A cute dog sitting on the Pitzer College seal

Meet the Dogs of Pitzer!

Hey there! My name is Nat Bentley, and I am a senior here at Pitzer! I’m majoring in Sociology, but that’s not the focus of this blog! Instead, I’ll be talking about something even cooler: The dogs of Pitzer! At Pitzer College, students can apply and receive approval to bring their emotional support animals (ESAs) to campus and live in our residence halls! Emotional support animals come in all shapes, sizes, and types, but the most popular kind is definitely man’s best friend, otherwise known as a dog. Throughout my four years here, I have gotten to know countless pups and have become friends with some of the owners too!

Admission Counselor Erin Griffin’s corgi Levi!
Director of Admission Santiago Ybarra’s dog Lily on a trip to Death Valley!









Scooter at the park.


Meet the Pups

The pups of PZ help make our environment here even warmer and fuzzier. I love walking through campus and getting to pet and interact with cute dogs. Those with cynophobia, have no fear; the Pitzer pups must be on-leash at all times, and they will not approach you without your consent! My favorite canine pal over the years has been *drum roll please*: Scooter – a miniature schnauzer poodle mix, owned by my best friend, Kat. In fact, I love Scooter so much that I even did an independent research project in Language and Gender, a sociolinguistics course taught by Professor Carmen Fought, with him! We examined gender variance in the use of babytalk when interacting with (adorable) dogs! My other favorite puppy pals include Theo, Lili and Harry. Theo and Lili are pictured below!

Lili playing fetch in the Admission Office.
Theo in class!











Unfortunately, Harry graduated last year with his human, Taylor Novick-Finder, but he was a notable and well-loved furry friend by all! He even walked across the stage with Taylor (PZ’17) during commencement (as shown below).








What fun! If you like social justice, friendly people, and dogs, then Pitzer might be the place for you :). Thanks for reading!

Posted by Nat Bentley ’18