend/watch until the following academic year).

MANDATORY | Steps to Completing the Ethics and Orientation Training

  1. Watch the Ethics and Orientation Training
  2. Complete the short Ethics and Orientation makeup quiz
  3. Complete the CEC Student Intake Form– Read the below prior to completing the Intake Form:
  4. OPTIONAL | CEC Event/Program Survey | Once you have completed the above steps, complete the even survey. Your input helps us create deeper, meaningful trainings.

Some of our community partners require Live Scan clearance and TB tests. Visit our Clearance Information page to find out how to complete the process.