CEC Student Advisory Board

The CEC Student Advisory Board will be looking for new members soon!Look out for 2018-2019 updates.

  • What is the Purpose of the Student Advisory Board?
    • This Board has been formed to include student voices in discussions of how we engage in social justice on our campus and in the ways we serve our students and community.
    • Pitzer’s College commitment to social responsibility and praxis inherently means that we need to continuously reflect and engage in critical feedback about how social responsibility is carried out in practice on campus or specifically through the Community Engagement Center.
    • Continuing such conversations and action-related aims around such goals will work to lessen tension and disconnect between what we say as an institution and what we do as individuals and institutional bodies in regards to social responsibility and community engagement.
    • We want to hear from you.
    • Let’s work together to analyze power structure, privilege, and how we can best mobilize our human and material resources inside-out.
    • We look at a number of issues each year namely those brought up during our advanced student orientations during our institutional accountability and action planning sessions – see below for the 2015-2016 priorities.
    • To represent Students on the CEC Steering Committee.
    • If you would be interested in really tackling some important issues and effecting long lasting social change on Pitzer’s campus and within the Community Engagement Center.
    • These lists were generated by students with at least one year of in depth experience in community engagement.
    • Board meetings will work to categorize and prioritize issues, delegate subgroups, and include report back/ group problem solving sessions as well as liaise with affinity groups on campus.
  • What has the Board Accomplished So Far?
    • “Urban Fellow” name changed to “Community Engagement Fellow.”
    • Data collected on CEC Ethics Orientation to revise orientation for fall 2015:
      • Student Board members provided critical feedback in shaping this year’s (2015-2016) student orientations which have received incredibly positive evaluations.
      • Our special thanks to students Ruhi Bhalla, Simone Bishara, Diego Arroyo, Riki Robinson, Daniela Alvarenga, Emma Tasini, Terriyonna Smith, Dia Flood, and Jessica St. Fleur for their invaluable time and contributions to making these changes.
    • Change in Social Responsibility Graduation Requirement Feedback for College Council.
    • Communication regarding diversity concerns with the Diversity Committee (re: tokenization of students of color in PR materials) , Admissions Office, and Financial Aid (experiences and barriers for low income/ underrepresented students).
    • Letter in support of establishing Sexual Assault Resource Center and requesting institutional support for its development
    • Mentoring discussions for under-supported students
    • Establishment of anonymous suggestion box for CEC
    • Discussion on leadership roles for students in CEC and how to align institutional action with core values
    • Establishment of 360 reviews of CEC Staff by students, faculty, staff, and community partners
  • Meeting Schedule and Time Commitment
    • Meetings will occur according to student schedules (weekly or every other week) and the CEC Assistant Director or other staff will attend meetings once per month to answer questions and provide students with support in organizing action and achieving goals.
    • Monthly time commitment is roughly 10-15 hours (about 2-4 hours per week).
    • If you are interested in joining the Board, email [email protected] to be added to the email distribution list used for meeting and other communications.
    • We would like to hold the first monthly (welcome) meeting before 2/22/16.

    If you cannot attend a meeting but would like to forward concerns for discussion to the Board please email us at [email protected] or consider using CEC’s anonymous e-suggestion box here: CEC E-Suggestion Box.

    If you would like to be added to the advisory board email distribution list, just let email [email protected]. Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings – we hope to welcome you aboard!