Student FAQ

SRX and Community Engagement Questions:

How do I complete the 40 hour component of the SRX course I am enrolled in?
Activities will be determined by your professor and community partner. If you need additional helping finding an organization to work with please reach out to a CEC staff. Currently all community engagement is being done remotely.

How do I keep track of my SRX internship hours?
The CEC has provided a sample internship tracker to keep track of all hours, unless determined by your professor.

I took the Ethics and Orientation Training before, do I still need to attend one this year?
Yes, you must attend an Ethics and Orientation training ever academic year. You will also be required to complete the Student Intake Form that will include the Ethical Practices of Research and Community Engagement, Voluntary Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Management, Voluntary Release of Photo (optional).

How do I know if I have completed the Ethics and Orientation Training materials for this year?
We’ve compiled of list of students who have completed the training and materials for the year. Click the link to make sure your name is on this list!

Am I able to fulfill my community engagement requirements with another organization close to my current residence?
It is up to the discretion of your professor whether a local organization meets the course requirements. At this time due to the COVID-19 crisis, the college does not approve of in-person/on-site community engagement. We ask that you continue to take precautions at this time and take social distancing practices seriously.

I want to support the community partner I currently work with; how do I do so with social distancing?
If you or your professor have been in contact with the community partner you are working with, ask them if they have any work that can be done remotely. Involvements such as conducting research on local issues and online, are just some examples of viable ways to support community partners while practicing social distancing.

I am in Claremont and want to know how I can continue community engagement work while I am here.
All community engagement work is limited to online/remote engagement. Students are allocated projects based on their community partners needs. The CEC is actively working to seek and support the needs of our partners during the COVID-19 crisis. To get involved you can visit our Get Involved! page or email one of our staff to see if there are other opportunities for remote engagement.

Clearance Questions:

I am taking a course that requires me to get clearance, can the CEC reimburse me for the clearance costs?
Absolutely! The CEC covers all clearance related costs for students working with community partners that require it. Scroll down to the Reimbursement Questions section to find out how to get reimbursed!

I am a California Residence student trying to get cleared. How do I do that?
Fill the Pitzer livescan request form  and take it to your local law enforcement agency. The OCA or billing # are optional & not required for our purposes.  There is no need to send a copy of your livescan results to CEC. The local agency will send one to campus security automatically. 

I am an out of state/out of country student trying to get cleared. How do I do that?
Fingerprints will need to be printed on an FD-258 Hard Card, which can usually be obtained at your local law enforcement agency or a certified vendor or US Embassy. The fingerprints should be taken (rolled) by a Law Enforcement officer or a certified fingerprint roller. 
The Applicant’s Personal Identifying Information should be listed on the FD-258 Hard Card. Once you have completed the fingerprinting you will mail the card to The Claremont Colleges Campus Safety Dept:

The Claremont Colleges Services
Campus Safety

Attn: Cindy Cahill, Livescan Services
150 E. Eighth Street, Claremont, CA 91711

I am required to get clearance for the community partner that I am working with, but I can’t pay for the LiveScan fees up front. How do I get cleared?
For any student who cannot cover the cost of LiveScan up front, please message [email protected] for accomodations.

Reimbursement Questions

Am I still able to submit and receive reimbursement for community engagement related travel?
At this time the CEC is not accepting requests for community engagement related travel.

Am I still able to submit and receive reimbursement for community engagement related clearance?
Yes. The CEC is accepting reimbursement requests for clearance. Please fill out the CEC Reimbursement Request Form and submit with a PDF copy or JPG of your receipt to [email protected]

Can I submit late reimbursements?
All reimbursement requests must be made in the semester they were spent. That means, Fall and Spring expenses are due no later than 2 weeks at the close of the semester. If you have extenuating circumstances, please message [email protected]