Academic Field Trip Guidelines and Requirements

Academic field trip requests, including course-based field trips, must be submitted to the Dean of Faculty’s Office to ensure the safety of all participants. Please read the information on this page to familiarize yourself with the Field Trip Guidelines and Requirements before planning your trip. For questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Field Trip Request Process

Step 1: Complete the Pitzer Van Request as soon as possible faculty van reservation form

Step 2: Complete the Field Trip Form at least three weeks before the event date to ensure the timely review and completion of documentation needed before the event. Field trip form

Step 3: Our Office will reach out to schedule an appointment to finalize any details and discuss documents needed before your trip such as tickets, parking, and meals.

Step 4: Submit any reimbursement requests using THIS FORM. If applicable, submit an INCIDENT FORM.


Pitzer College Vans

The Dean of Faculty’s Office and Office of Student Affairs work collaboratively on faculty van reservation requests. Pitzer Vans are the most commonly requested transportation. Please note that vans are shared across the campus community and are available on a first-come basis.

Guidelines & Notes for Van Use

Cost: Currently, $.70/mile (subject to change)
Fleet: Four vans seating seven each

Permitted Drivers: Only approved drivers may drive Pitzer Vans. Guidelines on becoming an approved driver can be found at The Claremont Colleges Services Risk Management Office website. Risk Management Office. Approvals can be arranged through Pitzer College’s Human Resources Office via submission of their PDF Form

Trip Start & Return: Each van includes a mileage binder. Enter the start and end mileage before and after the trip.

Please do not assume the vans are available even if EMS does not show a reservation. Please wait for a confirmation email stating your reservation is confirmed.

Notes about the Faculty Van Reservation Form

  • You may note “0” for the cost center requirement in the faculty van reservation form.
  • Please submit your request at least 72 hours in advance. You will receive an email once the reservation status has been confirmed.

Alternative Transportation Options

Rideshare services may be used and must be coordinated by the faculty member for the course, with receipts kept for reimbursement through our office’s payment request form.

Zipcar is available through Pitzer College and requires a personal account and payment method to be used and submitted for reimbursement. See Zipcar, visit the relevant web page. for more information

Personal Vehicles
Faculty and students who are listed as vehicle owners and who have valid insurance may use personal vehicles. Please note that personal insurance is the primary insurance company if an incident should occur. The Claremont Colleges Services insurance serves as a secondary insurer only if circumstances and conditions of the incident permit coverage.

Students and faculty can submit mileage reimbursement using the payment request form at the current per-mile reimbursement rate.

Public Transportation
Faculty may coordinate field trips using the nearby Metrolink, LA Metro services, and local bus transits. Costs should be paid upfront with submissions for reimbursement for the amount detailed with Metrolink tickets or a transportation card loaded with funding and used. For some useful information, faculty may refer to the details below: 

Vendor Transportation

A minibus can be arranged upon request using the field trip request form. Typically, a minibus costs between $500 and $1,200, depending on the distance and length of your trip. Please plan accordingly by partnering with another course or applying for additional funding early in the semester to secure funding. 

Pomona College Sagecoach
Pomona College allows reservations of their 40-passenger bus when available. For information about cost and to fill out their reservation form, see the College’s transportation options web page.

Pre-Trip Documentation

Before your planned trip, the following forms must be returned to us at [email protected].

Field Trip Funding and Reimbursement

Please note that transportation costs, including Pitzer Vans, count against the total $400 available for field trips per course from the Dean of Faculty’s Office. Please see other funding sources for consideration:
Teaching, Learning and Campus Life Committee

Faculty Expense Reimbursements:

Submit a payment request form with the following required information and guidance regarding expense policies:

  • Receipts or proof of purchase is required per expense
  • Business justification (including names of attendees)
  • Course roster for a field trip
  • Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 30 days of purchase (Due to IRS requirements, expense reimbursements submitted beyond 60 days become taxable income)
  • Click here to view college expense reimbursement policy
  • Click here to view college travel policy and list of allowable expenses