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    Workday (HR/Payroll System)

    I can’t log in to Workday. What do I do?
    Your Workday credentials are the same as your Pitzer network account credentials. Please contact Information Technology at extension 73065 or by email at [email protected] for assistance with your log in.

    By when do I need to approve my employees’ time sheets?
    Approvals are due no later than 10:00 am the Monday after the end of the hourly pay period. The hourly payroll schedule is available from the Human Resources office. Please keep in mind that approvals are due earlier for pay periods that contain observed holidays. If you have any questions, please contact Erin Boatright in Human Resources at extension 18254.

    What if I will be on vacation or out of town when payroll is due?
    Please identify another staff supervisor in your department to be your designee for time sheets approval in your absence and set up a delegation to that individual within Workday. If you need assistance setting up the delegation, please see the Job Aid for Managers or contact Erin Boatright at extension 18254.


    How do I request to hire a temporary, agency temporary or student employee?
    We have separate forms for hiring each of these types of employees. You can find the hire forms by clicking on the corresponding link below:

    My student/temporary employee’s name isn’t listed in Workday. What do I do?
    New hires can take a few days to show in Workday and is dependent on a variety of factors like onboarding completion. If you have an employee who needs to report hours and cannot enter them into Workday, the employee will need to report his/her hours on a paper time sheet. Both the employee and you will need to approve the time sheet by signing it, and then submit it to Hortensia in Human Resources as soon as possible.