Service Description:

There are several printers across the Pitzer campus that students have access to use:

  • Bernard Lab (Room 103/105) – Ricoh Copier
  • Atherton 313
  • Marquis Library
  • New Resources Student Lounge
  • Pitzer Hall 401
  • West Hall P317
  • West Hall Q424
  • East Hall S220
  • Gold Student Center 200 (*under repairs)

All printers are set up with “swipe release” functionality, meaning you print to a central queue and release your print job by swiping your ID card on any of the above printers.

Available to:

Staff, Faculty and Students

How to access the service:

For Staff/Faculty:

  • Please e-mail our Help Desk directly for all maintenance and toner requests on department printers.

For Students:

Students are allotted $15.00 worth of print credit at the beginning of each semester.  This credit applies to every page printed to the student printers on campus and is not transferable to cash.  When a student runs out of credit, they can add more using cash, check, or Claremont Cash.

Black & White Printing:  $0.05/per page

Color Printing:  $0.25/per page

From a Pitzer computer:  Select PRINT on your opened file, choose one of the queues mentioned below, then swipe your ID card to release it from any of the student printers on campus.

IMPORTANT:  If you do not have your ID Card, you will need to print to the Bernard Lab Copier and log in on the screen attached to the copier to retrieve your print jobs.

From YOUR laptop/mobile device:

  • Go to and select Pitzer Print under the Resources Menu
  • Log in with your Pitzer username and password
  • Select Web Print on the menu and push the Submit A Job button
  • Select the printer queue you want and how many copies
  • Upload your file
  • Swipe your card at the appropriate printer to release your print job

Note:  Web Printing from the browser is limited to double-sided, black and white printing only!  If you need to print in color, single-sided, or with any other settings – you will need to print from a Pitzer computer either in the Bernard Lab or at a print station in the residence halls.

QUEUES – Whether printing from a Pitzer computer or your own laptop, you will choose only one of the below queues.  Please contact the Help Desk if you do not see these queues on the computer you are using.

  • Queue #1:  Bernard Lab Copier – Will release to the Ricoh Copier in the Bernard Lab
    • Printing will default to black & white, use the printer properties option to select Color if you wish to print in color (remember that this will charge $0.25 per page instead of the $0.05).
  • Queue #2:  Other Student Printers – Will release at ANY student printer on campus, after you swipe your card.


Additional Features:

By logging into the Pitzer Print page (Pitzer Website > Resources Menu > Pitzer Print), you can also do the following:

  • Check your print credit balance
  • See your printing and transaction history
  • Upload a file through Web Print and send it to a Pitzer printer
  • Add Claremont Cash to your account

You can also SCAN your documents to your Pitzer email address by swiping your card on the Bernard Lab Copier and selecting Scan.


If a printer is out of paper or toner, please contact the Bernard Lab:

Phone Number:  909-607-4998 or x74998


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