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On Tuesday January 24, over sixty organizations joined The Robert Redford Conservancy, The Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice, and Sierra Club’s San Gorgonio Chapter in sending a open letter to Governor Newsom, Attorney General Rob Bonta, and California Department of Education Superintendent Tony Thurmond requesting they take action in addressing the public health emergency faced in the Inland Region due to unchecked warehouse growth. Included with the letter is an extensive 80 page report detailing the cumulative effects pollution has had on the region. The requested actions are as follows:

  • Declare a regional warehouse moratorium of one to two years that allows time to implement policy changes.
  • Identify communities of high exposure from warehouse and/or industrial land uses; create higher standards supported by the state for project approval in high exposure, environmental justice, and disadvantaged communities.
  • Work collaboratively with the Office of Planning and Research, CARB, and impacted communities to codify best practices resulting from guidance documents and settlements that regulatory bodies, the Attorney General, or other litigants have established for warehouse projects. These should include but not be limited to project and fleet electrification, solar energy generation, siting truck, rail, and airplane routes away from sensitive receptors, mitigation, limiting of vehicle miles traveled, community benefits agreements, and setbacks from sensitive receptors. Authorize the Attorney General to enforce these provisions within the Inland Empire.
  • Expand or enforce existing regulations that are inconsistently enforced or unenforced at a local level.

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Announcing Warehouse CITY, a powerful new tool for regional land use planning.

Screenshot of Warehouse Community Cumulative Impact Tool.

In conjunction with The Guardian, the Redford Conservancy and Radical Research, LLC are pleased to announce the launch of Warehouse CITY, an interactive cumulative impact tool that allows users to map the regional footprint of warehouses in Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties. Measuring everything from acreage and square footage to diesel particulate matter and carbon emissions, Warehouse CITY is a tool for planners, municipalities, community-based organizations, and neighborhood residents who are interested in community and environmental health.

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The Barbara Drake Memorial Library

A resource for Tongva and Indigenous cultures in California and the United States based on the collection of beloved elder Barbara Drake.

Mapping Warehouse Growth

Research and advocacy on the impact of logistics in Inland Southern California.


Environmental Education

Creating a new generation of environmental stewards through place-based, elementary school education.

Indigenous Partnerships

The Robert Redford Conservancy collaborates with Indigenous Peoples on whose ancestral land the Claremont Colleges stand.

Adelanto Water Justice Project

A coalition working with the City of Adelanto to achieve water justice and clean water.

Climate Adaptation Planning

Embedding faculty, students and partners in work around climate preparedness throughout Southern California.

outdoor classroom

Course Development

Funding environmental course development across the curriculum.

Exterior of the front of Redford Conservancy building

Design Accolades

Tour our LEED certified, net-zero building with grounds focused on ethnobotany and native plans.

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