Andrea Scott, Assistant Professor of Academic Writing and Director, Writing Center

Andrea Scott

Professor of Academic Writing
Director, Writing Center
On Sabbatical 2023-2024

With Pitzer Since: 2013
Campus Address: Scott Hall 200C
Phone: 909.607.4133
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: See Faculty Directory

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Educational Background

MA, PhD, University of Chicago
BA, Mills College

Recent Courses

Reality Hunger (FYS2)
Writing Center Theory and Praxis (WRIT100)
Representing Los Angeles (WRIT20)
Writing Publics: Education, Literacies, and Culture (WRIT10)
Writing the Senior Thesis (WRIT195)
Global/Local Research Workshop

Selected Recent Publications

“What Can Citations Tell Us about the State of the Discipline Now? Author and Citation Patterns in Journal der Schreibberatung, 2010 to 2016″ in JoSch: Journal der Schreibberatung [JoSch: Journal of Writing Consultation] in June 2019.

“Defining Disciplinarity at Moments of Transition: The Dappled Expertise of the Multidisciplinary WPA.” WPAs in Transition. Eds. Courtney Adams Wooten, Jacob Babb, and Brian Ray. Utah State University Press, 2018.

“‘We would be well advised to agree on our basic principles’: Schreiben as an Agent of Discipline-Building in Writing Studies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein.” “ Journal of Academic Writing 6.2 (2017).

The Storying of Writing Centers outside the U.S.: Director Narratives and the Making of Disciplinary Identities in Germany and Austria. WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship. 41:5-6 (2017).

“Re-Centering Writing Center Studies: What U.S.-Based Scholars Can Learn from Their Colleagues in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.” Zeitschrift Schreiben [European Journal of Writing]. (Dec 2016).

Commenting Across the Disciplines: Partnering with Writing Centers to Train Faculty to Respond Effectively to Student Writing.” Journal of Response to Writing 1.1 (2015).

“Writer’s Block: A Study of Disciplinary Negotiations in the Faculty Office and Classroom,” CEA Forum, vol. 47, no. 1 (June 2014).

Response to Faye Halpern’s “The Preceptor Problem: The Effect of ‘Undisciplined Writing’ on Disciplined Instructors.” WPAs in Dialogue. WPA: Writing Program Administration 37.1 (2013).


Selected Conference Presentations and Workshops

Schreibwissenschaft Today: The Disciplinary Turn in Germanic Writing Studies,” keynote presentation, joint conference of the German Society for Writing Didactics and Research, the Austrian Society for Academic Writing, and the Swiss Forum for Academic Writing, Klagenfurt, May 2019.

“What Can Citation Practices Tell Us About the Teaching and Study of Academic Writing Now? A Symposium on Comparative Research in the Field.” Conference of the European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing (EATAW), London, June 2017.

“Representing Student Engagement: A Holistic Approach to Writing Center Assessment.” Conference of the Convention on College Composition and Communication (CCCC), Portland, March 2017.

 “Offering Models of Writing Center Assessment That Are Holistic Representation of Writers.” Writing Research Across Borders Conference (WRAB), Bogota, February 2017.

 “The Heart of National Writing Cultures: Sharing and Examining Meaningful Local Texts.” Workshop. European Writing Centers Association (EWCA), Lodz, July 2016.

 “Far from the Margins: Theorizing the Disciplinary Histories of Writing Centers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.” International Research Consortium. CCCC, Houston, April 2016.

“The Writing Center as Fellowship Office Partner: Training Tutors to Work Effectively with Fellowship Writers at SLACs.” Conference of Small Liberal Arts College Writing Program Administrators (SLAC-WPA), Memphis, January 2016.

 “A Call for Translingual Writing Center Research.” Presentation. International Writing Centers Association Conference (IWCA), Pittsburgh. October 2015.

“Transatlantic Perspectives on Writing Centers: Surveying Institutions and Sharing Practices to Develop Situated Writing Support” EATAW, Tallinn. June 2015.

“Studying Writing Center Stories: Methods for Qualitative Narrative Inquiry.” IWCA Collaborative, Tampa. March 2015.

“Partnering with Vampires: Using Curricular Evidence to Reframe Debates around Common Ground,” CCCC, Tampa. March 2015.

“The Disciplinary Identities of Writing Centers in Germany: Or, How International Research Challenges the ‘Writing Center Grand Narrative.'” IWCA, Orlando. October-November 2014.

“Transatlantic Partnerships: What German and American Writing Studies Scholars Can Learn From One Another.” 2014 EWCA, Frankfurt an der Oder. July 2014.

“Transatlantic Partnerships in Writing in the Disciplines: Negotiating Beliefs about Writing in Germany.” International Research Consortium. CCCC, Indianapolis. March 2014.

“Questioning the Inclusiveness of our Practices: Notes Towards Developing Diverse Student Writers at Small Liberal Arts Colleges.” SLAC-WPA, Claremont. January 2014.

“Making Friends with Vampires: A Call to Reframe Curricular Debates about First-Year Writing Around Common Ground.” Conference of the Council of Writing Program Administrators (CWPA), Savannah. July 2013.

Selected Grants, Awards, and Honors

Southern California Writing Centers Association Travel Scholarship, 2015

DAAD/ Fulbright Fellowship, Summer Academy in Leipzig for U.S. Faculty in German, 2014

2013 Aaron Swartz Award for the Best Writing Commons Web Text, February 2014.

Sponsored Student Presentations at Conferences

“An Inquiry into the Intersectional Identities of Writing Tutors.” Divya Bambawale ’17, Hunter Sidel ’19, and Jordan Jenkins ’17. 2016 Southern California Writing Center Association (SoCalWCA) Tutoring Conference, San Marco. February 2017.

“Disrupting ‘a’ Narrative: Using Reflexive Critique to Interrogate Class in the Writing Center.” Doug Lewis ’17, Jordan Jenkins ’17, and Sarah Nelson ’17. National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing (NCPTW), Tacoma. November 2016.

“Keynote Roundtable of Peer Tutors.” Tessa Tweet ’16. 2016 SoCalWCA Tutoring Conference, Santa Barbara. February 2016.

“Suspending Disbelief: How Taking a Leap of Faith Influences Writing Center Interactions.” Will Duke ’16, Amelia Haselkorn ’16, Doug Lewis ’16, and Lena Tran ’18. SoCalWCA Tutoring Conference, Santa Barbara. February 2016.

“Gaming Elbow’s Game.” Anjuli Peters ’18, Jordan Jenkins ’17, and Tessa Tweet ’16. SoCalWCA Tutoring Conference, Santa Barbara. February 2016.

“Reflective Development: Bettering Our Capacities as Individual Writers and Collaborative Tutors.” Kaily Heitz ’14, Samantha Morse ’14, and Tessa Tweet ’16. 2014 SoCalWCA Tutoring Conference, Irvine. March 2014.

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