Gold Student Health and Wellness entrance

5 Things to Try at the Gold Student Health and Wellness Center

There are so many great ways to stay active and be healthy on Pitzer’s campus. Whether it’s the newly renovated Scott Studenmund Gym or grabbing a healthy, local bowl from the Shakedown, there is no shortage of resources at the Gold Student Health and Wellness Center! Here are just a few of the resources the GSC has to offer:

  1. The Scott Studenmund ’12 Gym: The gym is fully equipped and open for anyone to use! It has treadmills, arc trainers, upright bikes and recumbent bikes. There are also weight machines, squat cages, free weights and more! This is a great space to catch a quick workout before or after class.

  1. Fitness Classes: Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Capoeira and more! The GSC offers an array of different classes that are available to all students. Pilates is one of my favorites, you get a full body workout on the reformers and a balancing breathing exercise. When the yoga room is not scheduled for classes, any student is free to use the space. Different dance and yoga clubs also utilize this space.


  1. Peer Health Educators: The Peer Health Educators (PHE) are a great resource on campus. They design and facilitate activities throughout the semester focused on different health and wellness themes. Some wonderful activities that they have hosted include Yoga on the Mounds, Study Break Dance Party, Planting Seeds of Intention, Sex Trivia Night and many, many more!

  1. Pitzer Pool and Patio Area: Arguably one of the most popular places to spend time on campus is the Pitzer pool. Especially on hot days in August, the pool is your best friend! Students lounge on the pool chairs and gather for BBQs and other events throughout the year. The GSC also has locker rooms with showers if you are dashing off to class after a dip.

  1. Shakedown Café and the Student Activities Center: The Shakedown Café is a student run eatery that works to support small-scale, organic, local farmers and aims to reconnect students with their food. The student activity center is the perfect space for club meetings, studying sessions and just hang out.

This is just the tip of the iceberg with the offerings at the Gold Student Center. The Dolores Huerta Room is home to the Latinx Student Union. There is the huge multipurpose room that is a great space for hosting different events, like the weekly late night “Snackie Snack” sponsored by Pitzer Activities (PAct). On your next trip to Pitzer, be sure to stop by and check out the fabulous GSC!

All photos courtesy of Pitzer College

Posted by Jennifer Lesorogol ’17