Faculty Support Services

The Faculty Support Staff provides instructional and administrative support to all Pitzer faculty. Here you will find resources and some of the areas we provide faculty administrative support. If you need assistance navigating these resources or if you need support, please do not hesitate to contact the faculty support staff.

Please see the Staff Directory for details on our areas of service.

TBD, Executive Assistant to the Dean of Faculty
Carlos Alvarez, Senior Administrative Coordinator for Academic Affairs
TBD, Faculty Administrative Assistant

Location: Scott Hall 114
Phone: 909.621.8218 (extension 18218)
Email: [email protected]

For Faculty & Academic Affairs Budget Support, see the Budget and Financial Services page

Dean of Faculty’s Office Support Services

Class Cancellation

The decision to cancel classes should be taken very seriously. The reputation of the College and the integrity of the academic program rely on every class being conducted according to the schedule. Faculty should discuss their approach to class cancellation with students in advance, ideally at the beginning of the semester. Faculty members are responsible for notifying students of the decision to cancel a class directly (e.g. via an announcement in a prior class or by e-mail). The following guidance is provided with regard to class cancellations:

Anticipated Absence
If you know that you will not be present for a class because you will be attending a conference or engaged in another professional activity, announce this information to your students well in advance, on the syllabus if possible. Try to arrange for a colleague to teach the class on the day(s) that you will be away or discuss alternative activities or assignments with the students and make it clear how the time will be made up. Although you may try to reschedule the class, you should assume that our students’ complex schedules make it difficult or impossible to do this.

Emergency Absence
Occasionally a medical or personal emergency arises which necessitates your canceling a class at the last minute. There are many variables involved in this kind of situation: meeting time of the class (day/evening), time remaining before the class meets, class size, etc. It is your responsibility to use good judgment to make the best of this unfortunate situation. If you can notify your students individually by phone or e-mail, this is the best alternative. If your situation prevents you from doing this, you should contact the Faculty Administrative Assistant and ask to have your students notified in class (be prepared to provide the time and meeting location of your class).

Classroom Assignments

Initial Classroom Assignments: Initial classroom assignments are made by the Registrar’s Office based on information submitted on the faculty course form(s). In competing requests, the Registrar’s Office will consult with an Associate Dean of Faculty, who will find alternate arrangements as needed.

Changes After Initial Assignments Have Been Made: Please contact us at [email protected] if classroom changes are needed.

Classroom Priority Scheduling for West Hall Q116 and Q120, Broad Hall 210 and 214, and Avery 201
The Registrar’s office schedules classroom space. Due to the technological and pedagogical needs (i.e. high definition projectors and light-blocking window shades) of fields such as Intercollegiate Media Studies, Art History, and Media Studies programs, the following will be implemented:

  • For Avery 201, Broad Hall 210, and Broad Hall 214:
    Art History and Classics courses will have priority scheduling for those classrooms, followed by Intercollegiate Media Studies. Once these courses have been scheduled, the room is available for all other disciplines to schedule their courses.
  • For West Hall Q116 and Q120:
    Intercollegiate Media Studies will have priority scheduling for those classrooms, followed by Art History and Classics. Once these courses have been scheduled, the room is available for all other disciplines to schedule their courses.

Course Evaluations (See Form)

All faculty are required to administer anonymous teaching evaluations in their classes at the end of each semester.

The Faculty Handbook (Section V.F.1.b) states, “…A faculty member is responsible for distributing each semester to all students in his or her classes course evaluation forms in each course taught, with the choice of any of the approved Pitzer forms or a form of his or her choice or design.” 

To increase completion rates, the Dean of Faculty’s Office encourages faculty to administer evaluations during class time if possible. Please review the information below on how to select, and administer online evaluations and how to select, administer, and return paper evaluations. 


The College has four template forms for your use. You may select a template, make adaptations to a template, select a customized form previously adapted or create a new customized form. If you choose to customize a form that will be distributed electronically, please be sure to contact us as soon as possible to allow enough production time. 


The College uses Qualtrics for production and release of course evaluations. The evaluation reports include data summarization by default. 

Select Online Evaluations 
Step 1: Review Template Forms 
Please visit the Course Evaluations Page to preview inactive templated Forms A, B, C, D, and a online learning supplemental questions template.  

Forms Preview

Step 2:  Submit Course Evaluation Request 
Please complete the Course Evaluation Request Form to submit up to four course evaluation requests in a single form.   

Request Form

Reuse of previously customized forms 
Please complete the “Additional Instructions or Notes” field in the Course Evaluation Request Form with the following information so that we can recall the correct form. Semester Year Course Number  

New customized forms
You can use the Request Form (link above) to upload a document with information about your customized request.  Please be sure to submit new customization requests as soon as possible so that we can ensure it will be released to your students on time. You will receive a link to your customized form for your review and approval.   

Administer Online Evaluations
You will receive notification from the Dean of Faculty’s Office via Smartsheets confirming your selected course evaluation form, and the release date and time to your course.   

Return of Online Evaluations to Faculty
Provided that you have submitted final grades on time by the academic calendar, you can expect to receive online course evaluations at your Pitzer email address.  If you need to receive your evaluations at a non-Pitzer email address or have any questions, please email us at [email protected].    


Duplicating services are available to make copies of paper evaluation forms.  Copy requests should be sent to the Dean of Faculty’s Office at [email protected]. You may collect your course evaluation copies in our office, Scott Hall 114, between 8 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday. 

Please note that the Dean of Faculty’s Office does not provide data summarization services for paper evaluation forms. 

Select Paper Evaluations

Step 1: Review Template Forms
Please see the links below to review the available paper evaluation forms.   
Form A  
Form B  
Form C  
Form D 
Online Learning Supplemental Questions 

Step 2: Submit Paper Course Evaluation Request & Duplication Form 
Please use the request form to submit up to three evaluation requests in a single form for duplication and pick up.  

Request Form

Administer and Return Paper Evaluations 
Students should complete the evaluations in blue or black ink only and place them in the accompanying envelope.    

Please assign one student in your class to return the envelope to Scott Hall 114. If your class occurs after 5:00 pm, students may deposit envelopes in the Dean of Faculty’s mailbox Box A104 in Scott Hall 127 (next to Career Services).   

Release of Paper Evaluations to Faculty
Provided that you have submitted final grades on time by the academic calendar, you can expect to receive online course evaluations at your Pitzer email address.

If you need to receive your evaluations at a non-Pitzer email address or have any questions, please email us at [email protected].    


Our office will follow up by email if you have not communicated your online distribution plans per semester or have not initiated your copy request for paper-based evaluations. Faculty who do not communicate their plans to administer course evaluations will have Form B online evaluations distributed to their course roster by default. 

Requesting Copies of Completed Course Evaluations
Please send an e-mail to Sr. Administrative Coordinator for Academic Affairs to request a copy of your completed course evaluations. In your e-mail, indicate the course title, course number, and the semester and year the course was taught. Evaluations will be e-mailed as a PDF file.

Requesting to View Course Evaluations of Other Faculty in Your Field Group
Only the personnel liaison within the field group may review the colleague’s course evaluations when rehiring a visiting faculty member. Exceptions will only be made when written approval is provided by the individual faculty member whose evaluations are requested for review.

For questions, clarification, or to schedule a time for an in-person review of evaluations, please contact the Sr. Administrative Coordinator for Academic Affairs.

Exam Schedules

Final Exams and Spring Reading Days
Final exams take place the week after classes end. In the Fall, the last day of class is a Friday. In the Spring, the last day of class is a Wednesday, and the two days following are designated Reading Days for students, during which no classes are normally held. For more information, see the Academic Calendar.

Exam Proctoring Policy
Proctoring is only available for students with approved accommodations. Please see below for more information.

Students will take their exams at the Student Disability Resource Center of The Claremont Colleges which will allow for expanded proctoring hours and needed assistive technology based on a student’s accommodations.

Exam Reservation: Once a student reserves their exam accommodation (date/time for your course) you will receive an email letting you know that the approved student has made the reservation. You will be able to verify the information given by the student and you will be able to provide the necessary details for each exam including: time allowed for the class to complete the exam, materials allowed for the exam, and instructions for returning the exams.  We  will also request a method of contact for you during the exam in case any issues or questions arise while the student is testing.

Faculty will have three options for providing the exam: 
1) Uploading a digital version of the exam to a secure link
2) Emailing the exam to the SDRC [email protected]
3) Bringing a physical exam to the SDRC office the day before the exam is to take place

Returning the completed exam: Faculty may choose to have exams returned by secure download, email or the faculty may pick up the exam up from the SDRC. The SDRC will not be able to deliver exams back to Pitzer.  Any exam returned in a digital format will be retained in physical copy until after the end of the term. Every effort will be made to return an exam to faculty the day the student completes the exam.

Any questions related to exam scheduling, proctoring or processes please contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

For information on proctoring students needing accommodations, refer to forms for Academic Support Services (PASS).

Field Trips (See Form)

Field Trip Policies and Guidelines: Visit our web page for more information.

Field trip requests received at the start of the semester are more likely to book Pitzer vans on the requested date. Please complete the Field Trip Form at least 3 weeks before the event. 

Any request for field trip assistance with less than 3 weeks of notice will require use of Pitzer vans if available, or faculty must coordinate transportation and request reimbursement. Please note that this counts against the total $400 available for field trips per course from the Dean of Faculty’s Office. 

At least two weeks prior to your field trip, you must meet with our staff to finalize your request including, but not limited to the following.

  • Whether any meals are needed 
  • Any omissions on the field trip form. 

Please contact [email protected] for any questions. 

Office Hours (See Form)

Students, staff, faculty, and other community members may contact the Office of the Dean of Faculty to inquire about your office hours. To submit your office hours to the Office of the Dean of Faculty, please use the online form. Please notify the Faculty Administrative Assistant if you do not wish the hours to be posted.

Office Hours are located on the Pitzer College Faculty Directory.

Office Support (See Form)

Office Supplies
Office supplies are available in Scott Hall 113 for faculty use. If you have any questions, e-mail your Faculty Administrative Assistant.

If you wish to have an ergonomic evaluation of your workspace, contact [email protected]

Voicemail Set-Up
Requests for voice mailboxes must be submitted on a Voice Mail request form available at the CUC Phone Office website.

Telephone Services Help Desk –> Voice Mail Accounts

Once the form is received and processed, activation instructions will be e-mailed to the person who submitted the request. Please contact the Phone Office at 909.621.8297 (extension 18297) for any further questions or issues.

Facilities Work Order

The most efficient way to request a Facilities Work Order is by the Online Services Request Form. You may also call or visit the Facilities Office.

Submit the Online Service Request Form
Call Facilities at 909.607.2226 (extension 72226).
In person at the Facilities Service Desk, McConnell Basement

Parking at Pitzer College

There are designated parking spots for Pitzer faculty and staff in the following locations:

  • Mills Avenue, western border of the Pitzer Campus, north of 9th
  • North parking lot of W.M. Keck Science Building
  • East Mesa parking lot, accessible from 9th, on the east border of campus.
  • Claremont McKenna parking lot, accessible from 9th, south of McConnell Center (card access only)

If you are expecting a guest on campus, you may request a temporary parking permit from your Faculty Administrative Assistant.

Room Reservations

Reserving Spaces
For questions or assistance, please contact the Faculty Administrative Assistant.

The following policies are in place for these Multi-Use Spaces Room Reservation Policies

  • Benson Auditorium
  • Broad Center Performance Space
  • Computer Labs
  • McConnell Founders Room
  • McConnell Living Room
  • Pitzer Archive and Conference Center (P101)

Student Employment Positions and Hiring Processes: Faculty & Academic Affairs

Student Course Support Positions and Hiring Process

A range of student positions are available to support instructors and courses.  Hiring for any of these positions is a two-step process. The first step is authorization and posting of positions through the DoF (completed by faculty), the second step involves HR clearance and onboarding of the student employee (completed by the student).  Students can only work after successfully completing both steps of this process.

All positions are paid at the established institutional rate. Faculty are responsible for setting student work schedules and course specific training and duties.  

Positions available are:

Technical Assistant
Technical Assistants work up to 5 hours/week and must be currently enrolled Pitzer students living in the United States. Technical Assistants are supervised by and will primarily work with a single faculty member, although there is the possibility they will work with multiple faculty members or interact with students in a class on some activities. Technical Assistants are not tutors and are not permitted to grade or evaluate student work. Students can hold multiple Technical Assistant positions, in-person support in some cases.

Course Assistant
The Course Assistant will work up to 5 hours/week and must be a currently enrolled student at Claremont Colleges living in the United States. The Course Assistant is supervised by and will primarily work with their supervisor and interact with students in and outside class on some activities for a course offered by Pitzer. The Course Assistant may serve as a group discussion (recitation) leader with guidance from the instructor, coordinate activities for the course with guidance from the instructor, and communicate with students on behalf of the faculty supervisor. There are also opportunities to support the course logistics pertaining to field trips, guest speaker visits, and course-related events hosted by the supervising professor.

The Tutor will work up to 5 hours/week and must be a currently enrolled student at the Claremont Colleges living in the United States. The tutor is supervised by and will primarily work with their supervisor and interact with students over email as needed for informational awareness of sessions and through tutoring sessions offered in-person on-campus at Pitzer or over Zoom. The tutor position offers student opportunity to develop teaching and leadership skills. Tutors are expected to reflect a strong sense of commitment to the Pitzer Tutoring Program mission of providing academic support to Pitzer students requesting assistance. The success of the program is dependent upon the dedication, professionalism, confidence, and skills of tutors.

A Class Grader will work up to 5 hours/week and must be a currently enrolled student at Claremont Colleges living in the United States. The grader is supervised by and will primarily work with their faculty supervisor and may interact with students in and outside class on some activities for a course offered by Pitzer. The grader will only grade or evaluate student work that is relatively unambiguous (true/false, multiple choice, vocabulary, short responses to questions with specific answers) and with answer keys provided by the faculty member in charge.

Two Steps to Hiring a Course Support Student Employee

1a.   Faculty requests authorization DoF for the position(s)

The Dean of Faculty’s Office will review the faculty request and current budget and notify faculty once the request is approved. If questions arise, the office will email faculty directly.

Faculty request for position(s).

*Note: Curriculum Committee approval is required for course assistants and graders. 

1b.  Recruit for the position(s)

Once approved, the Dean of Faculty’s Office will post the position to Handshake.

2.    Student completes the hiring process

Have your selected student(s) complete an authorization to hire student form.

Once the student(s) have been selected, the student must work with HR to complete the hire process. This includes completing employment forms, providing I-9 documents, and onboarding and training.  Students can begin working only after receiving clearance from Human Resources. The student and supervisor will receive notification from Human Resources when the hire process is complete.

Student Research Assistants and Hiring Processes

For more information on student research assistants and department positions, please visit our Budget and Finance web page.

Faculty Support Services at Pitzer and the Consortium

Below are frequently used support services across Pitzer and The Claremont Consortium.

Information Technology

Educational Technology Services provides consultation and assistance to Pitzer community in using technology for teaching, learning, and research. 

We offer a variety of technological devices in the classrooms on campus to assist in your courses and/or presentations.

If you have any problems with your computer, computer programs, e-mail, etc., contact the Help Desk Team.

Location: Bernard Hall Computer Lab
Help Desk: [email protected]
Hours M-F, 8 am – 12 pm, 1 pm – 5 pm

Printers are located across campus for faculty use. Please contact your faculty support team for assistance in configuring your printing profile.

Course Texts and Readings

The Huntley Bookstore

To order books you can send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Your Name and College
  • Course number
  • Number of expected students
  • Author
  • Title
  • ISBN if available

If you have any further questions please call the bookstore directly at 909.607.9393 (ext. 79393).

Location: Bernard 111
Phone: 909.621.8461 (ext. 18467)
Email: [email protected]

Duplicating Services provides a variety of services including course packets, scanning, collating, and binding. Please see the Duplicating Services website for more information and to submit a duplicating request.

Facilities & Mail Services

For office or classroom maintenance needs, please submit a work request form.

Location: McConnell 113
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 909.607.2226 (ext. 72226)
Work Request: https://www.pitzer.edu/facilities/work-requests/

Location: Atherton Hall 110
Phone: 909.607.3827 (ext. 73827)
Email: [email protected]

The Mail Center offers Federal Express Delivery. Please work with the Dean of Faculty’s Office faculty support staff for FedEx package services and for assistance with your faculty mailbox.

To register your vehicle, please navigate to the Claremont Colleges Campus Safety website.

Location: Atherton Hall 110
Phone: 909.607.3827 (ext. 73827)
Email: [email protected]

The Mail Center offers Federal Express Delivery. Please work with the Dean of Faculty’s Office faculty support staff for FedEx package services and for assistance with your faculty mailbox.