Duplicating Services Information for Fall 2020

Duplicating Services does not have official hours for in-person campus visits, but is still available for
whatever needs faculty and staff have in the coming semester. The amount of job requests that come
through will guide the work schedule of our Duplicating staff to fulfill these needs. The only aspects of these
services that have changed is that:
(a) we are limiting face-to-face contact and
(b) the turnaround time may be longer than you’re used to. These changes may not always be ideal, but are necessary to
support the health and safety of our community members.

If you have a Duplicating request, please:

The drop-off/pick-up location will be centered out of the Bernard Computer Lab (Room 103). You can
use this space to DROP OFF items for scanning/processing, or PICK UP completed jobs. There are also
scanning request forms on the desk that you can fill out, but unless you’ve emailed Duplicating or sent in
an online request they will not know that the scanning request is there. Please bring your Pitzer ID
with you, as you will need it to swipe in through the main doors.

In order to best accommodate these changes, please submit your requests for scanning and printing 5-7
days before you need them. It is likely that your request will be processed sooner, but again the staff’s
time on campus will be determined by the amount of requests submitted, so I want to provide our staff
with enough information to make informed and efficient time-management decisions.

In addition to responding to job requests, the Duplicating staff will also be monitoring campus copiers as
they come in to make sure that they have paper/toner available.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you.
Jessica Levy
Assistant Director, User Services
Information Technology
Pitzer College
Extension: 18315
Office: 909-621-8315
Bernard Hall, Room 103